Hai all…tanx alot to accept my story and i’m giving episode-1.
The episode begins with showing a big mansion. Its RAIZADA MANSION. In the middle of the Main Hall there is a GIRL is standing she wear pink and white color chudi.She is shown holding the aarti plate(thali) and she is shouting….
“Bhaiya……kaha hai aap.??? Jaldi ayiye…”
“yeah coming SONA….baas 5 min..”
He replied by shouting from his room.
And within 5 min he reached hall.and stand infront of her.
Sona : Bhaiya aap bhi na… aaj aapk ka ek imp meeting hai.jana nahi he kya.?
Arnav : Woh actually ek file doond raha tha..
Sona : Aap aur aap ki file.ab arthi lijiye.
Arnav : Sona…pehle mera LUCK toh dho phir ye letha hoon.
Sona : oh Acutally sry bhaiya mein ne bhool gayi.
Arnav : Sona…tu kabhi soothrohi nahi.kamse kam chootu(lie) toh sochkar bholo…
Sona : bhaiii…
Arnav : Acha teeke now don’t get angry give my luck.
She give him a PEN an ordinay seeing that he get too glad.
Arnav : wow its nice…
Sona : kithna ajeeb haina bhaiii…aap ko ishwar mein zyadha vishwas nahi hai phir bhi aab hamesha mujhse ek pen exepect kar rahi hai…
Her words made him serious.
Arnav : mera vishwas ke sath sath adath(habbit) bhi hai.mein ye kaise chotu sakthi hoon.kam chotta ho ya bada lekhin tumhare dhiye huiye pen se shoru kiya na woh kam poora ho jatha hai…without you and your pen there is no victory for me..tu mera luck hai sona…
She get teary eyed by hearing his words.
Arnav : oh sona…dnt cry plz.aab ye rona dhona bhandh karo aur tumahare class keliye nikalo you also getting late
Sona : yeah.
Arnav : BTW kya mein chotu doon tumahare center ke bhahar.
Sona : its ok bhai aap ko dheer ho jayegi aap chaliye mein manage karloongi.
Arnav : ok.fine take care see you in evening.
He leaves for his seeong him leaving she become more upset and talks to hrrself.
“I’m sorry,aap mujhe itna pyar karthe ho mujhe par aap ko ithna vishwas mein har ek dhin aapka trust thodrahi hoon…bhaiii..aap mana karne ke bhath bhi mein woh karthi hoon jo aapko pasantb nahi karthe hai lekhin kya kare ye mera proffesinal ethics hai…i’m sry bhaiii…
She wipes her tears and took her car and left.

A young man is shown coming from stairs by calling his mom loudly.
“Maa..kaha hai tum.????”
She replied from her kingdom(kitchen).
“Mein yeham kitchen mein hoon DEV..”
yes he is MR.DVE DIXIT and she is His mom ISHWARI DIXIT.
Dev : ye kya hai maa.??? Too phir se kaam karna shooru karthiya…???
He asked her with a anger tone.
Ishwari : Nahi..Kitchu se kane ke bare mein baath kar raha tha.waise aaj tumhare ek imp meeting hai na…
Dev : Haa maa…
Ishwari : Kitchu woh Dahi shakar lekar aana…
Dev : maa plzz kaam karke apna heealth ko spoil math karo..
Kitchu bhaiya bring and hand over the bowl to ishwari.
Ishwari : acha teeke.aab tu ye kaa.
She feed him Dagi shakar and wishes him for the meeting.
Dev : waise kal dii se bath ki.???kab aa rehi hai woh.??
Ishwari : ha ki..may be nxt weak pehle hi ajayegi..
Dev : ohh toh acha hua.di aa rahi hsi ithne sal(years) bath.
Ishwari : ha…uske aane se pehle mujhe uska kamara(room) sab kuch saf karna hai.
He stares her for again she talk about to work.
Ishwari : aab guse se dheko math.mein kuch nahi karoongi sab kuch karvaoongi
Dev : acha hai…teeke maa mein nilkathi hoon shyam(evening) milthe hai
Bt saying thiz he come ourside hurriedly and collide with her…yh DR.SONAKSI SINGH RAIZADA. Their collide made her fall down bt before that he hold her waist.
They look at each other and their eyes locked each others..
Their eye lock is breaked by the sound of horne and they straightens themselves.
Sona : sry Mr.Dixit actually traffic tha road mein.isliye late ho gaya.
Dev : its ok.Ms.BOSE i can understand…waise maa aap ka wait kar raha hai aap jayiye.
Sona : Mr.Dixit i think aaj aap jaldi mein aur tensed bhi hai.?
Dev : yh Ms.BOSE. ek imp meeting hai new contract keliye islie jaldi bhi tension mein hoon.
Sona : Mr.Dixit aap tension karke kuch nahi kar saktha hai..aap tension may be wrong step le sakthe dnt wry about contract ..and one more thing the big business tycoon is tensioned for a contract meeting..its not gud so be normal.i’m sure aap ye contract crack karke hi return ayegi..
She encourages him with a pleasent seeing her smile and hearing her words he lost in her.he only stare at her with a smile.
Sona : Hello…! (By waving her hand) whr r u lost..?? Aap ko late ho raha hai..
Dev : yeah ! Bye !
Sona : bye.

He move towards to his car and she move towards inside while they turn back they give plesent smile to each other and he left for office she get inside the house.
There is some one who see all this behid the wall and she is ISHWARI.she get happy seeing their bondness..friendship.then she thinks.
“Dosti se zyadha aur kuch bhi hai ye dhoonom ke bich mein mujhe samajh mein aagaya hai lekin in dhoonom ko kab ayega bhahawan…!!!!”
{So friends this is my epi-1.
i think this is bore by adding more senti scene between Arnav and Sona.i ‘m soo sorry if i dissapointed you.(for Dev and his family Sona is known by her another name Dr.SONAKSHI BOSE.And they are GOOD FRIENDS.)I dnt knw how do you all feel after reading this bt i need your comments and support.Once again i tanq all u for support and comments given in the intro..
Feel free to comment and suggest idea/opinion.

Thank you

Credit to: SAGAA

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  1. Nice episode sagaa… Beautiful cover pic…. Post soon

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  5. Tanq tani,jo,aarthi.BTW aarthi gud guess and new idea…keep support me friends by ur valuable comments.

  6. Very nice story both serials are mu favourate this story is good

    1. Tanq disha.keep supporting

  7. Can you post this in English
    Because it’s hard to read in hindi (actually I don’t know hindi ?

    1. Tanq shifa and i wl try to post it eng.frm nxt epi.

  8. nice episode….

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