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So this epi is ARSHI SPL…their frst drive and some imp twist…
So lets move

At Car
Arnav’s POV
“Its been a couple of hours.We almost on hall way.As My calculation correct we would reach hotel in 2 hrs.Till now neither Aman Called me nor give me any hint.My Tension is increasing by passing each minute.Its not bcoz I can’t handle this Prblm.Its just bcoz this is the frst time any prblm happening in Event.I made record in each and every Event.Bt I feel some uncomfortable right one.I’m Missing Sonakshi right now.No one is here for me to share my feeling.No.actually someone is here bt I can’t even share this with her.I give a glance at her by my eye’s corner.She still busy in her damn phone.Is she haven’t any idea abt this prblm.?? How can she b so normal in this situation.?I can’t even ask her anything..Its her personal and that could b unprofssionalism. I’m confused wat to do..I silently continue to drive even more fastly.Atleast aftr reaching there I may get someone to talk…”

The killing silent is previling in the car.One side Arnav is confused and tensed and  on the other side Khushi is still hanging in her phone.She too watch him by her corner if eyes and knw that he is tensed abt the situation.Bt still she continue in her phone.Its almost nearning evening as they departure lately frm the office they reach hotel lately too.
 K- Yeah..Thats Gud news
(She contently smiled and that irked Arnav who is getting annoying by her normal reaction.)
K- Ok No U have to do that..Fine. I wl b waiting for ur nxt call.
by saying in a satisfied tone she cut the call and take a deep and long breath in the relaxed.She look up at her side window and realised its been a long drive. She is much relaxed.Bt on the other side Arnav us totally out of mind seeing herself relaxing.And his curiosity annoying and all feelings reach its height and he killed the silence by his words.
A- You look more relaxed right now wouldn’t You.?
He tauntinghly asked to her..She give him a tight lipped smile as she is expecting.
 K- Yes.I’m
She admitted.
A- Gud Nice to hear U r relaxed aftrall U haven’t any idea abt the prblm.
He scarastically replied make her get annoyed.
K- Mr.Raizada Actually.
she start to give a him a rply only stopped as he get a call.As he driving he put the call on Loud speaker.
A- Hello.Aman Whr the hell are you.?? Dnt u knw I’m waiting for ur call.?? If u won’t be able to complt the work i given then try to search new job in any other company.

Before Aman greet him a “hello”
Arnav start to rants at him.Aftr all He get a person to unburden his tension.Khushi is preplexed by Arnav’s this impatiant behaviour.
 K- Just Stop it Mr.Raizada.
 She raised her voice whn neither Arnva is not letting Aman to talk nor he stop his rants.Her Reply made Arnav to shut his mouth in nxt sec.
 K-Aman.Just tl him the point and left I wl explain him..
She orderd Aman in the loud speaker.Arnav get surprised abt her words.
Am- But Ma’am…
He hesitated
K- Do wat u r told Aman..
She orderd in a ultimate bossy tone.Its only bcoz of Aranv’s rudness to Him.
Am-Sir Check ur e-mails and I complted my work so I think I dnt need to search anyother job.And Yh Sir I..
He start to narrate the things bt only stopped by Khushi’s rply.. his reply made Arnav confused.
K- Fine Aman.thats enough of u.Now I wl handle here U go and get him soon.
Again she orderd him in a bossy tone.All While Arnav is totally preplexed by their convo.He isn’t getting any idea wat they talk abt..
Am- Bt ma’am Its Ok I can inform him.
He again tries to protest.
K- Its Ok.I wl handle do wat u r told..dnt forget to take all documents..C u 2mrw Bye.
She simply declined him and cut the call in nxt sec..Once she cut the call Arnav look at Khushi with a enthusiasm to knw..She undrstnd the meaning of look.
K- Mr.Raizada Whn..
she start to narrate the things happened in his back but before she complt she notice a ‘Daba’ is coming in the road side.

