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At Raizada Fashion House
A- Wat the hell u r doing till now Aman Damn Can’t u make a call…???
Arnav shouting at his high pich making Aman more nervousness..
Aman-Sir Woh….Actually the call…Is not connecting Its getting out of coveraging area.
He nervouslly replied to Arnav make him got more angry.
A- Wat do u mean by not connecting I want to talk to him right now Go and track him soon..Get lost.

Again he shouted at Aman And in fractions of sec Aman come out of his cabin as like Come out frm lion’s cage.
K- Hai Aman…Is everything Ok.???
She pleasently asked seeing his nervousness
Aman-Gud Afternoon Ma’am…No I’m Ok Ok..

He nervouslly replied while still trying something in his PC.
K- Aman…Whr s Mr.Raizada..?? And Wat happened to u why r u lost in ur PC.??
She asked while checking hos every action correctly and undrstnds something is not ok at all.
Aman-Uff Ma’am He s here only..He asked me to track that Contractor soon.
He hurriedly replied and resume his work.
K- Contractor..?? Event worker’s contractor.??

She asked for more clarification.
Aman get enough of her enquiry stood up frm his chair
Aman- Yes.Ma’am Actually Sir wants to talk to him abt the problem bt call is not connecting and dnt knw whr the hell he dissappeared.
he replied in one go make Khushi preplexed.

K- Ok.Ok relax frst have thos and get calm down…
She poitely pass a glass of water to him and make him sit on the chair…Without thinking anything he drink it one go and get much relaxed.
K- Relaxed.??
She asked him
A- Much More…

He replied in a relaxed tone.
K- Gud…So u have to track that contractor r8.??
Aman nods in S.
K- Ok then track him bt stop getting tension or nervousness ok.Bcoz the tension and nervousness is the only enemy for our work so stay calm and do ur work thats it.
She calmly replied to him make him more relaxed.
Aman- Thank you ma’am…Actually I didnt get this much nervousness before..Bt seeing Sir’s Anger and the complicated situation make me like this.
K- I can undrstnd…its ok it happenes…or may it had happened before too…
Aman- No Ma’am this s frst time ever.
His reply made her surprised

K- Wat first time.?? how can it possible.??
She asked him in her surprised tone.
Aman- Yes Ma’am I have been working As his PA since he joint as MD of this company.Eventually he landed up this idea of doing Event and frm the very frst Event to last one no such prblm arises..This s first time ever and thats y he s quite tensd abt it too…
He explained her calmly while still trying to track contractor.

Arnav-Did u track him Aman.?? he asked him in his same rude tone
Aman- Sir I’m tryng…
A- If u won’t track him soon better u wl trying ur job in any other company get it..
he openly therat him and went away to his cabin before give Khushi some stern look..
Aman- Get t..
he screamed in a happy as his try get success.
K- Wat hpnd.?

Aman- He s avaibale right now.
immediately he pick up his call and try to call him bt his call get engaged.

Aman- Damn he is available bt still his line is engaged.
Khushi continuesly examine him and the computer screen.within 4-5 min again he get dissappered.
Aman- Again he dissapeared.
K- Its Ok…He tracked here r8 then he must b in this surrodings sent anyone to search this surronding area.
Aman- Yes Ma’am.

immediately he called and ask a team to search in that area.
K- Aman If his work is not satisfied y don’t u cancel the contract and make it with other.??
Aman- No ma’am His contract lasts for 5 yrs and this is last final yr for the contract..Actually we already discussed abt it Sir is willing to give this to some one other so final settlement is also done once this evnt completed we are legally cancel the contract..
K- Oh…Is contractor demanded for extension.??

