Pyar Karne Ki Time Nahi (Episode 5)

Really friends i miss u all…. thank u for ur comands.. and feeling in cloud9 mood after getting some new commands… really really thank u for all. so here is next update for u all and one more valantines day special, i cut short this ff and , i update 2 episode today…..thank u all once again i hope u all keep update page for last and yuvani reunion…

Episode 5

yuvraj sees the gift which he bought for suhani… he hides tat from all and goes to his room angrily he closes the door forcibly.. he goes to bathroom and open the shower, he cool himself from hurting behavior of dadi words towards suhani.. he backoff his hair and closes his eyes….and recalls some moment of this present situation he was going through…
[[[[[[[[[[ In hospital dr informs suhani delivers twins…one boy and girl baby…. birlas were not in the state to celebrate their happiness… soumya to deliver a girl baby…
Yuvraj was not seeing suhani for a week bcz of gauri and Krishna death.. yuv recalls how somu blames suhani for Krishna death.. soum”bcz of ur wife my Krishna died, who care my child aftr him,.. wat problem u all r with us… suh should die, she s not necessary to this world…bcz of her only problem will come… no one s happy with her..she s fool.. etc etc…”somu blames her.. yuv closes his ears recalling tat moment…
Pratima come there and pacifies yuvraj, he hugs pratima…and agrees to see suhani… in hospital..
Dadi comes and see suhani crying bcz yuvraj not comes to meet her and kids….
Dadi- I told u already, yuvraj wont come here.. then y u do drama in my home?
Suh- tats y I took decision of left from u all life… forever… she tries to took both the babies in her hand… dadi was seeing her shocking ly…
Dadi- wat u do again? Cant u let us happy.. y u took my grandchildrens with u.. tats ur wish to leave then go aline..leave my grandchildrens…. Dadi shouts.. but suhani not listen to her .. she stop tooking babies in her hands hearing clapping sound of someone.

Tat s none other than yuvraj..he was standing at door and listen their talking…. He comes inside clapping…saying ”wahhh suhani wahh…….i know u r a mahan, but I don’t know u r a selfish toooo, how dare u took a decision of my kids without me… I too have equal right on these childs… they are my childs too….not only u…”
Suh- acha… now only u came to know about these childs… yuvraj 1 wk complete hogi.. u r not come to meet these so called kids… wat mistak these kids did…bcz I gave birth to them… wat s the necessary to come now.. leave me and my kids .. I can manage everything without u… u cant came to meet on their birth time, then u have no right to meet on their whole life…..(saying this suhani took both the babies in her hand……)
Pratima, pankaj lata and all arrives at there…and seeing them fight… dadi ask suhani to stop going… suhani start walking ignores him.. yuvi gets anger and tries to grabs chilrens from her hand… suhanis grip get lose on yuvani…. Yuvi took yuvani from her hand.. yuvan in suhani hand….
Suh and yuvraj sees each other with teary eyed….. both hold respective babies and hugs..
Suhani ask yuvi to give her baby.. she tries to take yuvani from him.. yuvi pushes her hand,” its my child too… u wont stop me… if u want this baby to with u always…u come to bh with yuvan.. otherwise don’t come infront me…I don’t want to see u again. I too manage yuvani alone.. beter than u….” he start walking….with yuvani.
Suhani runs behind yuvraj continusly calling his name…demanding yuvani….. dadi hold her hand –“yeh ladki, can u get tat wat yuvraj says… if u want yuvani then come to home…otherwise left… but remember anotherthing we wont left yuvan with u long time… we know how to take yuvan from u… decide….” Dadi follows yuvraj….. pratima pacifies suhani and hugs her…
—————– pankaj ask suhani to give time for yuvraj… she nods and left with yuvan to pankaj home..

3 days later…………
In pankaj home, she had bad dreams about yuvani.. she recalls how yuvraj grabs yuvani from her… bavana and lata pacifies suhani…. Suh says mrng she goes to bh..with yuvan….. lata and bavana hugs her…happily.
————-in bh.. yuvraj was staring yuvani…who sleeps peacefully.

yuv-. “I promise u, I will fulfill my responsibity…. I thought if I take u from her, suhani come back with us, but she not… am sry bcz of me u suffer lot…forgive me my dear…. Here aftr am ur mom and dad.. I don’t neeed her anymore who does not care for u…she doesnot deserve u…she was happy with one kid.. she does not need u…I give u worlds full happiness , I can do anything for u…” he kisses on yuvani forehead….
He took suhani pic from his purse and runs hid finger on her pic…he recalls suhani and closes his eyes ,he gets disturbed by yuvani screaming.. he was stuggle with yuvani… he don’t know how to stop her crying…
Pratima came there and took yuvani in her hand… yuvi gets relief… dadi puts her hand on his hand..
Dadi- yuvraj, I know wat u feel now.. I already told u tat ladki s not suit for u, see now she show her attitude to u.. but I wont left yuvaan with her. wat I do, u r blind in her love..u gave this much space to her, so she did lot tamasha in ur life… but this time not,,, u don’t left yuvan with her anymore. At any cost u takemust bring yuvan here..
Yuv- dadi, but wat I do…she not come for yuvani…too.
Dadi- I know wat I do…. She tells something to yuvraj…. yuvi sees her shockingly…
dadi give idea to bring somu here …]]]]]]]]]]
——————————- fb ends…. Yuvraj gets disturbed by knocking sound of his room… he closes the

shower..and came out and see soumya standing holding krishna in her hand…
She told-“yuvraj, I bring dinner to ur room..”
Yuv- soumya stop! Wat abt Krishna health..yesterday she got fever na…
Somu- (she smile slightly,) she s ok.. thank u for ur concern yuvraj.. she left from there..
yuv- am sry soumya… but I promise u.. I wont left Krishna alone.. I took her responsibility.

precap: yuvani reunion and valantines day special…… (last part)

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  1. Superbbbbbbbbbb….

