Pyar Karne Ki Time Nahi (Episode 6)

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Episode 6
—————after soumya left from there, yuvraj sees the gift and smiles… he thinks to propose suhani….
he opens his cupboard and select his dress…matching with suhani saree…. He goes out after all sleep…
he slowly goes to suhani room… he knocks the door.
Suhani (pov)- I was lying with yuvan…and recalls the moment happened just before.. I cant sleep peacfuly..i expecting for next day tamasha in my life… my mind was wavering about dadi.. what she plan to hurt me tomorrow… i turn here and there and covers myself with bedsheet but I cant sleep.. I was completely angry with yuvraj..for my state…. Just then I heard knocking sound of my room door… I saw the time…it shows 11.30… I was kinda shocked about the sound… I hesitatingly opens the door.. I saw yuvraj standing infront me.. I cant believe this… ….i keep staring at him..
Yuv-“cant u ask me to come inside…?”- he said
I open the door for him but I start walking inside ignoring him…I standing near window crossed my arms… he came near me… I saw him and seeing him confused bcz of his dress… he was wearing a black coat…black pant.. he was looking lik a hero…which I admired on him..wen I saw him first…
“yuvraj, y u came here at this time? Wat tamasha u planned for me this time…”- I asked him saying this I start walking crossed him..
He hold my hand as he did before….“suhani!! Suhani!!! Listen me ”-he call my name in hurry..
I turned to him… “wat u want from me now? Cant u happy by taking yuvani from me.. now u want yuvan also…if u came here for yuvan , remember I wont give u…jao yahan se..”- I showed my hand to him showing the way to left….
He hold my hand tight and drags me towards him…he pins me against wall…
”suhani cant u stop ur bak bak for 5 min…. ok then leave it…..u ask me, wat I want right? Yes I want not only something, I want everything…. I want u, my yuvan…my old jansi rani, who rounds me 24×7…to get my attention…I want u back suhani …”he stoped and seeing my eyes.. I can clearly sees the pain in his eyes.. his eyes told sach to me…
I can feel, how much he suffer with out me… my anger was vanish infront of his painful eyes now… I too wish him hug tight and want to say I too want u back.. but my mind reminds me he s still not confess his love , my mind also told he talk lik this to have yuvan with him..not me…
I came out of that moment and moves little back from him..“how can I trust u yuvraj… u only told without love one mrg is not complete, tat must be a compromise… then wat happened to u now.. y u again pulls me into the loveless life.. for yuvan right?”- I said, he was stunned by my question..

He slowly take his hand from my hand…..” anytime u can tell this to me again…”I said
“no suhani , I wont tell…..i wont hurt u again…if we sit and talk we found a perfect solution to our problem. Forget tat past..”
“but am not forget tat yuvraj, wen I came back to u and yuvani, u bring soumya here, u took yuvani away from me.. just before u see how dadi warns me…for taking my child… u r simply standing, u cant do anything, u wont do anything to me….”-I start crying badly….
Without delay he hugs me tight…. I too forget tat bad moments and hug him back… which warm I need long time before.. he kisses my forehead , saying “here after tat not happen suhani….” Saying this he bend before me…
I look at him confused…he continued,hold my hand and make me sit near him.. he cups my face and bring close to him…”matlap…. Suhani…….I love u , I ready to do anything for u, only for u…..and my child…. Suhani u don’t know….how much I love u… even I don’t know wen I fall in love with u..everytime something happens and make us apart… I tried a lot suhani…but al goes in vain… my bad time start showing teeth to me…… but this time I wont let u away from me…forget tat past..i bring somu here only bcz Krishna saves u…for tat only I took his child responsibility..and am not blame gauri death bcz of u. tat was an accident.. I know u… I clear the mess happened by me..will u love me suhani,” he ask for my hands….

I don’t know after hearing such a words from him…. My eyes start open tear dam…to fall, but this time its came bcz of happiness…..clock struck in 12a.m… he gives me the gift to me…its our anniversary day, he wishes me saying…”happy wedding anniversary and valantines day suhani…. We start our new life from today… I love youuuu!!! I ready face my aane wala zindagi with u…. will u with me forever?”-he said. I nods with a hug…..
I take the gift and goes to change… he waits for me to come….
Yuv(pov)- I was sitting near yuvaan, and tells him how much I misses him….. but he was sleeps unaware wat going now….suddenly I turned back and saw her wearing my gifted red saree… she sits infront of mirror and tries to put pendant..
I gets up from bed and goes near her.. I touches her shoulder and helps her to wear tat.. she blushes hardly….. this s the 1st time I saw her with love…..this feeling I never felt before… she gets up and turns to me…
“I said I love u to her again. She ask me….”yuvraj , full day u told I love u me ah?”
Yuv- haan I tell u whole day…bcz u want to hear tat from me … I make u wait for 2 yrs na… but u r not tell me tat 3 words till now…. “ suh- I love u tooooo sadu raj… she smiles saying this..
I take her to out house…. Where I planned a surprise for her….. tat room full of red shaped balloon and some of our old memories pic…. She happily goes here and there .. I was standing and watches her childish behavior…. Suddenly she slips…I hold her hand and make her balance…
I keep staring at her.. I slowly traces her face and makes her hair behind her ears… our faces were inches apart… she was standing at the rage of blushing….
She start moving back…. I hold her hand and start singing….”kaise muje tum milagayi………..”
She slightly smiling….seeing me…. at the end of the song… v cut cake jointly…