Immediately She stopped
K- Stop.
she scremed In a hurriedly make him more confused.He immediately press the Break mad thr car stopped.She look at him with a exictment and orderd
K- Park it there Mr.Raizada
She pointed at side of the daba and he turns to look at her pointed direction.Then changed his gaze at her
K- I will explain u while eating I’m hungry right now.
she cutely replied to his confused look.For the frst time She made admitted to m in a cute tone.He amusinghly look at her for a moment and then accept her words..He nodded Yes in rply and Aftr give him a ‘ok’type smile She get out the car and wait for him to park it.
The Daba is not a big one bt it is capable for accomadating 10-20 peoples.The surronding is neat and tidy.She clearly examined the surrondings and got satisfied her decision to get food here is not that much bad one..She is satisfied bt Is he ok with him.??
K- Mr.Raizada Will U be ok with here.? I haven’t see any other place near thats y I asked u to stop here..And I’m much hungry too.
She explained him in much satisifing while they both get seated at a corner seat in the daba.Her explaination made him examine the surrondings.
A- Its Neat and tidy I’m ok with here.
He replied in satisfied tone and smile.
A-Excuse me…
he called out the waiter and in a seconds a boy in his late 16’s came to get their order.
B-Tell me wat can i get for u.??
He took out a book let and pen frm his side pocket.
Arnav took the menu card start to look out to order suddenly her realised he haven’t any idea abt Khushi’s taste..
K-I can’t eat much in my taste as I have a strict diet So I just need Something simple only.
She replied him before he could ask her.and that made him surprise too.
A- Fine.Some Rotis and Aloo ka sabzi Is it Ok for U.?
He asked Khushi And in rply She nodded In Yes.
A- Get that For Two.
He then made order and the boy went away to get that.

Khushi again start to examine the surronding.
A- So Ms.Dixit Tell me wats the matter.?
He asked in curious tone
K- Before that give Check in that e-mails
She replied in a serious tone.
He immediately pull out the phone and start to check the e-mails.
A- Wats this call list.?
Aftr checking all he preplexingly asked her.
K- Its Mr.Mehra Ur contractor’s last 10 day’s Call list..In that 2 nos are mostly used The green colored is His Wife’s no and the Red one Is someone other’s.
She calmly explained And he also listen carefully.
A- Bt how does it means to our prblm.?
He again doubtedly asked her.
K- It does.
She admitted calmly and give a confident look.
K-Now Give a look at that Track map..This is whr he lastly tracked ‘Peace Garden’.
She pointed at a red spot and explained.
A- Ms.Dixit Plz Tell me clearly How these call list Map and all are connected I’m not able to make a connection..
He admitted being getting enough of her Indirect explanations.
K- This No is Mr.Rahul’s Personel No and he is Mr.Aravind Khurana’s P.A
She confidently replied made him get shocked.
K- And the place whr he spotted is Aravind’s penthouse.

Again she clearly replied in that same tone made him more
A- Wat do you mean to say Ms.Dixit.?
He asked her in a preplexed tone.Although he undrstnd wat she meant bt only want to hear it frm her as confirming.
K- Come on Mr.Raizada U r not that much dumb to undrstnd wat I meant.
She replied in a dismay.Her explanation is enough to undrstnd bt He is again asking her.Once again He look at Both Map and No for a monent.His expression changed..
A-Did Aman know abt this.?
He made agian a senseless question in her view.
K- Ofcourse..Don’t hear our convo at car.?
She replied him again in a dismay.Till now their food is arrived on their table.
A- U carry On I wl just come back.
He immediately stood up frm the bench and moved another side before waiting for her rply.

Khushi’s POV
“U carry On I wl just come back.”
he stood up and went away to another side.He look more than tensed this time.At the car I found a tension in hm bt now His tension is something more.He again checked his phone a moment and dialed a no.He talk very rudely on the call his anger is more than this time.He hitted his fits in a tree.Oh God I think he is freaking Anger this time.Bt I can’t do anything.Its his time to do something in return to his rival.Yes. Khurana’s is his biggest rival.Its gud Aman hoestly replied me abt His business rivals and all other.Otherwise I can’t clearly figure it out.Bt I wondered Being a one of the top businessman He didn’t even figure it out.I think he don’t evn think abt this matter in this angle.Bt How he skipped this.??The food is ready at our table and it look tastier I need to eat I’m starving Bt Can I start eating without him.?I waited for him to complt.Aftr 10 minuted he cutted the call and take a relaxed breath in the air.He look little relaxed now.He turn back at me and gesture me to carry on.I just nodded And again he gets a call and again he gets bc in his call.I waited…Its 5 minutes for Sec call he is bc now too…Enough I can’t take it more long…I started to eat by dumping all my question and basic courtesy at a side.Bt Still my eyes and concentrate on him only.this time he talked in a normal behaviour.
I complted my plate.The food is much tasteir.I liked this.I ate in Dhaba aftr 15 years…I think he should also get eat food Bt there he is still on his third call.I called out the waiter and orderd to pack the food.I think He may eat aftr these call session.Again I waited for him to come bt he is still bc in call Aftr pay for the food I moved to Car And waited there.He turned around and searched me on the table and then He found me in parking area.And while speaking on phone he walks towards me.
A-Ok yaar Fine thats enough.I wl b waiting for ur call..
he talked with someone on his call and moved inside call.Following him I’m also get inside.
A-And yh My PA secured his job this time too..
He tauntingly told someone with a smirky smile and He adressed ‘My PA’ It means Aman he taunt abt him…
A- Ok Yaar I wl b waiting for ur call…Bye