A- Yes He did aftr all who don’t wants to work Raizada Fashion House…
K- Ok Bt the reason behind cancel the contract???
A- His demands…He rises his demand aftr each event So apparaently its not deserable so Sir decided to cancel the contract..
K- OK…

Aranav- R u still trying Aman.???
he again come up with his same rude tone.
Aman- Sir actually He was just available at near pearl’s garden then again he dissappeared.
A- And u stopped ur so called “trying”
Aman- No Sir I sent a team to search him near that area.
Ar- Well Gud enough.Anyways Ms.Dixit…

he sees to her direction.
Ar- I think U r ready to leave So shall we.???
K- Sir Mr.Raizada I’m ready.
Ar- Ok…and Aman U r not coming with us today stay here and track him soon..Bt i want u there in 2 days And i want his where abt before i reach there do u get that.
Am- Yes Sir.
Ar- Gud do t fast Come On Ms.Dixit
K-yes Mr Raizada if u dont mind i want 5 min with Aman…
Ar- Ok Fine i wl b parking lot Make it fast.

K- Yes.
and Arnav left then alone.
K-Aman I want u to do a work for me will u.??
Aman- Order me Ma’am…

At Dixit Mansion
V- Wahhh bua..Maza aagya Wait Do onething u come with me to Australia and make variety variety yummy yummy for me daily..
He excited told while Tasting the food cooked by Ish.
N-Acha Ji Then we here bear with poverty r8.?? BTW Vicky bhaiya..Y don’t u ask Mami i mean ur mom to do it for u.
V- Woh…My little Nikki She s Always get busy in her kitti parties club and all…
I- Ha ha..Its ok Whn u being here if u want anything ask me i wl make it for u..
V- Ofcourse…No other option.
Akash- Bua…Whr s Dev bhai.???

He asked enetring into the kitchen
I- He went outside For some work.
Ak- Ohh..I guess something spl today..
I-Yes Very spl Finally My two Nephew came…
V- Wahhh…

Ak- Bua y r u getting stress for us Its nt needed..
I- Arrey…How come it stressful for me..?? If i didn’t this for u then that will make me get stress…Aftr a long years i got chance to pamper my Nephew how can i get off it.??
Ak- I surrendered Bua Dad is r8..No one can win arguement with u..Like daughter like Maa Khushi dhi is also like this only…
I- Aftr all she is my daughter…!!

Arnav’s POV
I’m waiting for her last 15 minutes bt she not yet come..She knw how much it is important to leave Whr S she??? Wat she have work with Aman..?? Wat s she upto.??
“Enough I think i have to go there and get her…”
I turn to leave and find she is coming towards me while talking on her phone..She saw me and hurriedly cut her call and stand infront of me

K- Woh Actually i want to make some important calls.
She reasons me.
A- Ms.Dixit u can make call while sitting in car too.
I retorted her
K- Yh..I knw Shall we move now..??

A- Hmmm…
I opened Back seat to keep her suitcase and She too get seated at frnt seat…Bt She is only glued on her phone…
A- Ms.Dixit Seat belt…
I call out her Bt neither she replied nor drag the seat belt.

A- Ms.Dixit
Again I called out herAnd no response..

Enough of her irresponsible behaviour she showing today…
I leaned on her and put her seat belt.
A- Ms.Dixit Along with ur phone u have also concentrate on basic safety in a car.
I retorted her and start to leave she didn’t utter a rply to me Aftr some minutes she again get back to her phone…

Khushi’s POV
“Aftr detaily explained Aman And make some imp call I walk towards parking lot and as i guessed he is waiting impateintly for me..Aftr giving him a reason and he retorted me I get inside the car..I searched that contractor on my phone’s app.Bt suddenly He leaned on me making me shocked.He put Seat belt and backward He taunted me and start to drive..I didn’t able to give him a rply.. my breath is blocked by sudden closness frm him…My heart beat again start to beat fast…Aftr a long time again that things are happening inside me…How.??? How could it possible.?? My mind is blanked…No I can’t let this happen to me..I control myself and for distracting me frm that
I restart the work on my phone…”

At Dixit Mansion
S- R U Mad Ritwik.???

she yelled at him being irritated Who is unloading bags frm the car.
E- Sona Y r u yelling??? Calm down.
She tries to calm her but no she is not getting calm aftr this stupidity of Ritwik to make her stand at Dixit Mansion’s entrance..
S-Calm Down..? Seriously Elena Do u think i can calm down Aftr this stupidity by him.
She again yelled at him by pointing towards Dixit Mansion
R- Done.??? R u done with U r yelling session.??

