Pyar ki ek kahaani: twinj episode 15

Yeahhhh!!!I completed 15 episodes.Thank u everyone for supporting me…love u all..
Episode 15

At kunj’s office
As usual all were busy with their work.The work was going on perfectly so kunj was very happy by seeing this.He was searching for twinkle
Kunj:meher u know where is twinkle?
Me(giggling inside):I think she must be with arnav
Listening arnav’s name kunj got angry and rushed towards twinkle.He saw twinkle and arnav working together and were chatting and laughing.Kunj was feeling jealous he said to himself
Kunj(himself): mere saath toh kabhi bhi itni close se baat nahi karti hai par iss arnav ke saath toh yese baat kar rahi hai jaise uski bf hai..

He went near twinkle and said
Kunj:twinkle actually I wanted some help will u come to my cabin
Twi:array u can say it here only na and arnav is also expert in solving problems
Kunj:no its personal problem u know
And he pleads her through his eyes
Twi:k I will come and arnav u be here only I will be back soon
And she went to kunj’s cabin

Twi:ha u wanted to talk something na say
Kunj:actually do u think arnav working in our office I mean its good but he is such a big business man so taking help from him not good
Twi:offo this is your problem… Arnav don’t have any problem in helping us infact he voluntarily want to work here til he stays in India u don’t worry k…
And she left his cabin
Twi(herself): I know kunj u r feeling jealous seeing me and arnav together but what to do this is the only solution to know about your feeling for me…and she smiles
Kunj(himself): yeh twinkle bhi na kuch nahi samajti hai mein usse uss bandhar arnav se door karne ki koshish kar raha hoon aur yeh madam uske aur kareeb jaa rahi hai

At night
Kunj was passing by Twi’s room but he heard some noise coming from her room so he went to see in her room….
To his surprise he saw arnav and twinkle chatting together and were sitting very close….now he was fuming in anger but controlled himself
Kunj:array u both have not slept and arnav what are u doing here?
Arnav:no actually we were not getting sleep so thought to refresh some old memories
Kunj:I think its quiet late arnav u must go and sleep and see twinkle she is also getting sleep
Twi:no kunj I m not sleepy in fact we had planned to be awake tonight till 2am so…
Kunj:oh ok gud night
Twi:gud night

Kunj was going slowly as he was hoping that twinkle will call him to join them but she didn’t call him….so he went in anger to his room and shut his door
Twinkle was watching all this
Twi:thank u arnav for helping me if u were not there means I was not able find that kunj also has feelings for me
A:array its k and ha I can do anything for my bestiee
T:did u tel abt this to kushi(arnav’s gf)?otherwise she will misunderstand us
A:don’t worry I have told her…now u sleep k gn

Kunj calls all family members including Karan and meher even arnav was present
Usha:array kunj y did u call us?
Kunj:wait maa let everyone come
All gather in the hall
Manohar:now say it
Kunj:actually our company has got a big project from singhania group and sons so they had kept party and they want all of us to attend the party
Usha:what we will do there?you all youngsters go and enjoy it
Leela:ha beta u all go
Kunj:OK maa as u wish
Kaher:even arnav will come with us
Arnav:no u all go
Karan:arnav u have helped our company so much so u shld come…am I right kunj?
Kunj(not willingly): mmmm..ha u shld come as u helped us so much
Twi:so finally arnav is coming to the party yeahhh…
Kunj(himself):yeh karan bhi na…kya zaroorat this uss arnav ko bulane ki?aur iss twinkle ko dekho kaise uchal rahi hai…
Karan:did u said anything?
Kunj:no nothing..let’s go to office

Precap:party,masti and drunken kunj


  1. Ayu


    |Registered Member

    Shi shi shi!! Drunken kunj matlab siyappa!
    I loved the jealous kunj!! Pls post the next soooon!! I am excited to know what he’s up to…😜😘

  2. SidVee

    Amazing epi.. kunj’s jealousy is at the peak😂😂😂.. am loving how twinkle is making kunj jealous.. do cont soon 💕

  3. Sujina


    |Registered Member

    somu dear epi was full of kunj jealousy…
    cant w8 4 siyappa….coz kunj’ll b drunk…i m too excited dear so plz post asap

  4. SidMin


    |Registered Member

    Wow just loved it Jealous Kunj is so sweet 🙂 Post soon 🙂 can’t wait for the party fun 🙂 and drunk Kunj 🙂

  5. Baby


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    oh god soumya di wow cant w8 sooooo cool jelous kunj n now drunken kunj
    post nxt asap di luvd it……………..sry i m late……….

  6. SIDMIN-Daamini


    |Registered Member

    Haye soumya …… was so cute ……….drunken kunj……….itna achhaa likha ……kahaan se aaye aise ideas …..loved it . . . . Post next one soon 😍😘😘

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