Pyar ki ek kahaani: twinj episode 3


Episode 3
Leela is busy in preparations as sarna’s are coming to see twinkle
Twi’s room
Twi is sitting near mirror with sad face
Twi to herself:babji Maine aaj tak aap she kuch nahi maangi(god till nw I have not asked anything from you)plz much bhi karke iss shaadi ko cancel kar do plz
Her thoughts were interrupted by leela
Leela:areey puttar get ready fast sarna’s can reach at anytime
Twi:OK Maa
Leela kisses her forehead n leaves
Sarna’s reach taneja mansion and leela welcomes them
Leela:namaste manoharji ushaji
Manohar and usha:namaste
Leela:plz come inside
Kunj manohar and usha settled on sofa

Leela tells chinki(Twi’s childhood frnd))
To bring two.Twi comes down with chunk I
Kunj was not interested so he was looking down.usha was mesmerized by Twi’s innocent and beautiful face
Usha thinks:I think she is perfect wife for my son and also she will keep my family happy
Manohar thinks the same
Usha to kunj(wispers):kunj see twi she is so beautiful
Kunj raises his head both kunj and twi are shocked to see each other
Usha:I must say leelaji your daughter is very pretty and I have heard from many people that she is kindhearted
Leela:even I liked your son
Kunj:mom dad can I take twi for coffee plz
Levels:ha why not beta twi go with kunj
Twi thinks that now she can talk with him personally
Twi n kunj reach rock cafe
They get inside and ordered two coffee
There was fully silent,after sometime kunj broke the silence
Kunj:actually I brought u here bcoz I wanted to talk something personally
Twi:even I also wanted to talk to you
Kunj:OK u say first
Twi:actually I don’t want to get married but due my mom’s pressure I m getting married
Kunj:even mine is also same case but I live someone
Twi:then marry her na u covience your parents that’s it your problem is solved
Kunj:oh hello madam its not so easy to convience my parents actually my mom don’t like Alisha as she is daughter of my family rival.So my parents won’t say yes to our relationship
Twi:so what you will do now?
Kunj:I don’t have any option I have to marry you only
Kunj:after marriage we will think about it

They finished their coffee and they we about to leave,Twi’s leg gets stuck to one chair and was about to fall kunj catches her in his arms,and both have an eye lock
Twi breaks the eye lock and composes
Kunj:why you always fall in my arms only?I know I m very handsome good looking guy that means you shld not take advantage(he teases her)
Twi(angry):oh hello Mr sadu sarna who said you are handsome have you seen your face in the mirror?you look same as monkey.I feel bad for Alisha that she fell in love with this monkey.
Kunj:oye siyappa queen wherever u go u always do siyappa
Twi:if u are finished with sad jokes can we leave?
Kunj gives death glare to twi and
They left that place
Kunj and twi enter taneja mansion.usha and leela were eagerly waiting for them
Kunj and two see eo and
Twinj:we are ready for the marriage
Usha and leela are happy and hugs ego
Screen freezes on usha and Leela’s happy faces

Precap:twinj’s engagement

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  1. Aksa(SidMin's and the ff writers die hard fan...)

    Wow..back to back epis…chaah gaye aap to…the epi was soooo…gud…amazing one..waiting for Twinj’s engagement… Fantastic one… 🙂

    1. Soumyad

      Thank you

  2. Wow 3 epis in a day.. superb.. I hope alisha won’t create problems In their wedding functions.. do cont soon ?

    1. Soumyad

      Thank you sidvee

  3. SIDMIN-Daamini

    Soumyad superb dear
    Actually I read ur first epi N intro but wasn’t able to comment but dear U r writing amazing
    Keep writing like this ??

    1. Soumyad

      Its OK sidmin

  4. Baby

    oh my god saumya di amazing
    very cute
    osm luvd it 2 d core fantastic fabulous speechless
    so cnt w8 fr nxt epsidoe twinj marriage wowwwwwwww
    luv u di

    1. Soumyad

      Thank you baby

  5. It was amazing continue soon

    1. Soumyad

      Thank you simiyy

  6. woowwww the thing that is missing in TEI nowadays their Tashan wala fun is back in your episode
    this is just amazing

    1. Soumyad

      Thank you shikha even I m missing tashan wala fun in tei

  7. Romaisha

    Awesome epi!! You rocked it yaar! ?

    1. Soumyad

      Thank you romaisha

  8. Yayyyy!!! Twinj ka tashan awesome hai!!!! Loved it to the core!!!!??

  9. Amazing!! Twinj ka tashan was awesome!!! I loved it to the core!!??

    1. Soumyad

      Thank u ayu

  10. Jldi se shadi krke na un donu ka tashan samne lavo i hope u undstd wt i mean actualy…jaise tei me huwa tha

    1. Soumyad

      Ya I understood and that episode will cum very soon

  11. Awesome….

    1. Soumyad

      Thank u sana

  12. Purnima.agrawal30

    amazing fabulous marvelous

  13. SidMin

    Wow Loved it waiting for the next episode post it soon (please) 🙂

    1. Soumyad

      Thank u sidmin

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