He asked her casually which make get her more annoyed
S- Yes Yelling done now time for action…
She retorted him.
R- Sonakshi I did this for u only.

He tries to convey the reason.
S- For me.??? Ritwik u knw wat happened with me Right.?? Then y the hell r u bring me here for me.??
E- Sonakshi Plzzz try to undrstnd.I knw u r confused and there are thousands of questions rooted in u thats y we bring u here…
she tries to Convince her

S- Yes Ele i’m confused there are many of many questns are rolling in me bt it doesn’t mean I need to meet him…Not atleast today…I just want some time And U two…
she paused for a minute.
S- Ok Let t b Come we can move back before anyone sees us.
By saying this she turns to car
R- Whr to go Sonakshi.???
S- To our house..Ofcourse

E- Woh…Actually We…
she stammers
S- U both.??? Ele Tl me clearly.
R-We sent HP bhaiya to His villege
S- Wat..??
E- Yh.Arnav bhaii only told us to do..It is his idea.

S- Ok Fine I have a spare key..Come on
Ritwik& Ele didn’t move a inch frm there.
S-Now wat.??
she asked them annoyingly
Ritwik and Ele Are silent and
that made her get more suspcious.

S- Now wat u both Done.???
R- Ur Spare key and original are with HP bhaiya…
S- Wat.? How
E- Woh We knw u won’t Agree to us easily thats y We…We..
she stammers

S- U both want to make me Optionless…unbelivable…U both are my bst frnds Or his aren’t u.??How could u do this to me.??
R- Sona try to undrstnd we just..

S- Enough Ritwik I’m done with ur excuses…I can’t Go back to my house Tanx to U and i can’t step into His house or can’t face him right now…I’m going If u both want u can go inside and Enjy don’t except me.
E- Wat..??Bt Sona whr would u go.???

S- I’m not that much worthless Ele that i can’t afford a hotel room for myself for one day..
She proudly replied and turns to leave
R- Sonakshi plzz try to undrstnd…Its necessary to face him and clear ur confusion before event..Just think abt Bhaii..
S- Ritwik plzz don’t drag Bhaii in this and i decided i’m not ready to face him right today..
E- Sonakshi Plzzz don’t go atleast for my sake agree to this.
Sonakshi didn’t rply And start to walk
R- Sonakshi U won’t go anywhere..

She get enough of their reasons and pleading She yelled back at them by turning towards to them.
S- Stop this nonsense…Mein iss keliye agree nahi karoongi aur Tum donom kya karoonge mujhe udakar laker andar jayonge.???
(Stop this nonsense…I Won’t agree for this..And wat u both do to make me agree.?? Will u both get me inside by carry me.??? )
She asked them like challenging them and turns to leave…

Sona’s POV
“I get enough of their reasons behind this stupid idea of them..I can’t face him atleast not today…I agree many of many questions are rolling inside me bt tjats doesn’t mean i need to see him…I want my ans for my questns Bt….I can’t face him…I’m nt ready… They both make me optionless I can’t get back to my house…There is only one option left for me…I Can afford a hotel room For today night…I make my decision and Started to leave bt they both are still trying to convince me till now…I challenged them in a rude tone and turn to leave…
bt suddenly I feel i’m lifting frm my ground I turn my face to see how they both lift me And find HIM…Noooo He lifted me in his arms and i saw a smirky smile in his face…He is close to me…I’m ready to face him..I’m not ready to ask my questn to him…I trying to move away frm Crap He is near to me…