V celebrate our anniversary without any disturbance and tamasha…
“acha yuvraj, I saw u talk with yuvaan… wat u talk with yuvaan” she winks her eyes to me..
1st u tell me, “I make this day memorable for u..…but wat s my return gift?”- I winks my eyes to her..
She thinks for a while and kisses my cheek…. And covers her face by her hands… I hugged her from back.. I slowly start runs my hand through her waist..which make her kinda nervous..
She stops me from doing further…”u ask mw wat me and yuvan talk right… yuvaan told me he want one new bhai or bhen for him, shall we give him…..” saying this I buried my face In her neck hook…
She smiles hearing and says, “so, mr.yuvraj birla ko pyar hogaya mujse…. “
yuvraj says haan muje bhi pyar hogaya!!!!! Saying this I pulls her towards me and we fall on ground….(I hope u understand wat happen next)
—————-its mrng, —————————in out house,
Yuvraj and suhani also wakup, suh was lies on his chest… both covers their face by her saree… suh wake up and tries to wakup him also… but he hugs her and again makes her lying… suh phone rings , she took her phone and see pratima name.. they wakup and rushes to home…..
pratima searches suhani in her room.. dadi- I know she run away from this house
Prat- no maaji, yuvan s her room… suhani alone missing..
Same time yuvani also crying… somu tries to pacifies yuvani..but yuvani not stoping..
Dadi- see pratima, somu only care for yuvani… ur so called bahu don’t care about yuvani..
Yuvraj and suhani enters inside home… all gets shocked , seeing yuvraj and suhani joint hands…
Suhani hears yuvani crying she rushes to somu and ask for yuvani… somu was shocked and see yuvraj…
Yuvraj sees suhani and smiles…. Suhani took yuvani from somu…and pacifies yuvani… yuvani too stop crying…..
Prat- suhaniiiii…wat going here..i cant understand…
Suh- maaa, kuch nahi.. aap ki ladla ko mujse pyar hogaya….!!!!!! Par kya karon ussko pyar karne ki time nahi……
Yuv- (comes to suhani and wrap his hand on her shoulder…)- pyar karne ki nahi suhani, mere pyar ko bolne ki time nahi mila… par ab mila…muje!!!!!!!!!
Pratima hugs yuvraj and suhani….
Dadi and somu- kyaaa!!!!!!(screen freezes on their shocking face and yuvani ki romantic eyelock…!)
——————————–THE END——————————————————

how is this ff…frnds? do u lik it or nor??

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  1. Fantastic love confession episode!!..its awesome di…happy wala ending…super se bhi oopar….ur no lesser than a novelist…?..valentines day gift for yuvanians

    1. Suhaniyuvrajbirla

      thank u bhargavi tysm….

  2. very lovely confession ….words r not enough to say abt this epi . happing ending with sweet nd cute moments.the last few lines were superb sis i like them so much.i’m going to miss this ff so much u ended this ff very early.u r an wonderful writer.i think tommorow is ur marriage right.wish u happy married life in advance….plz come back with new ff bye ….enjoy tmw …

    1. Suhaniyuvrajbirla

      yes sri..kal mere shadi… tysm fr ur wishes nd cmnd

  3. Avanikamdar

    Amazing …

  4. Superb story way an awesome ending confession lovd it a lot. Tysm I do no whether I cmnted thrice or not BT u r amazing

    1. Suhaniyuvrajbirla

      thank you abi… I think u r new one.. happy to get ur cmnd

      1. the whole story s superb, luvd it a lot.. sorry couldnt able to cmnt in last epi… wish u happy married life di…

  5. Samyukta

    Great epi can u continue showing how yuvraj will take stand against dadi for suhani. And also saiyam birth, happy married life etc… Pls pls…. Waise sorry for being critical but Ur grammar is not very good u should write in past tense..Well leave it anyway. Thanks for such a marvo epi

    1. Suhaniyuvrajbirla

      thank you samyukta
      …am not well n grammar… tats y this prob..!! thank y fr ur cmnds

      1. Its k dear…. We all like ur ff… U have good quality of expressing words so keep it up…. Again I wish u happy married life

  6. sarita sharma

    superb epi yuvani love confession was nice. yuvani romantic scéně amazing.i like it when yuvraj says suhani yuvan ko bhai ya bahan chahiye.

