Pyar ki ek kahaani: twinj episode 11

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Recap:sarna’s to leave their home

Episode 11
Sarna family and twinkle reach taneja mansion and leela welcomes them all settled down
Usha:sorry leela ji we r burden for you now.We are even shameful for our son’s deed.
Levels:yesa kyun keh rage ho usha ji yeh aapka he ghar hair aur ismein twinkle ki bhi galti thi ab yeh sab bhool jaao…meera(servant)sab kho khanna lagao
Manohar:leela ji aapka aur aapki beti ka dil bhaut bada hai .Ab dekho meri sage bhai ne he mera sab kuch cheen liya(yours and your daughter’s heart is very big.My own brother took my all property)
Leela:manohar ji plz control your emotions and I have confident that you will get your property back.Now come let’s have dinner

Everyone have their dinner and went to sleep
Kunj was not able to sleep after such big incident.He thought to go on terrace
He went to terrace but somebody was already standing there and that was twinkle.she saw him and asked
Twi:kunj u here?you r not getting sleep?
Kunj:ha twinkle how can I sleep my father’s hardwork is gone and even that Alisha she left me and got engaged with my cousin bro only for money….and cries.He put his head on her shoulders.Twinkle consoled him.She cupped his face and wiped his tears.

Twinkle:u know Mr.sarna tum na bilkul badal gaye ho.Tum mere jagad nahi rhe ho(u r not fighting with me)and main imp thing that is your confident and a bright smile on your face.You know kunj there are many problems in every persons life.Even I faced a bad time.When my father died only me and my mom were there in this family. No one cared about us.My mom alone brought up me and even this business.She became a popular businesswoman but you know na about this society.They never kept quiet but after our struggle and hardworking they kept their mouth shut.Now see we are living a happy life but still we r unhappy that we don’t have family..Kunj was eyeing her lovingly
Kunj:twinkle y r u so good ha u have faced so many problems but also u manage to be happy.Now I will also follow your policy..

He smiles at her
Twi:tho issi baat pe chocolate ho jaye…she takes out chocolate and shares with kunj while eating chocolate was smeared around Twi’s mouth and she was looking very cute like small baby.Kunj took out his phone and clicked Twi’s photo and showed her.
Twi:ahhh!!y did u click my photo..????
Kunj was laughing like mad
Twi:stop laughing otherwise see what I will do
Kunj:heheheee what u will do??he he he…

Twi:now see Mr.sarna…and she ran behind him…while running Twi’s leg got slipped and she fell on kunj. Twinkle was on top of kunj.they shared an eye lock.kunj lovingly tucked twinkle’s hair behind ears.she felt shiver due to his touch after sometime they composed themselves.They felt embrassed.
Twi:good night

Kunj:good night…and they went to their room
Here twinkle remembered that incident and turned crimson while kunj in his room recalled that incident and a bright smile appeared on his face..

Precap:twinkle to help kunj in his new business and some family moments


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