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Recap for previous part
Dev starts to miss Sona and behaving weirdly-Ish-Nikki went to market leaving Khushi alone.


For the second i entered Dixit Mansion to get some files frm Ms.Dixit.Dnt knw whn Aman inform me that he wl ask any staff to get file frm her house i unknown thing inside me push me to take up this chance and pay visit here at her house once again.And here i’m walking towards inside of Dixit Mansion.
I entered in the hall.I saw the huge hall as empty as noone seen there I obsereved the hall as could as i can.I observed each corner and sides of the hall and the fixtures & fittings, the small things which are place for decorations are just apt for the interiors.I totally admiring the hall and its interior its beautiful White based interiors.Suddenly my thoughts are distracted by a call out”
KB- Ji..?
He asked me with a confusion.
A- Woh actually i cme here to meet Ms.Dixit.
I replied directly my reason behind arrival.
KB- Khushi Di?
For a clearness he asked again. I nodded his head in S.
KB- Ok.Plz have a seat.
He requested me with a obidence bt being
A- Ok.
I sat at the sofa.
KB- Would u like to have anything???
He asked me..
A- No Can u inform her abt me.???
I asked him again.

KB- Ok.You plz wait i wl back informing her.
He strightly went to kitchen and returned by took a glass of water frm there and offered me.I accept it and keep t at the table.While he rushed to claimb the stairs again my eyes are bc in admiring the hall.Suddenly my eyes got struck in a pht potraits its a family photo potarit.

In a curiosity I went near to it and see t clear.I reconginise the person there as i only saw them last night.Mr.Dixit,his mother,and his younger sister.Bt something is missing may b someone is missing Yes Ms. Khushi Dixit is missing My brain alarmed me.Bt y should i think abt it as its their personnel life.So by let t b again i sat at the sofa and take some sips.Within 10 he came down
KB- Sir.,She s n her room and ask u to come there.
He informed me.I can see a little tension in his face.She called me to her room.I hope She is taking rest thats y she asked me to come there..I nodded in Yes to him.
KB- Upstairs last room

He directed me.And i followed Bt my eyes still bc in admiring the entire Mansion.I climb the stairs & walk towards her room..When i reached her room’s doorsteps i’m shocked by the scenerio happening inside.She s on the top of a stool and trying to pull down something.In her this advnture she didn’t notice her leg s almost on the edge of the stool that may lead to her fall down.Immediately I rushed inside her room without a knock At the same time she lost her balance and gng to fall down.Immediately I hold her in a Horizontally.As usual her eyes are closed.Whn She realise she s not on floor she opened her eyes and saw me and gets shocked.
K- You..!!!(Aap)
She screamed in a shock.”

4-5 Persones are sitting infront of Dev and Excepting him to tell something.Dev who is bc in the files.Aftr reading all of those
D- Well Guys.,Its better idea.Introducing
new phones along with new Apps is a brilliant idea.Bt i have a idea why don’t we create an Health & Nutrition App.??

He put his idea before his App Developers.Once again his Boss make a new and useful idea.
Person(1)-Yes ofcourse we can.
It wl b more demandable in the public.
Dev smile in a proud as atlast he s gng to do something which he s planning till now.
Person(2)- Sir,For that We need a Doctor or Nutritionist.
D- Ss.We have an best Nutritionist in the city.
He immedialtely replied.
Person(3)- Ok.Then can u arrange a meeting with him/her.
Dev thinks a while and replied.
D- Guys do onething frst u all start priliminary work on other App.Then we wl work on this App.
He didn’t refused to make a meeting.Bt he knw very well before things get started he himself has to talk to “The bst nutritionist in the city”as get her approvel frm her for this step is not at all easy one.
Person(4)- Ok.Sir
Dev gives a nod and they leave by taking the files.
Dev is left in his cabin alone…

K- You
She screamed in a shock

K- Put me down.
She ordered him in a irritation
Arnav grinted his teeth.He make her stand..
A- Wat the hell u were trying to do Ms.Dixit.???
He shouted at her with a atmost anger.For a second she is shocked to see his anger bt next moment her female ego wakes up
K- Its non of ur business.
She retorted him making get more anger at her.

A- R u out of ur mind..???Do u have sprins in legs right then in wat sense u r upto this stupidity..???
He asked her with a reason.
K- I do remember Mr.Raizada U dont need to remind me often.
She replied looking straightly at his angered eyes
Nor she lost her ego or he cool down
A- R u just impossible..!!!
He replied being in irritation..She give him a sternly look and croosed her hands in her chest
He sees the stool and while climbimg on it He scremed
A- U want this right.
He asked by pulling out the suitcase frm the top.She turned back gets annoyed as afain he is upto do help her which she
did want right now.
K- Leave t i wl..
She tried to stop in a annoyes
Bt before she could complete he pulled it out and placed that in her bed..
K- Mr.Raizada i already told u i dont need any..