    1. Suhaniyuvrajbirla

      thank u Sarita… saiyam s their 3rd son!!!

  7. věry well end.sab kuch accha tha yuvraj confession ho ya yuvani romantic scéně yuvani fan ka valentine gift tha tusm subha. n meet after marriage.

    1. Suhaniyuvrajbirla

      thank u.. am back soon..

  8. Mindblowing end…. Shocking dadi n soumya n loving YuvAni. Loved full epic…. Good wishes for ur mrg

    1. Hii somi…how r u?.. I read ur posts on IF…welldone…btw is somi ur nick name

      1. Actually soni is my nick name but instead of n I’m using m…. Pls come to if…. My exam r der dats y I’m not replying this day…. How r u dear….???

      2. Im fine dear…today was my last exam…ATB for ur exams..

    2. Thnq dear…. N u can enjoy… The last day of exam is the best day of life

      1. Haha..well said but one exam is postponed and date is not yet announced…this IF is irritating me a lot…always some error occurs…are u on insta

      2. Really if is irritating…. Just email id n see…. See if will work…. N abt insta I’m der but my sis also my insta so I’m not see in any yuvani grp.. My insta id is nobita03

      3. *my sis is also using my insta so I’m not der in any yuvani grp…. My sis hate this show dats y…. What is ur id

      4. I have sent u request

  9. Suhaniyuvrajbirla

    thanks somi dear….tysm

  10. A.Tejaswi

    Such a beautiful episode di…I was really really wondering how such nice ideas come into ur mind!!.It is mindblowing episode.Best wishes for ur marriage di…

  11. Suhaniyuvrajbirla

    thanks tejaswi.. dear

  12. Ayesha Siddika

    Words will fall short to praise ur writting. U again nailed it. Such a romantic epi. I am bushing to the core. Last scene was awsome & yuvan ko vai behen chaiye-lol.. PLEASE CONTINUE TILL SAIYYAM’S BIRTH. I guess tommorrow is ur mrg. So all d best for ur new life & hope u will rock in ur new life like ur ff. Congrats again & cm back with ur ff. Mere gusse mein to hain pyar-season 3. Remember?

    1. Suhaniyuvrajbirla

      yaaa I remember dear… I will b back soon… if u r n fb insta… req send I ad u n our groups..
      @subathrapriya in insta
      subha yuvani in fb

  13. superb episode yuvani reunion yuvani confession sub kuch amazing tha… really di u r a wonderful writer… i gona miss ur ff nd also miss u di alot… good wishes for ur future life di…
    di one request i want to see more in this story yuvraj support for suhani nd etc.. u knw what i mean.. plzz di if u get tym after ur mrrg plzz continue ur ff..
    happy married life in advance di.. enjoy ur day 🙂

    1. Suhaniyuvrajbirla

      thank u anshi dear… if it possible I continue this….but am not sure.. thank u dears..

  14. Today is your marriage so enjoy this day and make this day memorable for you and your episode is too good not a single scene is boring or bad every moment every scene was too amazing and writing skill is too good.
    Enjoy your new new wedding days these days are very precious and please come back soon do with your new ff we will be waiting and don’t make your new ff short like this one make that one long take care di.

  15. Suhaniyuvrajbirla

    haan … I planed this ff for 10 epi.. bcz of u all need yuvani confession soon so I CT short this ff nd end..

  16. NAPSHa J

    di.. it was a lovely confession.. loved it to the core.. and the ending “kya????” was hilarious.. 😀
    anyways, wishing u happy wedding.. 🙂 do write more whenever possible.. we will wait.. 😉

    1. Suhaniyuvrajbirla

      thank u Napsha…

  17. Beautiful…

  18. Yuvani_saraj

    awesome episode…plz come back soon…and advance congratulations to u for ur marriage…

  19. Suhaniyuvrajbirla

    thank u Yuvani saraj…

  20. Hi yaar i am sorry i could nit comment on ur previous episodes.but i have rad all those episodes.all are just awesome and kudos to ur writting skills.all d very very best fr ur married life.wish ur couple also should be like our yuvani cute and strong.i enjoyed this ff very much.thank u so much fr this.if u have time after marriage pls update more ffs on yuvani and congrats once again fr ur marriage dear stay blesssed.

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