Hai all..
Scene 1
After convo with Ms.Bose,he leaves for office.while going on car he only think about HER…?
“Ye kya ho gaya hai mujhee…????Mein kyun Ms.Bose ke bare mein ithna sochtha rah tha hoon…???Jabi use dhekhtha hoon mujhe kyun ithna happy ho raha hai…??? Ye kaise Magic hai…???
(wat haapened to me…???y i’m thinking more abt Ms.Bose..??why i get happy whnever i sees her…???wat is this magic..???)
Relax Dev Relax She is just your friend aur kuch nahi…Kuch bhi nahi…
(realx dev relax she is just your nothing more…nothing else…)”
again his mind is occupied by the thoughts of Ms.Bose.Without his knowledge he smiled…☺
Ishwari Villa
Dr.Bose is busy in her work in kitchen.
Sona – Kitchu bhiya aap soup banaliya.???
(if soup is prepared..??)
KB – haa Dr.didi banna raha hoon.
(S Dr.didi i’m preparing)
S – ok.
By saying this she start to write the diet chart for lunch.Ishwari rushed into inside
I – sona beta…
S- ji aunty
I – kya tum meri ek help karogi..??
(Can u help me..??)
S- haa aunty boliye
(S,tell me aunty)
I – woh right side first room haina uppar woh decorate karne meim mera help karogi.??
( first floor right side first room can u hlp me to decorate it..??)
S- ok.aunty.
Ishwari get relax and glad and tell her the reason for decoration.
I – actually, my elder daughter is coming from states so that is for her.i dnt knw the taste of this generation thats why i asked.
S- its ok auntyji i one prblm i dnt knw about her tastess..???
I – no i already things bought u only have to give instruction where each and every thing is placed.
S- ok auntyji.after completing my work i will come to before that you have to drink dis.
Sona forwarded the soup bowl to ishwari.with her tension she had it without making any complaint.

Scene 2
Arnav is busy in his files and his came inside by knockng the door.and tell him.
Aman(Arnav’s PA):- Sir,aap jis new contract ko sing kiya woh aa raha hai.
(Sir,for whose contract we singed he is came for meeting.)
Arnav- ok sent him.
He come inside by knockin the door.
A – Hai, MR.DIXIT hows u.??
(Yh he is Dev)
D – I’m fine.
They shake their hands.
A- Take u r seat. So tell me what is your opinion on dis project.?
D – Mr.Raizada sry for sayings this i’m.sry i can’t.
A – wat…??? Bt y…???
D – i haven’t enough idea or knpwledge in the fashion field
A – how can i change the contract..???
D – no no i dn’t want to cancel the contract.what i mean is i can’t this project bt there is someone who can handle it very well infact she is very intelligent and have knowledge in dis fashion field.
A – so u want to represent another person instead of u.ok Mr.Dixit Bt he/she must be in the member of board.
D – she is Director of ishwari communications.
A – so ok i have no prblm.arrange a meeting with her.
D – sry Mr.Raizada now she is out of india bt she is returning before nxt weak so after that i wl arrange a meeting.
A – prblm bt let me remind you event date is not so far so arrange all quickly.
D – yh definetly.Thank you
A – ok Bye.
By again shaking their hands the meeting get over and dev left from arnav’s office.

Scene 3
Ishwari Villa
Dr.Sona is thinking and writting the diet chart for suddenly she get nervous by seeing his call.withou any other option she picks it.
S- Ha bhaiya boliye
(S, bhaii tell me)
A – whr r nw.?
S- in center.
A – actually i called u to inform that…
She interpretes and tell
S- contract ok hogaya..meeting bhi successfull…and is bhar bhi ise celebrate karne keliye ek party organise karana hai aur uska responsibility teri.i mean i r8..??
(Contract and meeting is successful for celebrate this happy news a new party should be organised and iys responsibility is yours i mean mine. Am i right..??)
A – Yh .bt how could u knw.??
S – As usual bhaii..
A – ok…so whn will you reach home..??
S – hmmm…within 1-2 hours.
A – ok take care see you in home.
S – ok bhaii..
She cut the call and murmures with herself bcoz bo one is there with her.
“Aur kitna joot bolna padegaa..??mein thakk chuki hoon joot bol bol ke…i’m sry bhai ek joot ko coverup karne keliye hazaroom joot…
(I’m very tired being saying lies to you…i’m sry for coverup one big lie i have to lie 1000 timez…)
But her loneliness is disturbed by him.while she is murmur to herself she hear his voice and become shocked.
Dev – aap kise bath kar rahe hai..??
(To whom u r talking..??)
S – woh mein akale hi…
(O i’m talking to myself)
D – akale bath karna… are you alright..???
(R u speaking to yourself..r u alright..??)
S- yh i’m fine..Mr.Dixit BTW normal insan aise bath karthe hai.
(Yh i’m fine…Mr.Dixit.BTW talkin to themselves is common to all normal beings.)
D- par mein nahi karth hoom
( bt i don’t )
S – mein mormal insane ke baare mein kaha tha.??
(I’m telling about normal beings only).
She taunt him..which make him anger.
D- Dr.Bose.(with much irritation.)
S – its Ms .Bose For You.
Her words made him smile on his face
D- seriously aaj aap bahot khush hai.
( seriously you are happy today.aren’t you.?)
S – woh toh hai.
( yeah i’m…)
D- kyun?
S – mein aapko kyun bathavo.?
(Why should i have to tell you..?)
D – ok math bathayi.lekhin mein jo bathane lelye aya tha woh son lijiye.
(Ok dont tell me bt listen what i have to say.)
S – hmm aapko contract mil pathne keliye ayi thina aap..??
( cracked came here to tell me this right.?)
D- yes par aapko kaise patha chala.?
( yes bt how you know about it.?)
S -aapke chahare pae ye smile dhekhar hi samjgaya.Anyways Congrats.
(By seeing this smile on your face. Anyways Congrats..)
By saying this she forwarded her hand for hand shake and they did.
D – ohh waise Maa kaha hai.??
( ok BTW whr s maa.??)
S- auntyji mandir gayi hai.aapke badi bahen aa raha hai na unke naam par pooja karne keliye.
(Auntyji went to elder sister is coming right.?for her she went.)
D- ye maa bhi na hamesha aise hi hai.waise Ms.Bose aap ka kaam hogaya..??
(Maa is always like this.BTW Ms.Bose r u completed your work..??)
S – yes i’ m leaving.
D- ok.kya mein aapko chotu doon.???
(Ok.can i drop u..?)
S – no its ok tanq Mr.Dixit actually mein rasthe mein aapna friend ko milathe hi jayega. So i will manage.
(No its ok.tanq Actually Mr.Dixit i have to meet my friend so i will manage.)
D- ok.then see you tommarrow.
S – ok bye
She left Dixit House and He go to his room by ordering a coffee..

So guys its my 2nd episode tanx for your suuport and comments…
forgive me if there is any spelling mistake or grammer mistake in both english and hindi..and
Feel free to suggest opinion and ideas.
Thank you

Credit to: SAGAA

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