He poitly said and cut the call.
he started to drive.I think He is Ok now.He look relaxed now.
A-Aman told me how you helped him.
he told me in a greatful tone.I just give him a smile i in rply.
A- Thank You Ms.Dixit
he thanked me honestly.
K- Its Ok Mr Raizada Hope u didn’t forget I’m also one of the partner of this event So eventually It affects me too.
I retorted him…I replied little rudely and formally too I think again he replied me in formally.
A- Thats True sorry I taunted U.
He surprised Me..He simply accepted wat he did…And he apologised too..Is he is this much simple man.???I looked at him in a surprised look.Bt before I reply him again he get a call and he inmediately put it on Loud speaker as he is driving..
“Arnav yaar…He…”

I heared Aman’s voice on the call He adressed his Boss as “yaar” Like a frnd does each other.And his tone is more informal this time.Again I look at him in a surprise..
A- Aman Call is on Loud speaker.
Before Aman continue Arnav warned him and in the fraction of sec Aman’s voice changed to a formal one.
A- I mean Arnav Sir he is now out of country I wl arrange a meeting for both of u once he return back.
He formally replied.Who is he.?? they are talking abt whom.??Bt one thing is clear they both are not only boss and employee they are Frnds too Bt y he hide this.Its just a normal to treat our own PA as our frnd aftr all he/she knw abt us well.Bt its his privacy its his personel thing I can’t ask him.I have no right to ask him.
A- Ok.Aman C u tomarrow and yh try to arrange new contractor soon..
He ordered him in his bossy tone.
A- Yes.Sir
he replied and the call cut.

Aftr 2 hrs of long drive frm dhaba we reached at hotel.It is the one of the top 5 star hotel in this city.We both get down frm car and one servent took key frm Mr.Raizada to park thr car and the other one move to take our luggages.We find Rahul and other staffs are waiting for us on Reception area.I noticed the left corridor frm the reception area is well decorated as for any wedding.
R- Gud evng sir Hello Ma’am
He greeted us in rply I nodded at him and give all a Normal smile.
A-Hi All..Hope u all are doing gud in ur own work.
He formally replied to them and in return they nodded.
K- Rahul how is the situation right now.??
I asked him in a normal tone.
R-It s better than yesterday Bt All are demanding to meet u both.They all are in their rooms.
He informed us in a tensed tone.
A-Ok.We are ready to meet them And Yh do u get Aman’s msg.??
He asked him
R- Yes Sir And I Made all arrangements for final settlement to workers.
He informed us making me surprised.Final settlement means He planned to stop them work and hire new workers.How can He decide before discuss with me.
A-Gud Go and get them to conf hall.
he started to move.
K- One Minute Mr Raizada I want to talk with u before we meet workers.
I stopped him and told him in a rude tone.
A-I knew it
He simply replied and let me move to another side away frm the staffs..He followed me.
K- Mr.Raizada how could You..
I start to ask him abt his so called decision but only stopped by him.
A- Wait Ms.Dixit before U start to teach me the rules and regualtions of this Contract I want to say something.
He replied me in a taunting tone.I narrowingly look at him.
A- Frstly, The worker’s contract is made between my company and him long before our partnership. So If I want to do final settlement with them I can do it freely.Secondly,As per the agreement U have contrl only over the contract workers whom I decide to work.Eventually I can fire them and appoint new workers It would b my own decision.
He replied me in a bossy tone.
A-If U get ur answers Shall we..,
he start to leave
K- Mr.Lord Governor
I whispered only audiable to me Bt suddenly He stopped and turn back look at me.
A- Did U say something.?
He asked by narrowing his eyes.
K-Y did u hear something.??
I retored at him.He nodded In no and again turn to walk bt this time only stopped by a call he get..he immediately attend the call
“Hmm..Ok…No I want the best one…wat..?? Aman…Ok fine Wait..”
He replied to call and forward phone to me.
Am- Hello Ma’am Do u reach there safely.?
He poleitly asked me.
K- Yes…
I replied simply.
Am- Ma’am actually I Need ur help again…
He requested.
K-Help.?? How.???
I asked in a confused tobe and give glance at him.
Am- Ma’am As u knw This s marriage season So I couldn’t able to appoint any contract workers..Sir only need the best one and the available are not that much talented.
He expalined to me
K- So…Wat can I do in this.???
Am- Ma’am plzz suggest some idea…
He requested.
K- Me To suggest idea..?? No Aman..I can’t…I have no right appoint or fire any worker and I dnt have any right to take decision for them..
I reused his words and he fold his fits as my words annoyed him.
Am- Ma’am…Ok Plzz give him phone.
I requested and While pass him the phone Mistakely the speaker is get on.
Am- Arnav yaar…Khushi Ko manavo yaar only she can help us…
I heared any their personnel convo.’Khushi’Aman Addressed me informally Bt Its ok It didn’t matters me…Once he realise phone’s speaker On he immediately went a side.And I moved towards Rahul and start to discuss with them.Aftr 10 Min of talking to his Frnd cum PA He get free.
K- Ok Rahul go and…

