Pyar Karne Ki Time Nahi (Episode 3)

sorry dears for the delay… really here very much am busy with family…

Episode 3
Yuvraj came back from the eye lock, and see the direction of voice came… someone standing at a distance…. Tat shadow start walking towards him its none other than our soumya!!
Yuvraj looks at her, they hear dadi shouts….at suhani.
Dadi- yeh ladki, y u took yuvani out of room? don’t took over advantage ….. whr s she ? Its her responsibility to take care of yuvani… but anytime she was busy with tat drug seller baby…. She eat , sleep , spend our money in our home, but did not do her responsibility…

Soumya rushes to dadi…..
Dadi grabs yuvani from suhani hand, dadi – don’t try to do this again, whr u go with my yuvani? To ur room, ? u have only permit to see our yuvani…do u understand?
Suhani was almost crying as usual, yuvraj was standing speechless before her….
Yuv(pov)- its enough suhani, today its ur last tear , here aftr I wont let this happen again. its all bcz of me.. just wait for some time I clear all d mess between us.. if v talk and share our pain.. v get relief from all.
Somu- dadi, I was busy with dinner preparation for yuvraj…..
Suhani sees dadi handover yuvani to somu.. she forwards her hand to dadi….. somu took yuvani with her… suhani sees yuvraj standing before her and not stopping dadi.. she s fedup and runs to her room..

Dadi- soumya, cant u fulfill ur resposibilty? I gave my yuvani and yuvraj responsibility to u.. see because of ur carelessness she took yuvani away from me…
Pratima sees this all and goes to house temple and start prays for suhani….. she felt someone near her.. she opens her eyes to see, there s anuj and saurab also joins with her pray… saurab rubs her tears.. anuj ask wat happened before 1 yr…(as he was came aftr a year, he reaches bh 2 days bfre only… pratima tell him wat happened before a yr…btwn yuv and suhani…..)

Author’s note: (I hope u all remember, gauri molestation track.. she blames pankaj for he tries to misbehave… tat time yuvi supports her.. tat made yuv and suhani develops their friendship…bcz of gauri problem they almost forget about their consummation of marriage.. somu also married with Krishna tat time…)

[[[[[[[ after tat case, “pankaj came to bh took suhani and bavana with him….
Pankaj- suhani, now u shd come with me lik bavana… I know u support me, come lets go, here no one values u. then y u waste ur time here.. I already took decision abt ur mrg with rohan..come lets go now.

Dadi- haan, tat also I want, took ur daughter wit u. tats gud for all. Here no one need her, infact yuvraj and suhani were living separately in same home… bcz of her my grandsons life also going worst day by day…
Pakaj scold dadi for gauri behavior, pratima folds her hand before pankaj ..but dadi and pankaj struck btwn huge argument.. finally pankaj drags suhani hand with him….
Suhani –pappa pls listen to me once, its not lik wat u think, here all s well btwn me nad yuvraj… now yuvraj s my friend….

Pankaj- suhani, tats wat I am saying.. he s ur friend only, he never accept u as his wife. then y u spoil ur life… ”
Yuvraj and sharad came there after jogging.. they see pankaj drags suhani….
While pankaj drags her, suhani faints…..they all gets shocked..————————x———–

Dr- pratima ji, congrats ur bahu going to be maa….yes suhani s pregnant..!!!
Bavana,pratima ,sharad anuj saurab all gets happy and they hugs suhani…except rags menka somu..
Yuvraj still in shock…recalls their moment….!! Suhani sees yuvraj and thinks he s not lik this news…
Pankaj took suhani with him..suh says she wants to talk yuvi once… pankaj allows her.

dadi says, u took advantage of yuvraj friendship,and his money, u ppl u do lik tat.. suh gets anger and leave with pankaj… (yuvraj s unaware of suhani left bcz of dadi….)-

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  1. NAPSHa J

    di.. its too good.. I’m in love with this ff.. plz sort out all mess asap and unite YuvAni.. also throw dadi and soumya out of BH..

    1. Suhaniyuvrajbirla

      sure…napsha am ready to throw them out.. but yuvi s not ready to leave his dadi..n show wat I do!??

  2. Ayesha Siddika.

    Awsome episode. Waiting for yuvi’s confession. Really u r a great writter. Post when u r free only. Don’t spoil ur family time. We will wait and misssssssss u. Enjoy ur time & god bless u.

    1. Suhaniyuvrajbirla

      soon I make it ayesha.. as per ur order I post wen I free.. today I free only so I I wrote ff nd try to complete today itself.