D- I would like to accept ur Challenge…Ms.Bose..
He Murmured near my ear in his low and soft tone…The smirky smile is still playing on his lips…I need to protest I need get down frm him…Bt crap his hold is tight And don’t knw y i not able to Protest him…I lost in his eyes that brown color catching eyes…They are speaking toe than he did…His expressive eyes…I lost My control…He turn around started to walk inside still carrying me in his arms…I heared a giggles frm my best frnds side bt my eyes are only locked with his…Why he is doing this to me..? What is he doing to me..? Why I lost my contrl Whn i look at his eyes..? Y..? Wat he is upto.?? wat he want.? Whom he need..?Who is behind his words that he did last night..?Oh God My questns are again started to rolling inside my brain…
I- “Dev Wat happened to her..? Y did u get her inside by carrying her like this.??”

My chain of thought my rolling questns are moved aside while i heared her words…For a moment I rolled my eyes around myself and find myself insinside his house at the hall and All are glancing at us with a teasing smile…Nikki, Ele, Ritwik and two new guy…All are teasingly giggle glancing at us..
D- Maa..Actually She s wont agree to get inside…And She only challenged.
He blurt out make Auntyji too get confusion…Ohh this confusion Dixit make everyone confused…Before she assume something or ask anything
S- Mr.Dixit Put me down.I orderd him and tighted his grip..
S- Mr Dixit…

I screamed… Crap His stubborness…
“Now Put her down bhaii She is not going to run away frm U…”
One of the new guy teased him..I looked at him with a shock at his last word and inmediately he changed his words
“I mean frm here..”
He slowly loosened his grip and carefully place me in the counch..Ele And Nikki too join my both side immediately..
N- I missed U somuch Sona dhi…

She told me while side hugging.
S-Me too…
I replied her..Yes i too missed her missed auntyji Missed all here…Till now everyone get Sitted at the Counch..I turn right And looked at auntyji who is smiling happily at me…It means her son’s words and stunt didn’t affect her…
A- Sonakshi beta They are my nephew Dev’s Mama’s sons..
She pointed at the two new guys who is sitting infrnt of me With a smile
“Hi I’m Akash….

He formally Forward his hand for shake and I shook his hand..
A- we got to knw that u r ones of the best nutritionist…
How did he knw.?? Am i that much popular No…I looke at him for reason behind his words.
A- Bua, Nikki and Dhi always talk abt u Whnever we did make call…
“Dev bhaii too…”
the other guy who teased his again drag Mr.Dixit to his words..

A- He is Vikarant aka Vikki.My younger brother..
I looked at him with a fake smile bciz why he passing such two meaned words
V- Hi..Bhaiii told me abt U…Atlast he got wat he don’t have till now….
Again his double meaning words..

He told me and give a wickened smile to Mr.Dixit..
S- Wat.?? Wat u mean.??
Enough i can’t tolerate his double meaning words further i asked

Mr Dixit and vikki shared a Cold look at each other and By eyes Mr.Dixit saying ” No” to Vikki…
I looked around Nikki, Ish, Akash are clueless abt his words While my best frnds Ele, Ritwik silently giggles at his words…Like they knw wat he meant.
V- Frnd…I mean Frnd..Dev bhaii told me U three are the only frnd for him…I knw He don’t have much frnds circle bt Now He got frnd…

He give me a long explanation which might be reason for his words not he mean it….Bt i dnt want to more questns to roll inside me So i let t b…
Then Akash and Vikki introduced with Ritwik and Ele and All are started to intract friendly with each other…

Auntyji reported me how she handle her diet in my absence before she leave for making last arrangmnts for dinner..I got to knw Today’s dinner is preapred by Auntyji herself…Aftr all Her newphew are here…I didn’t stop her bcoz i could feel a new energy in her…So i allowed her…
Nikki too give me Some news abt Her College and frnds which were always being in our Talk…Then Me, Nikki, Akash, Ritwik,Ele and Vikki are started to talked to each other abt random topics..My Diet plans, Ritwik’s pratice,Akash & Vikki’s Australia and their bussiness, reason behind their visit,Elena and Nikki’s share some details abt Spa and all..Bt All this while I didn’t notice Whn He leave there…He is not in is place and i rolled my eyes at turn around no sight of him even too Only Auntyji and Kitchu bhaiiya is in Kitchen Whr is he.?? Whr he dissapeared Suddenly.?? While Ritwik, Vikki, Akash are busy in their talk other side Nikki & Ele are also busy…I get up silently and moved to garden area I searched him there No..He is also not there…I looked up at his room’s side window and i can seee dark inside which means it is closed So he s also not in his room…

