Pyar Karne Ki Time Nahi (Episode 2)

Thank u frnds…for ur supports..and for ur wishes….
its a short OS , ff merly 7 episode..i planned… i hope u enjoy this emotional drama between yuvani…and sure there also yuvani moments u recall from SSEL show..

Episode 2

In birla company , one man is ordering to his employees, (his face was not shown) he stops his talk hearing the clock sound… clock struck in time 8pm…. He signs to all go out..they obeyed to him…his eyes s filled with rudeness….
He sits in his chair….staring outside the window… window screen waving in air….he cant see the moon properly and went near window… he slowly removes the screen to corner…..he takes his phone and sees suhani and kids pic….. he rans his fingers on the pic……

“I know suhani, now a days u don’t want to see my face, because of my rudeness towards u.. but u make me helpless.. I know I forcefully make u stay here.. I have no other option left…
no one can understand u, better than me.. trust me suhani, I make, tomorrow is memberable day for u… I want to clear all our misunderstanding tomorrow…. wen our 1st anniversary came I did fun on our mrg, but I sware suhani,… tat day I was planned to propose u…but bcz of dadi..its going on wrong way….i accept wat are all I said was true…but before I confess my love, u left from there and busy in packing ur stuff.. god gave me another chance, u came back to me for my maa… aftr ur re-entery v fight for silly reasons..

I enjoyed tat also…in the way of our friendship.. Once I said ur d mistake of my life..if u thought our kids also a mistake of mine.. its also ur mistake..too…
He gets disturbed by sharad call. He remembers him to buy a gift for suhani… he agrees and start his car…..(he s yuvraj birla….
[[[[[[[ “tat was gauri mehandi day, anuj and saurab ask yuvi to confess his love to suhani… he agrees and goes to talk with her..
Suh was sitting in mehandi place, he signs her to come… anuj saurab and sharad hiddenly sees yuv and suhani..

Yuv-suh I already warn u, not to put mehandi, I don’t lik tat smell..
Suh- so wat , I lik tat smell… if I put mehandi on ur hand, nahi na..then wat problem u have.. she moves from there, saurab anuj and sharad plans to confess their love , they mixes wine in their drinks,…….

——————–(u all know wat should happen next………..)

In mrng, suh was shocked and realize wat they did yesterday… both of them getsup holding their heads… yuv smiles recalling their day…he forwards his hand to touch her shoulder…
Suh getsup from bed angrily and left to fresh… she ignore him and not to see his face.. yuvraj was feeling at the rage of insult…he too getsup and left out]]]]]…………………………………

He parks his car and enters one gift shop… he searches long time and finally he selects one red saree and pendant …. He ask tat man to pack…

He packs it and ask wat to wrote in label he said with smiling face…”To my love suhani”… he takes the gift and thinks ” I too really fedup of this game suhani..i want to live a happy life with u and my childrens, I want my old jansi rani back… I agree there s no space for love in our marriage, but truth is v love each other, and we made for each other….i want to end it…tomorrow…is going to b a memorable day in our life…”-he left a smile on his lips….”

—————————– in BH…..
Suhani was walking here and there, seeing the door,…
Prat- suh, did u call yuvraj? time s 10, if not u call him now.. y u take tension….
Suh nods and hesitatingly types his number….. before she cal, menka comes there and informs , “suhani jiji, yuvani cryies, will u go to yuvani r shall I call another mother…..”
Menka smiles…… suhani gives one angry look to menka… she placed phone on the table and rushes to yuvani…
prat scold menka for troubling suhani. Menk- mommy ji, don’t ask me to shut up. Say tat to ur ladla..yuvraj bhaiya! He did lot , more than me… anuj comes there and drags her with him…

————–yuv reaches home and walks inside, suhani comes to hall holding little yuvani in her hands. Pratima sees yuvraj and ignores him and left from there.
Yuvraj and suhani had a painful eyelock, yuvraj slowly start walking towards suhani… his eyes was filled with emotions which he want to share with his love. But he know tat not possible ..

Yuv(pov)- I know maa and suhani worried for me…. but they were ignore me….all Because of my anger decision on that day, these are all happened, maa ignores me…suhani live with me but not whole heart.. but now its my time to correct all the mess happened by me… I was crossed almost few steps only remaining to reach suhani ….we were staring wach others eyes deeply, but v get disturbed by tat voice…..…..
Tat voice——- “yuvrajjjj, aagaye tum, i wait for u to come… come I serve u dinner…”

Yuvraj came back from the eye lock, and see the direction of voice came… someone standing at a distance…..
Hearing tat voice, Suhani rubs her tears and turns otherside, tightens her grip holding, slowly rubs the back of little yuvani …with mothers love..