I start to order Rahul only stopped by him
A- I want to talk with U Ms.Dixit
By saying this again he moved to the same side.I followed him.
K- See Mr.Raizada I can’t…
I strat to deny him before he could ask me anything.
A- U can’t do it as Partner r8.?Bt u can Do it as a frnd.!!
He replied to me make me shocked He put forward a frndshp.??
I look back at him
I asked in a preplexed Tone.
A-Yh…I mean See Ms.Dixit its basic that for every successfull partnership There should b gud frndshp b/w the partners.We can’t always do these fightings r8.?So….Y don’t we try to keep a frndshp a business frndshp b/w us.??
He gently replied. Make me surprised..I think He is r8 We can’t do this fightings often It could affect our partnership…
K- I would like to see the worker’s contarct agreement to get any idea..
I replied simply I didn’t Said Directly Yes to his frndshp business frndshp proposal Bt I hope he undrstnd.
Aftr 30 min of analysing the workers contract I can only get conclusion it is legal and perfect one.Bt only one clause make me get doubt over it.Salary clause Dnt knw Y I’m nt sure abt this salary clause.Till then Rahul and all our workers staffs are reached the conf hall.They start to raise their voice and made many other demands before they get fired.
K- Who is ur supervisor.?
I asked towards them in a high tone
A man of 30’s come forward by volunterily.
K- Ok I think U r get enough educated to read.
I forwarded the agreement to him
K- Clause 16-17.
I orderd him in a bossy tone.
He start to read aloud.
‘Clause-16-Acc to this clause the workers should be paid of 1 lakh For each event.’

All the workers are shocked to hear and they start to murmur b/w each other.
‘ Clause-17-Acc to this clause 20% of profit should be given to all workers as their Discount aftr the event complted ‘
Again all are shocked.
K- So acc to these clauses U all were should paid by 1 lakh each yr and amt of discount too.
I explained to them.
S- Bt Ma’am We only get 75000 each yr no such discounts..
He replied in a shocking tone.
K- Rahul those files..
I asked Rahul to pass a file to Him again.
K-Thses are the draft which prove till now Mr.Raizada is paying u the amt which is mentioned in the agreement.
They all see those papaers and get conclusion Their boss that Contract ditch them till now.
K- Its not our fault its ur own boss’s..Anyways I give u all 2 option.
I replied them in a bossy tone and make that Mr.Raizada look at me in a preplexed.
K- Option 1 We can do final settlement with U now.
And other one is If u are willing U can work on this event in a salary of 1 lakh and u may get ur discount too..And I wl make sure u get the cash which ur boss got by ditching U.
I made the better offer to them.As I expected they go with Option 2..