  3. fantastic update superb confusions and emotions…

    1. Suhaniyuvrajbirla

      thanks abi dear……

  4. A.Tejaswi

    Wow wonderful update di..Loved it.Waiting for yuvraj to confess….Ayesha siddhika di is right..U should spend time with ur family. We can wait for u.Love u di..

    1. Suhaniyuvrajbirla

      thanks tejaswi… I won’t make u al disappoint.. I hope u lik upcomming confession episode..too! I try to post all
      epi if I compete today.

  5. Its such an amazing ff dear.ur really a great writter.i like ur ff alot.this plot is very new and interesting.pls keep posting this ff regularly dear.

    1. Suhaniyuvrajbirla

      omg thanks radha..for understanding my story plot. I wish to see yuvani together always..thy can fight but not separate each other..

  6. Thnq so much dear….?? the epic was really mind blowing…. No words n u know I was waiting for ur ff… Any way I know u r busy…. Sry for troubling u to write ff…. But it was fab…. Next u update after ur mrg

    1. Suhaniyuvrajbirla

      thank u somi…dear.. I try to complete bfre mrg… if I complete I post all epi in same day..

  7. Wow di its mind blowing…thanx for updating…yuvraj should throw dadi from BH….plz update asap

    1. Hiiii bhargavi…. How r u…??? Ela unav…????
      Nowadays…. U r really busy….???
      Bhargavi what u r studying n which class….???

      1. Hii somi ela unnav…exams der studying B.E 2 year..u??..after that college fest campaining blah blah…and after that university centenary celebrations..quite busy schedule?

    2. TY.BA last year

  8. superb epi i liked it …it is very interesting…nd we can wait for u ,u spend time with ur family nd enjoy !!!

    1. Suhaniyuvrajbirla

      thank u sri.

      here al r busy with card distribution.. today only I free I start wrote nd try to update today nit..

  9. Hiiii… Teju…. All the best for ur practical exam….

    1. ATB teju!!..are u from narayana or chaitanya….coz most of ppl join these only

      1. A.Tejaswi

        Thanks bhargavi akka. I am from chaitanya

    2. A.Tejaswi

      Hi somi..Thanks a lot dear…BTW what r u studying?

    3. TY.BA… My internal exam is from 17th feb..
      K… Sry to disturb… All the best dear

      1. A.Tejaswi

        Ohh I am in inter second year.

  10. omg.. wht a episode…its mind blowing di… waiting for yuvi to clear this mess and confess his love… update soon.. and enjoye ur family time di..

    1. Suhaniyuvrajbirla

      thank u anshi dear…it means lot to me.

  11. Avanikamdar

    Nice …

  12. sarita sharma

    hello somi i m come here now. somi if par 10 post bhut jaldi ho jaati h.

    1. Really… Mera mobile b hang hore… If ko use karte time

      1. A.Tejaswi

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  13. Superb episode love it keep it up

  14. Suhaniyuvrajbirla

    thank u dears for u all… don’t worry its get cleared soon…in epi 6/7….!

  15. sarita sharma

    superb epi i m wait for yuvi confession.subha yaar yuvani ki mu clear kar do.aapki marriage rituals start ho gaye.

    1. Suhaniyuvrajbirla

      thank u Sarita … rituals are going…fastly
      4 days left na..

  16. nice epi poor yuvAni. pz clear their mu

    1. Suhaniyuvrajbirla

      thank u ssel fans.. I cleared the mu shortly..

  17. Superb episode fantastic hai i love this ff
    thanks di for this beautiful ff
    Hello all iam first time commenting YuvAni ff
    wow feeling just amazing to see lots of YuvAni fans actually i think hear no YuvAni fans only kriyyam fans commenting regularly

  18. Suhaniyuvrajbirla

    thank u faristha .. thr r lots of yuvani fans if u r n fb pls join our yuvani groups nd stay touch forever. nd thanks fr ur cmnd…. I felt lucky to get ur cmnds..

  19. Thanks di for your lovely reply

  20. Hai di i love the episode
    its just nice feel to read our Yuvani ff please update soon

    1. Hiii… U r niba na…???

  21. Suhaniyuvrajbirla

    thank you yuvani lover.. it’s really happy to see all ur cmnd..tat shows how much u yuvani now also.. keep showering our love on yuvani… once again thank u fr ur cmnd dear..

  22. Yuvani_saraj

    hii everyone i am also a yuvani fan…and i loved the episode plz continue…

  23. Suhaniyuvrajbirla

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