Pyar ki Ek Kahani… (Intro)


Hey people, i am anwesha , with my first ff please do comment. AND , No villain is there till date.So , here it goes…

A girl is shown riding a cycle.Her hair is blowing in the air . She is beautiful, with dark eyes and a lovely smile. she is our suhani. she goes to a mandir and is praying, a beggar boy comes and asks her for money. suhani pats him and asks him his name. he tells that his name is ram. suhani smiles and tells him that its a very nice name and gives him money.
he goes.

The scene changes to an airport, a handsome young boy gets down a plane. his brothers come and hug him. he is none other than yuvraaj. he smiles and greets them. anuj
and saurabh take him to the car. before entering the car, yuvraaj asks about pratima and how is she, anuj tells him to ask it himself. yuvraaj opens the car and sees pratima . he gets glad and hugs her. pratima kisses him on the forehead. they head to the birla house. on the way, yuvraaj tells pratima that he feels good to be back in india. the car stops as there is a jam. a boy comes to their car and asks for money. yuvraj gets irritated and tells that its what he hates about india.

Precap : suhani sees yuvraaj getting angry at the small boy and stops him.

Guys please let me know how it is . only then will i continue..

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