Pyar Karne Ki Time Nahi (Episode 4)

Thank u dears…here is nxt update….

Episode 4
Suh goes to talk with yuvraj , but she meet dadi bfre…
Dadi- whom u search, yuvraj? he don’t want to talk with u now.. infact still he s in shocking about ur pregnancy news… I think he don’t want this child… u took advantage of his drinking state.

Suh- I don’t want to give any explanation now, I just need to talk with pls let me !
Dadi- u took advantage of yuvraj friendship,and his money, u ppl do lik tat only I know u kind of ppl… nu know he s not love u then y u roaming here and there before him..for gtting his attention? . suh gets anger and leave with pankaj… (yuvraj s unaware of suhani left bcz of dadi….)——————
Dadi misguiding yuvraj saying, “suhani went with pankaj for abortion”
yuvi gets much anger hearing this… he went to pankaj home n anger. —————-
in pankaj home, yuv shouts at suhani bcz of dadi misguide him.
Suh says “she had no idea about tat, y should I do.. ”

yuv- I know u do tat, bcz u hate me, and don’t want to give birth of my child. U take revenge at me for my mistake of marriging u, u do this for ur father… for my sister gauri behavior… u do all this.. u ready to kill my childs too…wat mistak I do, I always with u… I agree am no love u at tat time, but am not lik such a human to let my kids in rage of death… I wont let u do. I know this also my fault, I don’t have any hope from u, u can go and marry anyone, remember onething suhani, I don’t care abt u. but I want my child.. after tat I leave u from all, my home and my life… he burst out and left,

Suhani was speechless and cant take defend herself, she was completely shocked by yuvraj anger side… but she s happy bcz he want their kids…aftr tat…. Pratima brings suhani back to bh….
Pratima ask yuvraj to take care of her tat will good for their baby… he agrees he turns to caring husband of suhani.. tat brings suhani and yuvraj more closer in love…but they were not ready to accept…their love… they were decided to continue their life without love.. for their childerens…..yuvraj s too happy to get her back…

——————————————after 9 months,

It was the function of, suhani’s goodbharai function…somu too pregnant at tat time…
dadi and all go for their farm house for pooja …. Krishna s drugs seller, somu to encourage him for luxury life..…. (u all remember the bomb gets exchanged in farm house….. suhani bring gauri from mental asylam…..)
dadi- y u bring gauri here.. ? u say she s mad …now wats the necessary to bring gauri before all…

suh- dadi, am not saying gauri s mad.. I just want her to b normal lik us.. don’t tel her she s mad…
———————-after then, they all do pooja…………during pooja suhani feels suffocated and went out, she hear Krishna talking in phone and she s shocked about bomb. Krishna and suhani struck in huge argument…
Finaly Krishna accept his fault and tells suhani to save all…
Suhani lies to all an make them out of house safe…
Yuvraj sees all are outside farm house. He gets some gifts for suhani and runs to her. while yuvraj runs to them ,after few sec bomb blast… yuvraj stops there and covers his ears, he fell down… all are shouts lik thunder and standing with fear….. suhani was almost faint due to the shocking sound..
Yuvraj come there and hold suhani, sharad pours water on suh face, after a few sec suhani wakesup,

Yuvraj hugs suhani tight and kisses her forehead, yuv- suh r u ok. I got scared of u left me.
Suh-yuvraajjj….jjjj , ghar par bombbbb… u u u heard tat sound na,,, our kidsss…(she cant talk properly, from her words itself yuvraj understand how much she scared.. he cups her face and she too buried her face on his chest.. ) yuvraj makes suhani rest in room and he went out to met others…

On the other side—–
Yuvi goes to dadi and all, suddenly Rags ask about gauri, yuv ask wen gauri came here?
Dadi- suhani brings her here… they got panic and start search gauri… they found gauri was lies in middle of broken stones, she got heavy injuries and all of them rushes to hosp to admit gauri…she was serious condition.
Suh sees all rushes out of house, she too came out from house and see Krishna standing near gate….she goes to talk with Krishna…

Suhani warns Krishna for doing such a business…” I did big mistake of bring u here, bcz of u today my family struck in in this state..if anything happens to gauri remember , I wont leave u.. I send u jail for doing this business.. ”she slaps Krishna for the blast… somu sees them from far..
Suh pushes Krishna on floor… somu come to them and defend krishna..
Somu- suhani , I know wat s right and wrong.. and I know krishna job too, they bought drugs with their own risk, tats not our problem. So stay in ur limit. I did mistake of came here. U insult me before all.. she left from there.

Suh calls soumu name follows her… drug owner was sent one truck to hit Krishna. Tat truck was about to hit suhani,. But Krishna saves suhani..instead of her, Krishna dies.. infront of soumya and suhani…

———————- in hospital gauri was no more, they all reach home to see suhani…. They all see in middle of the road…. Somu took Krishna on her lap and cries badly, suhani tries to talk with somu but somu not listen to her… somu pushes suhani , she lost her balance and got pain in her stomach… suhani start screaming in pain……
yuvraj was shocked seeing both..he cant handle this situation oneside gauri death and another side bcz of suhani , Krishna too died..

All gets shocked seeing them… yuv rushes to suhani and hold her…..———-xxxx—————]]]]]]]]]
Flash back stops……Pratima stops upto this.. continuessly tear drops fall from her eyes… anuj and saurab consoles pratima… she start lights the diya in home temple..