She scolded him in her usual annoys bt he cuts in.
A- Favour..
She stopped there.
A- I knw u r annoyed as u think i’m doing any favour on u…Bt Ms.Dixit I’m not did or doing any such Favour on u.
He replied to her with a confident

K- Oh Really then y the hell r u offer me a so called job that day???
She asked him by forwarding one step to him with a sternly voice.
A- Excuse me…That day neither i offer such job for or do any favour…
He made a clear to her.
She gets confused by his reply bt still not convinced at him
By seeing her ‘unbeliveing’ look
He again replied with a confident in his voice thus she has to convinced by him
A- Ms.Dixit that day i only want to ask u if ur ok then we can do some projectes together aftr the events which are supposed to get rejected due to my minimum no:of designers till now.
Fianlly he sort out one of the misundrstnnf between them.
She stand there surprised…

Again her frnd Anita’s words start to rolled in her head. *i dont think so i think u r mistaken*
A- Anyways leave all that Whr s the file..??
He asked her as he kne she is knw getting regression of her rude words.
K- Yh..One sec
she took the file frm the bed and forward it to him.He received it and did a check.
A- Ok.Take care bye
He start to leave her room only stopped hearing her screaming.
K- Sorry.
He s not sure abt the word he hear right now.Bt he shocked to hear t suddenly.
He turned only to get confirmation..

She moves towards him and stand infrnt of him with a regreted face
K- Mr.Raizada i bashed out on u that day without clearly listen wat u upto..I’m Sorry Mr Raizada
once again she said it..
He still in his shocked state to hear a apology frm her.
K- Mr Raizada can u hear me???
She asked seeing his shocked face and getting no rply frm him.He get out of his shocked and
compsed himself.
A- Its Ok.Ms Dixit leave t..It happenes.
He assure her that,that words of her s not still affecting him..
He assure her that he undrstnd her dilemma..
Khushi feel content to kne that he undrstnd in return she always misundsrtnd him.
A- Bye take care.
By nodding his head he left her mansion..

As its at past 6 the staffs are leaving one by one.Tina being is his P.A cant leave without his permission so before get permission frm him as usual she gather all her stuffs only she stopped Seeing a man infrnt of her
M- Mr Dev Dixit.???
T- S.Who r u sir??
She asked formally and poitely
Dev’s POV
“Being working continuesly for 2-3 days i’m start to get head ache now..My thoughts are rolling in my brain as like clothes rolling in a washing mechine.Suddenly i heared a knock on my cabin door.I assuemed its Tina to give last check on me and get permission to leave.
D- Come in.

I didn’t change my position still closing my eyes i replied to the knock..
T- Sir Someone is came to meet u.
she informed poitely bt again a meeting i pissed off..
D- Ask him/her to meet me tomarrow.
I clearly denied this meeting as i’m not gud at mood to meet any one.
M- U r saying No to me.????
I heared a familiar voice i knw the person who belongs to this voice very well.Immediately i stood up frm the chair and turns to see him.Yes really he is here.
D- Bunty..!!!
I screamed out of my lungs as i’m surpeised to see him here.
Tina who can easily undestnd the scene is happeing she leaves before give a smile to both of us..She closed the door aftr her exist.

B- Abhay, U r avoiding to meet me.???
He asked me by giving a punch in my stomach
D-If i got knw already that u r coming to meet me.I would dissappread frm here..
I give it back to him and making him sit infrnt of my chair and stand before him.
B- U can sit infrnt of me on ur CEO chair i really dont mind.
He make a taunt on me.which make a nostalgic moments.
I sat on my cha
D- So U got to remember me now..????
I asked him with a annoyed as he disaapered aftr our clg closed.
B- Wat to do we often not think abt the dufficult times in our life.once again he taunt me.He mentioning me as his difficult times.
D- Thats y i didn’t try to trace u till now.I give t back to him..
And we both bursts in our laughter aftr a long time we taunting eaching other.
B- Not bad Yaar…u improved with ur taunt…
he complimented me…
D- Yh..U were not being with me thas y…
Again i give it back at him.
B- And thats y i’m getting married…
This time not only he taunt me he made me shocked..
B- Exactly. This s face reaction whn i’m realised i’m in love…
Ohhh not againg..His words are only giving shock to me..
D- Wat…Ma…marriage u.???
I stammered in my words as i’m being in shock.
B- Yh.Nxt month.
He forward a invitation card to me…I received it and check on it…
D- Love Marrige..!!! When? How? Why?
I asked him in my unbelievable tone..
B- Yes..Love Marriage Family child…List is too length yaar..!!!
He replied with happy in his eyes while a smirky smile playing in his lips.Once again i go through that inviatation.He continously staring me with that smirk
D- Shruti.???
I get a familiarness in this nameI look at him whle his smirky smile wided.
B- Yes.Shruti..Shruti Gupta
He confirmed me

