Pyar ke juda rang (part-8)

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Sanskar takes out laksh they r leaving at that time ragini try to talk laksh but vicky stops her and take her to the corner

Vicky: ragini I know tumne laksh ko bacha liya lekin abhi plzz laksh se dur raho b’coz sanskar bhai abhi bohot gusse me h

And he leave tears start falling from her eyes

Sanlak sit on car and leave after that swaragini also leave while driving sanskar continuously talking to laksh but he didn’t utter a word he is just sitting like lifeless body

San(happily):lucky u know jo mobile tune bola tha wo m le kar agaya hu u know maa me Teri fav kheer banai h

Laksh is only silent
Sanskar watch this and he tried to hide his tears

At mm

whole family waiting for laksh accept dp at that time sanlak entered all become happy and come near him but after watching laksh condition all become worried

Ap come near laksh

Ap:laksh beta ye sab

Before she complete her words laksh feels dizzy and he faint and fall down
All get scared Ap put his head on her lap sanskar start rubbing his hand

San(worried):lucky ….lak
Ap(crying): laksh beta utho kya hua tumhe ankhen kholo laksh
San(to rp):papa doctor ko phone karo jaldi
Rp calls doctor

After sometimes

Doctor checks laksh and did his dressing sanskar come near him

San:doctor lucky thik toh h na koi problem toh nahi h
Doc:Mr maheshwari laksh ki injuries bohot deep h but wo toh theek ho jaengi but
San(worried):but what
Doc:as u tell ki jab se wo jail se aye h unhone kuch bola tak nahi
San:yes its right
Doc:iska matlab ye h k he is in big shock wo jail wale incident ko bhul nahi pa rahe aap sab ko mil kar inhe is situation se bahar nikalna hoga bohot khayal rakhna hoga
San:don’t worry doctor hum sab h na Doc:ok then take care and ya inka fever kam na ho tho call me otherwise his health become more critical
San:ok doctor

Then doctor leave and sanskar went towards laksh and sit beside him holding his hand

San(to ap):maa aap jakar thoda rest kar le m hu yaha lucky k pass
Ap(wiping her tear):par Beta
San:maa m hu na

Ap kissed laksh forehead and leave

San(crying):lucky plzz yar bhai kuch bol na dekh agar tu esa karega na toh m tujhse kabhi bat nahi karunga
Then he think about ragini
San(angrily):ragini Bose m chodunga nahi tumhe mere bhai ki esi condition sirf tumhari wajah se h I didn’t spare u

At that time sanskar phone rang and ya it was swara he cut the call but she call again and again but he cut at last he pick

San(angrily): what’s ur problem swara ha kyu bar bar call kar rahi ho samajh nahi araha I don’t wanna talk to u
Swa(upset):sanskar m bas laksh k bare me
San:kya jananna h ha is he alive or not right
Swa(crying): no sanskar

Sanskar angrily cut call and again sit and remember all laksh’s talk,his cute fights and all their good time
Then he remember laksh’s word “bhai kisi ki galti ki saza kisi aur ko nahi dena chahiye” then he remember about swaras

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