Suhani ask yuvi to give her baby.. she tries to take yuvani from him.. yuvi pushes her hand,” its my child too… u wont stop me… if u want this baby to with u always…u come to bh with yuvan.. otherwise don’t come infront me…I don’t want to see u again. I too manage yuvani alone.. beter than u….” he start walking….with yuvani.

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  1. Avanikamdar

    Nice story …

    1. Suhaniyuvrajbirla

      thank u… avani dear

  2. Really loved full epic… Good work dear

    1. Suhaniyuvrajbirla

      thank u somi dear…

  3. Nice episde di intresting precap please update soon

    1. Suhaniyuvrajbirla

      sure farishta dear..tomorrow I post nxt…!!


    What a stunning episode!! Love it to the core. Thanks di for updating. Very emotional epi. Dadi is always devil. Yuvraaj concern & caring nature towards kids & suhani. Totally mindblowing. Please clear the mess soon. Hope u r well and enjoying ur last family time bfre mrg. Will missssssssss u & ur ff. I check this site daily just for ur update. I knw u busy but ur ff made my day. Sorry 4 my bak bak.

    1. Suhaniyuvrajbirla

      awwww!!! ayesha dear.. really glad to read ur cmnd….I read ur cmnd 5 times…!! tat gives me courage to wrote more… thank u dear…

  5. loved luvd lvd it a lot superb di.. it was a fantastic emotional update…

    1. Suhaniyuvrajbirla

      thanks abi dear……I hope u enjoy this emotional drama

  6. Loved it super emotional episode love your ff di thanks for writing our yuvani ff i lve yuvani so…… much and also your ff

  7. Nice episode…ur truly great for managing everything….my sincere request…plz make dadi touch suhani legs apologising ?

    1. Suhaniyuvrajbirla

      bhargavi tat much u hate dadi hah??? ok I try my best dear…

      1. Yes di i hate her to d core!!..always occupying more screen space than d leads

  8. Suhaniyuvrajbirla

    wow…thank u Yuvani lover!!!!! I wrote ff only on yuvani dear..bcz yuvani s my fav Jodi….forever…stay in touch..

  9. NAPSHa J

    U know di, I love u.. even at this point of time, u updated for us..
    such an amazing epi.. dadi is a witch.. I didn’t expect she would say that to yuvi.. waiting for yuvi’s confession..
    u can update after ur wedding di.. we will wait..
    all the best.. 🙂

  10. Suhaniyuvrajbirla

    oooo…napsha metoooo love u and ur ff very much… u r my inspiration to wrote ff…. am die hard fan of ur ff…!!! thank u fr u everything…. u r a best companion in this forum…Thank you dear..!

    1. NAPSHa J

      pleasure is mine di.. even u’r a wonderful sis.. 🙂

  11. wow di too much emotion in one episode.. yuvi’s luv and care for suhani nd kids luv it…. nd i hate dadi she always create misunderstanding between yuvani…
    luv ur ff di… update soon..
    nd sry for late comment

    1. Suhaniyuvrajbirla

      thank u anshi dear…tysm…

  12. very emotional epi…sis i thought atleat in this ff blame will not come on suhani but atlast …but really its superb nd plz plz make yuvraj to confess his love very very soon……

    1. Suhaniyuvrajbirla

      oooo….sure dear… I make it as ur wish soon…

  13. wow want an emotional episode….thank u so much for this beautifull ff

    1. Suhaniyuvrajbirla

      Thank you Yuvani saraj….

  14. Yuvani_saraj

    wow what an emotional episode…..thnk u so much….

  15. Suhaniyuvrajbirla

    I felt u r all cruse dadi…while reading this ff.. happy to see ur cmnds frnds… tysm fr ur cmnd…

  16. sarita sharma

    emotional epi.fb scéně was nice.yuvAni kitne sad h. itna anger kyu yuvraj. yuvAni ke emotion kitne acche se show kiye h.

    1. Suhaniyuvrajbirla

      wowwwww Thank you Sarita..!!!

  17. superb epi.nice fb scéně.i love yuvraj concern for children.precap is more interesting.

    1. Suhaniyuvrajbirla

      Thank you ssel fans..tysm…!!!

  18. Hie i’m a silent reader but i read your comments too so i know a little bit about you i hope you will be happy to see my comment too as i’m new to this but your ff make me comment i also read your another ff mere gusse mein hi toh pyaar hai and offcourse that too was also mindblowing really i think you are a better writter than who write ssel. Your ff is completely awesome di and different too now a days yuvani ff’ s are not much but happy to see that even in this precious time of your life you are writing ff on yuvani you are really a true fan we are nothing in front of you. You are totally appreciatable for this.

    1. I hope you will lose next part asap i will be waiting for your next part update soon.

    2. Suhaniyuvrajbirla

      Thankkkkkk youuuuu aisha.. it’s no doubt I am happy to get ur cmnds… ur cmnds make me overwhelming….. u r all never knw wen I read ur all cmnd again nd again… thank u dear… and happy Valentine’s day dear..!!!

  19. Happy Valentine’s day di?
    Enjoy your last Valentine’s day before marriage.

  20. Suhaniyuvrajbirla

    ha ha last bachelor’s Valentine’s day fr me.. thank u..

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