Pyar ki ek kahaani: twinj episode 8

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Recap: usha upset with Alisha

Episode 8
Twinkle goes to usha’s room
Twi:maa plz yeh gussa chod do aur Alisha ko maaf kar do na
Usha thinks
Usha:ok I will forgive her but only bcoz u requested
Twi:thank u maa come let’s have breakfast
Usha:but u will prepare my breakfast
Twi:OK come let’s go
They go to dinning area and twinkle went to prepare bf
Usha:Alisha I forgive u but don’t think I started to develop soft corner for u twi requested me so I forgave u
Alisha:thanks aunty plz come and have bf

Usha:no need twinkle is preparing my bf
While twi brings bf and serves it to usha
Usha:wah twinkle beta its very tasty
Every leaves that bf and started to have bf prepared by twinkle and compliment her including kunj.Alisha was fuming in anger she went to her room and closed the door
Alisha:I have struggled so much to gain kunj’s love.I love his money not him.I have to do something about this twinkle otherwise she will snatch my kunj away from me.once I get married to kunj we will take kunj’s property and leave this place and get settled in Mumbai along with kunj afterall he is my love…and smirks

At evening

Kunj is working in office he gets call from Alisha
Alisha:hi baby whattsup
Kunj:nothing just checking files
Alisha:come to home fast na
Kunj:is everything OK?
Alisha:ha baba actually no one is there at home even twinkle so I thought we can spend some time together..
Kunj:ohk I will come in10 min
Alisha:OK bye
He finished his worked and reached SM he comes to his room suddenly he was surprised to see his room fully decorated with red roses and balloons. He saw Alisha wearing red gown and was litting candles.She saw kunj and came near him
Alisha:how is it?

They started to dance romantically. Here twinkle reached SM she went to her room and was surprised to see kunj and Alisha together and even they were surprised to see her
Twi:vo…mmmm I m very sorry and she starts to leave but Alisha called her.
Alisha:I know twinkle u r married to kunj but not permanently. You don’t have rights to behave like his wife.and y u always come in between us plz give some privacy for us
Twinkle was having tears but she did not show it but it was noticed by kunj she said sorry and went from there

Kunj:why did u scold it was not her mistake.She did not knew about this u r just impossible Alisha and he goes behind twinkle
Twinkle was standing outside and was looking at sky.Kunj came to her
Kunj:I m very twinkle for what all Alisha said I know it was not your mistake
Twi:no kunj it was my mistake so I m very sorry
Kunj:I said na it was not your mistake and ha u shld listen to my order as I m ur best friend
Twinkle nods her head starts to laugh even kunj burst into laugh he stops laughing and sees twi lovingly and says

Kunj:keep laughing like this only u look beautiful
Twinkle smiles at him and Alisha who was standing behind pillars and listening their talks was fuming in anger

Screen freezes on twinj smiling face

Precap:Alisha telling the truth about her and kunj’s relation and twinkle to leave sarna mansion

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  1. SIDMIN-Daamini

    It was fab dear …………n love alisha fuming in anger ??….she deserves this only N Precap is amazing yaar………????????

  2. Awesome epi.. hate this alisha to the core ??.. loved how kunj supported twinkle n made her laugh ?.. do cont soon ?

  3. Nice one

  4. Nice one yaar very nice

  5. Loved the epi and after seeing the recap waiting for the epi eagerly

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  7. SidMin

    Loved it and Twinj talks wre so cute hate this Alisha and hope she soon out of their lives 🙂 post soon 🙂

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    its amazing yaar…really I loved the epi to the core of my heart….precap is really interesting…plz post soon…love u…

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    awesome amazing fabulous epi

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    oh god amazing
    luvd it 2 d core beautiful hahaha bechari alisha huh kunj ka paisa chaiye lalchi
    luvd it post nxt asap

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  12. soumya…love kunj cheering tw n tw cheering usha.. al angry loved…bt so sad tht tw gonna left…loved it post asap

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