D- Who she.???
I asked him with my Unbelivable face
B- Yes.That Shruti our classmate. With whom i often got into verbal fights who i hated that days Who hated me more than anything.Who i hate to see face.
He came here to give shock one-by-one. Seeing my Shocking-cum-unbelivable face He stood frm his chair and moves towards Open window in my cabin and seeing outised
B- Yaar…I knw its a big shocking to u.Bt trust me more than anyone we Shruti and Me got shock when we realise love for each other.
He replied seeing outside frm that open window..
D- How.??Whn.??
I asked in my curiosity
He smirkly smiled aloud

B- How Whn..??? U have no answer for this

Whn u r in love..
His reply made think me confusedHe turned and see my expression continued
B- Aftr College i went to abroad for job my fortunate Shruti too reached there in my office we didn’t knw abt it each other’s pressence untill my team leader made us team for a job.We are too shocked to see each other.We pleaded Team leader to change us.Bt dont knw y he didn’t change his decision.Thus by giving up We worked on that project…Eventually frst fighting then an undrstndng then an frndshp then close best frnds…Suddenly one day i got to knw she got a promotion with transfer.So for her better future she choose it and i support her too Within a couples of weak she went far away frm me.He paused for a second.
D- Then…???

again in my curiosity
B- Then..We didn’t get enough time to talk to each other.I started to miss her miss her badly…
His words start to affect me as i’m also feeling that missing in me.
B- She too started miss me..One day i fell down in fever.She reached near me
nxt sec shr got to knw abt t.Leaving her work behind…Crazy girl right
His eyes filled with some tears bt not tears of sadnesss.
B- And that crazyness made us couple today.We realised the feeling b/w us.We realised We can’t live without each other.
He stopped and come near to me and sitted in my table.
B-That moment is the bestest monent in my life Dev.
His confident is evident in his eyes.
D- Well…Typical love story..!!!

I composed frm my shock-Confusion replied with a smirk
B- Ohhh..Then wat abt ur love story man.???
His sudden questn made me shocked.
D- Wat..Love story…My love story..No..nothing like stupidness in my life.
I replied him while again seeing in that invitation.struggled with my words.
B- Abhay..See here
He turned my chair to face him.
B- I dnt think so…While seeing you i feel u r in deep love with someone.
Again his reply made me shocked.
D- Deep love nothing like that..u knw Yaar there is no place in my life for love and all these.

I clearly declined his reply
B- Dev…Love make its own place in our life without our knowledge….He again tries to confuse me..I didn’t rply to him bcoz i knw this may led to argument with him.B- Anyways.., I came to invite u for marriageHe moves towards his chair and taking his phone
B-Bt seeing ur condition i think someone wl accompany with u for marriage.
His confused reply.
D- Means???
B- Means may b someone spl or Lady love.
he replied with a smirky smile
D- Bunty…
I retorted..
B- Wat bunty See my predictions are turned to b true So. If i’m not wrong u already met ur love bt till now u didn’t realised…
D-Nothing and noone like that.

I tries to declined his prediction.
B- Ok..Shruti must b waiting for me so c u soon.
He give me a hug
B-Dont forget to come…I nt gng to hear any ur stupid excuses.
D-No i wl b there with u
I assured him.
B- Gud bye c u soon.I personelly inform Auntyj and Nikki.
He formally said.
I just nodded my head and he start to leave.
B- Dev..
He called out and turned back.
B- Soon u got realise that magic.Get ready for t.
He indirectly said and left mr confused.
D- Magic..??? Wat magic he talking abt..?? i asked myself and once again i go throgh that Incitation card.

Sona’s POV
Aftr enjoying alot with Ele and othet frnds..Watching the movie we reached home..As we getting late we both did our dinner outside.So we move direct to our room.Ele throw herself in bed whn we reached room.While i move to get fresh up Only aftr give a check to my switched off phone..Ele ordrerd me to switch off it as she dont want any disturbness in our own time.Aftr calling and informing bhai i did t.As i also need that bcoz he continuesly tring to call me.I switched it on and saw 10+ missed call frm him along with 4-5 msgs..i didnt give any rply to anyone and went to get fresh up…

At Dev’s room
Dev’s POV
I’m trying to work bt my mind is not in my contrl..Bunty’s words are rolling in me..Dont knw y some confusions rooted in me..At that moment i got a idea to talk with me frnd.Ms.Bose.I took my phone check it.
D- She saw my messages thn y didn’t she rply???Whr were she till now.??
I asked myself and once again snd
“Hi Ms.Bose.”
” Where were u till now.??”
” R u ok.??”

At Sona’s room
Sona’s POV
Aftr got freshed up i came and see Ele already fell asleep..evn she didnt change..That much tirdness.!!!
My phone beeped.I saw his new 3 msgs..I didnt rply t..
I know if i didnt attend he wl call me continuesly so to be better i switched it off and move to my bed to sleep.

Again She seen my messages bt no rply…
D- Is she is in any prblm??
Once again i asked me and getting worried for her.Immediately i called her 2-3 times she didn’t pick it up…Again her phone us switchrd off.!!!I get more worry for her.
D- Enough is enough.I cant wait for her rply i have to do something.
I said myself to clear this worried.Immediately I grabbed my car keys frm table and left..

Precap- ………

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