    1. Suhaniyuvrajbirla

      thank u dear…for ur 1st cmnd!

  2. fablous episode…sis if this type of scene done during yuvaan nd yuvani birh time i think sambhav charater won’t be there ..really every line is very realstic nd filled with love and care. ur really an wonderful ff writer.

    1. Suhaniyuvrajbirla

      yes… no need of sambv nd disgusting scene bhi… nd saiyam bhi…yuvani KI 3rd child hogi.

  3. Samyukta

    Update soon. It was a very nice EPI

    1. Suhaniyuvrajbirla

      tysm samyukta.. for ur 1st cmnd..!!

  4. Avanikamdar

    Nice epi

    1. Suhaniyuvrajbirla

      tysm avani dear..

  5. Really I wish instead that sambhav track cvs must have used this track….. They just spoiled suhani character n anyway… Epic was tooo good…. Looking forwad YuvAni moments n really till this time u r posting the YuvAni ff…. Thnq dear n but next u post after mrg…. Just enjoy the rituals before mrg

    1. Suhaniyuvrajbirla

      wel said somi…CVS spoil suhani image..! nd thank u fr ur wish dear

  6. A.Tejaswi

    Awesome episode di…Thanks for this update,though u r busy.U r a truly dedicated writer..

    1. Suhaniyuvrajbirla

      woooooo so sweet of u tejaswi… thank u so muchhhh..

  7. Yuvani_saraj

    nice episode….

    1. Suhaniyuvrajbirla

      tysm yuvani – saraj..!

  8. sarita sharma

    fb was eyes filled with tear.yuvraj ke pyar ne gusse ka roop le liya h. sach m yaar fb waale scence ke liye word nhi h mere pass.i think u understand very m i feel.

    1. Suhaniyuvrajbirla

      sachiiii!!! I can’t believe this Sarita dear.. tysm… ths shows how much u involved n the ff.. tysmmmmm

  9. pure epi ka highlight scence tha fb scence.yuvAni ke emotion ko itne acche se to ssel m v show nhi kiya tha.i feel excited about yuvraj confession n yuvAni reunion.

    1. Suhaniyuvrajbirla

      muje bhi fb wala scene bhoat acha laga… I wish this shd b n ssel. tysm ssel fans

  10. Ayesha Siddika

    Again a speechless episode. How can u write soo nicely? Ur writting skill is god’s gift. So keep writting. Thanks for updating in valentine day. Waiting for ur last part. I know it will be best. Good wishes for ur mrg.★HaPpY vAlEnTiNe DaY★

    1. Suhaniyuvrajbirla

      awwwww!! again ayesha u take Tim to cmnd my ff.. really really tysm…. love u so much….

  11. Ayesha Siddika

    *u post the epi though u r busy. Thank u. But post after ur mrg and enjoy ur time. Will wait 4 ur ffs & miss u badly

    1. Suhaniyuvrajbirla

      I post last part also dear.. u can get n mrng… miss u tooo

  12. NAPSHa J

    Di.. I’m running short of words.. everything was well-thought.. it made me cry.. so many emotions, everything was so nicely described.. I could visualize it..
    Looking forward for the next epi.. plz don’t end it di.. or start a new one..
    Happy Valentine’s Day di.. :*

    1. Suhaniyuvrajbirla

      tysm napsha dear..
      I tooo have short of words to command.. all ur cmnds made my day happy..

  13. Wow di nice superb kya bolu bahut acha hai di thanks for your beautiful ff please di dont stop the beautiful ff
    Sorry di i dont know no you are getting married i am so happy good wishes for your mrg

    1. Suhaniyuvrajbirla

      not yet married.. going to marry… on feb16…. tysm fr ur wishes yuvani lover..

  14. U r a wonderful writer. This epi was mind blowing. WISH U A HAPPY MARRIED. May God bless u n ur family

    1. Suhaniyuvrajbirla

      tysm.. fr ur wishes nd 1st cmnd…n my ff!!

  15. Woww di im speechless…this clearly shows that ur r greatly obsessed with Yuvani…loved it soooo much…thanks a lot for this epic story..njoy these imp days in ur life…best of luck for the rest of ur life

    1. Suhaniyuvrajbirla

      thanks bhargavi dear…I too speechless aftr reading ur cmnds… u r all my strength to wrote ff…tysm

  16. di i hv no words to describe the episode..fb scene..really superb nd di really if cvs uses this track then there is no need of that sambhav track..
    now waiting for yuvani reunion..
    all the best di for ur future life..

  17. Suhaniyuvrajbirla

    tysm anshi dear…. absolutely u said right I hate sambv track..from core of my heart…!

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