Pyar ki ek kahaani: twinj episode 14


Thank u everyone for comments and sad news is that tei got over as I was big fan of Jasmin zain and sidhant but hope I will see them soon again on TV
Episode 14
All are busy working
Twinj and kaher conduct interview and selected 15 candidates.Twinkle is explaining the work to the staff while kunj is busy watching her at a distance.This was observed by kaher
Ka:meher r u thinking the same what I m thinking
Me:ha karan I think kunj loves twinkle and even twinkle does but both are not able to understand the feelings

Ka:ya u r right.I will talk to kunj about this
He goes near kunj who was busy staring at twinkle
Ka:do u love twinkle?
Kunj(not in the sense):ya
Then he realised what he said
Kunj:nnn..nooooo what rubbish u r talking
At the same tym me her comes there
Me:no kunj Karen is saying correct u r in love with twinkle
Kunj:I think u both husband and wife have gone mad
And he leaves from there

Ka:I think he won’t accept it
Me:ya I think we shld talk with twinkle
Ka:not now u call her personally and talk k
All finished their work and went back home
At night twi gets call from me her
Twi:hi meher…itni raat ko call kyun kiya?any problem?
Me:nothing..I just wanted to talk something imp
Twi:ya say
Me:do u love kunj?

Me:don’t lie twinkle I can guess by your voice only that u really love kunj and even I can read through your eyes..u can’t hide anything from me
Twi:yup I love kunj when we got married. The way he made me comfortable, his concern,his caring made me to fall for him but I know he don’t love me and plz don’t say this to him
Me:u r mad twinkle even kunj lives u
Twi:(shocked) what???!! How do u know?
Me:I can read his eyes.Today the way he was staring at you lovingly and was smiling at u which confirms that he loves u but he is not able to understand that feeling.So I have a plan.Will u agree for it?
Twi:yup say

Meher tells her plan which is muted
Twi:due u think it will work?
Me:I m 100•/• sure it will wrk.Are u ready for it
Twi:ya I m ready
Me:OK then see u bye gn
Twi:bye gn

Twinkle(thinks):I hope this plan works and I will win my love my life…and she slept
At morning
All r having bf at dinning area suddenly door bell rings
Leela:wait I will see
She goes and opened door and is happy+shocked to see a handsome, dashing boy(imagine karan wahi)standing at the door
Leela:array arnav beta tum kab aaye air kaise ho?
A:I m fine maa.I came today only and I was very eager to see my bestiee so came directly to your home.By the way where is twinki?
Twi:here I am

She goes and hugs him tightly
Twi:tum mujhe call hi nahi kiya ki tum India aa rahe ho(with fake anger)
A:I m sorry my babydoll next tym I wul inform u n come k
Twi smile at him and both proceed towards bf table
Twi;:by the way meet my friend kunj and kunj this my bestiee from childhood arnav
A:hi kunj

Both shake their hands
Twinkle and arnav were talking about their childhood memories while kunj was feeling jealous seeing them so much close together
Kunj:twi if u have finished bf can we leave for office we r getting late
Twi:oh ha..kunj can we take arnav along with us?he has his own business and is big business man
Trio left for office

Precap:kunj is fuming in anger seeing arnav and twinkle working together

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  1. Rashiverma2199

    Wow….Saumya lovely it was…..awesome…. Can’t wait to see jealous kunj….

    1. Soumyad

      Thank u rashi…

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    Waiting for next pne

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  3. Sujina

    soumya…omg kunj jealousness was on d top…hope he’ll realise soon love 4 tw…

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    Waiting to see the jealous kunj..

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  6. Amazing episode plz make it longer

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      Thank u Sushmita and I will try to make it longer

  7. Awesome……:*:*:*:*

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  8. Amazing.. loving kunj’s jealousy ?? .. do cont soon ?

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  9. Very nice episode…

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  10. SidMin

    Loved it 🙂 Kunj jealous Loved it 🙂 Post soon 🙂

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    Awesome somu loved it

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    amaing fabulus
    jelous kunj heheheheehheee……….
    luvd it post soon n sry fr being late…………

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