Pyar ki ek kahaani: twinj episode 10


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Recap:twinkle leaves sarna mansion

Episode 10
At night
Sarna mansion
Kunj was standing near window and was recalling his moments with twinkle he was remembering her smile,laugh,her childish behaviour and everything.He went near bed and laid on it but he was not able to sleep.whenever he closed eyes twinkle’s face was coming in front of his eyes.He got up from bed and thought”y I m missing twinkle? Y I m feeling bad when she went away from my life?beside I should be happy that I m going to get married to Alisha but..”he took his phone to call twinkle but he thought she must be sleeping so he decided to talk to her later.
At taneja mansion
Here even twinkle was not able to sleep.She was recalling the moments spent with kunj.Ayaan’s words were buzzing in her ears.She kept all thoughts aside and went to sleep

Alisha came to kunj’s room
Alisha:kunj let us go for shopping today as our engagement is near
Kunj:sorry Alisha but I can’t come .I have lot of work in office so plz
Alisha was going to say something but they heard someone shouting loudly and calling manohar’s name.Alisha and kunj went down and were shocked to see surjeet(manohar’s elder brother) with his son cherry.He was holding property papers in his hand.All family members gathered in hall
Surjeet:Manohar sarna the famous industrialist in Amritsar who is also one of the richest person but now this all property belongs to me…hahaha
All family members were hell shocked
Manohar:how can u say this bhai I made this industry with my hardwork how can u say that now it belongs to u?Do u have any proof?
Surjeet calls his lawyer,he explains everything to manohar.He was shattered after seeing proof he was about to fall but kunj held him in his arms
Kunj:how can u do this your brother tauji?

Surjeet:u just shut up.Do u remember monu one day I ur client came near u and asked u to sign on some papers but that day you were not in your sense so u signed those papers and now all your property including your family members account belongs to me.
Everyone were shocked and usha was in tears.surjeet and cherry were smirking at them
Surjeet:I will give u one hour within 1 hr you should leave this house with your family otherwise I will call police.
Everyone went to their room to pack their bag
Kunj’s room

Kunj was packing his bag and was crying .Alisha entered his room. He saw her and hugged her tightly after sometime he departed and said
Kunj:everything is gone all our hard work.But u don’t worry again I will gain my father’s property I know u will be there with me..
Alisha:excuse me Mr kunj sarna who told I will be there with you?see yourself u don’t have anything now.You have single penny and you are saying that u will look after me ha?how did u think that I will come with u!!
(She calls cherry)and ha meet my fiancée cherry sarna
Kunj was shocked to see this he immediately gave tight slap to Alisha
Cherry:how dare u slap her ha…He was about to beat him but kunj pushed him
Kunj:u r such a cheap women.I have never seen such lady in my life.You loved my money not me but I was mad I thought it was true love mom was correct she always said that u will never change but I was wrong I thought u love me but no u love my name and fame
He slammed door and went down.All family members were came outside and were shocked to see twinkle standing infront of the door

Akash:twinkle u here?
Twinkle(in tears):I got to know everything. Ayaan called and told me.You all did not think to inform?let it be now come to my home
Manohar:no twinkle beta we will find new home
Kunj:ha and we don’t want to burden you
Twinkle:now I came to know you all don’t consider me as your family member na
Manohar and usha:who told u this? We love u like our own daughter
Twi:so u should listen to your daughter and its my order aur ha appko pata hair na ki mein kit I ziddi hoon
Everyone agrees at her and went to taneja mansion

Precap:twinkle consoles kunj and some twin moments

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