“Whr he dissappeared.???”
I murmured to myself…
“R u looking For Me Ms.Bose.??”
i heared his soft and low voice near my ears and His breath touched my back shoulder….Oh Crap he is too close to me…My breathing increased and My heart started to beat like drum again..I closed my eyes tightly as trying to control myslf
“Y r u looking for Me Ms.Bose..??”

He again asked in his hussky tone and I lost my words to rply…The knowing of his closeness towards me and His breath’s touching and more his hussky voice all are making me panting…I lost my words…
“Do u need me for anything.???”

His words and voice is getting more soft and low…I feel him more close to me….Wat is he doing to me.?? Why is he doing to me..?? I gathered some energy and by try to control myself i replied bt My words are only breaking as i’m panting…

Suddenly I Feel something diffrent and opened my eyes and turn around find no one is standing my behind..The hall is still occupied with 5 of them and their talking…He is not still there..I looked up at his room its still dark and evn Kitchu bhaiya and Ish are also start to arrange table…All are normal bt he is missing…I felt him my behind i heared his voice in my ears before some minutes Bt suddenly again he dissappeared…Is he there my behind or its just my imagination..??Y would I start to imagine him.?? Y I searched him Whn I’m not ready to face him.??Y I lost my control on myself whnevr I look at his expressivie eyes or his closness towards me.?? Wat mystery is he.??? Why is doing all these to me..?? Wat he trying to prove.?? Wat s happening to me.??Wat he is doing with me.??The questn bag inside me again filled with more questions…Again i don’t have correct ans for all these…

“Food Is ready… Bachom come fast…”
Auntyji announced in a excitedly and all others too leave for dinning table bt i’m not able to move…Ele turns towards me and come near me.
E- I knw u r not in gud mood..U r annoyed at me and Ritwik for being u here…Bt Sona plzz trust me we did this for u For clear ur confusion…

She again reasons with me bt i didn’t rply to her.
I- Elena Sona beta…
She called out for us..
E-Yh coming auntyji…

she replied to her and turn to me.
E- Sona atleast for Auntyji’s sake plzz being normal…Don’t get overthink abt anything…
she pleaded me.Bt yes she is right.I’m getting ovethinking…I need reason for his each and every action..Its overthiking…I need to stop this overthinking..I need to b normal infrnt of auntyji…I decided and give her assured smile before i hug her tightly.Somewhr i knw it is necessary for me to talk with him directly abt every confusion i have…Bt don’t knw y i’m not ready to face him…Thats y i behaved rudely to them…
E- Now Lets go all are waiting for us..

she told me by moving back frm hug and took my hand start to walk towards dinning table…I asided all my confusion questions and make myself normal infrnt of everyone…
I- Come have sit.

She asked us by pointing at two chairs infrnt of her…Ele is in my left and to her left Nikki…Ritwik is opposite to Ele and Akash and Vikki are follow by him…

But the head chair which is in my right side is his seat and its empty..Again he is missing…!!! I can’t evn ask anyone at this moment bcoz is more than enough for them to make tease comment…So maintain silent as I wish anyone open the mystery behind his dissappaer…Bt seem to b all are not at all bothered to talk abt him…All are busy in their own talk…No one is taking his name…How dissappointing…I try to eat something bt still I want to knw whr and y he dissappeared.???How could I get to knw.???”

Precap- Sona in Dixit Mansion- Dev is missing ???
ARSHI’s frst Car drive….??

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