Precap- flash back relevation , wat made suhani yuvraj’s present painful situation.
yuvraj start walking with child in his hand… he ignores her … dadi follows yuvraj… suhani runs behind him, continously calling his name…pratima holding suhani and pacifies her…

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  1. Full epic was mindblowing… Really all emotions in 1 epic…. But I can’t understand precap….

    Who is angry suhani or yuvraj….??? Y…???

    1. Pls update next part as soon as possible

      1. Suhaniyuvrajbirla

        tomorrow night I update dear..

    2. A.Tejaswi

      I guess yuvraj is angry on suhani.It may be bcoz of that stupid dadi.

      1. Suhaniyuvrajbirla

        yes right.. dadi s also one reason…

    3. Suhaniyuvrajbirla

      precap: yuv nd suh fight.. tat fight made their present situation.. reason for tat fight wil b in nxt epi..

    4. Suhaniyuvrajbirla

      thank you somi dear…. both suh yuvi fight.. tat fight s reason for present situation..

  2. A.Tejaswi

    Wow..It is a super episode di..Waiting for yuvi’s confession. Waiting for next episode. Can’t wait for flash back……

  3. anshi sharma

    awesome episode di.. u remind us all the memory of yuvani… superb di..
    i m excited to knw wht hppn with yuvani..
    plz update soon..

    1. Suhaniyuvrajbirla

      thanks anshi… probably u can guess.. wat’s nxt!!! bcz it’s OS…wit little changes.

  4. NAPSHa J

    Di.. this ff is mind-blowing.. the povs in both the epis made me cry.. confusions are there in my mind but I know they will get solved.. plz write 70 epis and not just 7.. I’m happy to find a YuvAni ff on TU after a long time amongst those on KriYam.. plz update asap di.. ur fans are waiting.. 🙂 🙂

    1. Suhaniyuvrajbirla

      wow thanks napsha…sis!!! wat’s ur confusion tel me .. I try to clear u ..

      1. NAPSHa J

        1. Is it suhani who is angry? or yuvi?
        2. why didn’t yuvi confess in 3 years? what was he waiting for?
        3. What happened in the past?
        4. whose voice was that- soumya’s or dadi’s?
        5. precap scene..

      2. Suhaniyuvrajbirla

        1. yuvraj took decision n anger..tat made yuvani separate.
        2. he tries to propose her but dadi nd somu not let him to do. thy do drama..
        3.tat s in epi3..
        4.tat also n epi3..(u may guess)
        5.I try to clear u n nxt epi.. yuvraj took one kid from suhani…n anger

      3. NAPSHa J

        di.. next epi????


    Full of emotion in one epi. Really u did a great job. Eagerly waiting for the next update. In yesterday’s comment u told that i am in ur fb friend list but I don’t have any id. But when I will open an acc. I will definitely send u request. So,be prepared to accept. Ha!! Ha!! Ha!!

  6. Suhaniyuvrajbirla

    sure ayesha.. am waiting!!!!! lol…

  7. Outstanding emotional episode!!!….not able to guess what will happen next and what had happened before…waiting for that suspense to reveal….plz update asap di!!!…keep it up

    1. Suhaniyuvrajbirla

      thank u bhargavi dear… I hope I won’t cheat u n nxt epi

  8. sis its really superb episode.full of emotions nd totally different story plot nd mainly u show every thing in one epi its really amazing.i’m very eagerly waiting for nxt epi.i ‘m very badly missing yuvani ff’s.

    1. Suhaniyuvrajbirla

      thank u sri…bcz of no time I cut short ff nd try to cover all scene in one episode. I hope u understand

  9. Suprb story

  10. Avanikamdar

    Amazing … loved it

    1. Suhaniyuvrajbirla

      thanks avani…!

  11. really superb di… u r an amazng writer who brings such a depth in their character.. it makes me feel tat am watchng and drownng in yuvani world… YUVANI and their kids such lovely family… luv u di… are u workng?

  12. Suhaniyuvrajbirla

    thanks abi dear….fr ur complement.. and am not working now. Feb 16 s my mrg… I left my job fr my mrg..

  13. sarita sharma

    actual m old ssel ki yaad dila di.full on yuvAni epi everything in dis anger emotion shyness.i m excited for next update.

  14. superb epi yuvAni moment was nice.mehandi scéně remind mě old ssel n after scéně i m blushed.i m excited what happens nxt.

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