Finally all were settled Correctly Aftr do some more legal paper work with them..
Receptionist- Sir, Only One is room is available frm ur bookings.
He replied in a tenaed tone.
Rec- Ms.Khushi Dixit’s room.Cleaning is going on all other rooms
He explained to us.
A-Ok Give us any other non booked room.
he demanded.
Rec-Sorry Sir actually today There is marriage of one of our investors and some other functions too going so almost all the rooms are full..We can give u that room only..
A-Wat Do u mean by.
He again start to rant that receptionist at mid night of 1’o clock.
K- Ok.Give me the keys.We both adjust there.
I cut off him and he look preplexed at me.
A- Ms Dixit R u..
he start to ask me bt only cut off by me.
K- Mr.Raizada I’m tired I think so as with u too…We can’t stand here like this till we get room r8.? So its better to check in this room for now and Once Ur cleaned U can shift and yh…As we both are frnds I mean business frnds now we can stay in one room for some
hours..Its not big deal.?? I hope u hacen’t any prblm in this.???
I expalined him in a poliet tone and made him surprised.
Rec- Sir, U wl get Ur room in 3-4 hours.Sry for the inconvinance.
again he apologised and we both check in My room.

The room is comfortable and spacious one too…I Like the furniture and other things kept the room..There is a side window attanched couch in my room frm which the site is awaesome..I kept my bag on one of the closet.
took a pair of my nightware and get freshed up…Aftr 30 min I heared a bang sound of closing door I think aftr talk with his frnd- cum- PA and his sis Soankshi abt our safe journey.Now he is here.
I sitted at the counch and start to go through the magazines kept.He moved striaght to his bags and pull out his nightwear get disapper in washroom.Aftr I get enough of thoae magazines I move to the telecom in the room to order Coffee for myself.Then only I realised I made packing food for him He must b hungry now… I order a cup of coffee for him too..I think If he is not comfortable with that dry rotis atleast He will get coffee… So As i did I wait for him to come out.He came aftr 15 min and give me a normal smile.
K- R u hungry Mr.Raizada.?
I asked him poiletly.
A- Yes.Bt its ok I wl order something frm resturant.
He replied while settled in the couch..I immediately stood up and pull out the pack frm the closet and pass it to him.He narrowed his gaze as asking me wat.?
K- I made pack ur food which ee order in dhaba.
I replied and sit another side in the couch.He opened and make faces seeing the dried rotis.
K-I knw its dried if u r nt comfortable Its ok leave it I just
I tries to took it frm his side.
A- You…
he start to say something only stopped by the ringtone rang outside.
A- I wl see
He immediately stood up and check My orderd reached.
A- Coffee For two.?
He asked in a surprised tone and place the tray on the table.
K-Yh..I knew The rotis wouldn’t b worth to eat thata y I orderd Coffee for u too.I hope U r ok with it.
I replied normally.
A- I love coffee..
He admitted and sit back.
A- Bt My Sis U knw Soankshi as she is a nutritionist she always stop me to have it.
he replied in a normal tone and smiles.he share something with me abt him.I just give him a normal smile as rply.
I make Coffee for myself and let him make it for him too.Bt he made a preplexed look.I realised He don’t knw to make coffee.I take his cup and made coffee for him too.
K- I hope U like it.
I replied while passing it to him.
He nodded as rply and take a sip.

A- Its nice I like it.
He admitted.I get a relaxation.
A- Thank you.
He thanked me in a gretful tone.I didn’t except it frm him.I look up at him.
K- For.???
I asked in a surprised tone
A- Everything…
he replied still in his gretful tone and Again he make surprising by his replies.
A-U helped Aman to track him soon.,U handles workers efficiently, U got food packed for me And for coffee too…
He explained.
K- Its Ok I just did wat a frnd do for other frnd thats it.
I replied blankly and stood up before he reply
K- I’m tired So I need to sleep I said in a tired tone.
A-Yhh..U can sleep in bed i wl manage in this couch.
he replied normally and give me a assuring smile.
K- I didn’t mean to Say that…
I tries to explain him.I didn’t mean him to adjust.
A-I knw..U don’t need to explain Let it be I’m ok here.Gud n8.
He simply replied and lay on the couch which is attached to the window..I switch off the light and lay on the bed.Again all the things happened today start to roll in my mind…In that process don’t knw whn i fell in sleep…”


I leave it in ur opinion..
I knw its quite longggg one…
Sry if u made u all bored…
Do comments and share ur views…
I’m waiting….

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