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Guys i knw i took a long gap due to my unavoidable sitiations…
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So enough of my bak-bak lets move to nxt epi

Sona shattered aftr get to knw abt Dev’s alliance-Dev feeling something getting wrong between him and Sona- She took leave without informing him- Arnav & Khushi accidently met a cafe and did argumnt- Arnav take care of khushi whn she sprins her leg- He feel touched by Ish’s concerned words towards him.


At Dev’s Room
Dev is getting ready in his Suit as he come infrnt of mirror he is shocked to see the figure reflected in the mirror.
D- Wat the.??
he whispered in a shock and unbelievable tone.His Shirts buttons are not in the correct order.His coat,pant and shirt are just opposite shades.Even he didn’t zipped up his pant zip.?
He again try another dress.At last he get ready in a un-wanted mode.He steps out of his room suddenly rememberd His karchief…He went and put it in his left side pant pocket.He reaches Stairs again he rememberd abt His phone without that he cant spent a day…with a irriatation again he returns ans took that too..Finally he gets down frm his room..Bt he didn’t notice a pair of Eyes are watching his doings
He didn’t scream either for his Mom nor Kitchu bhaiya for anything..*?*
Ish who is simply seeing him frm a corner of the main hall seeing him comes down She comes forward him.And stand before him.
I- Wat happened beta???
She asked him literally she knw wat hapnd to him and by who Bt she ever wants to them realise theirself..Dev who is in a gr8 confusion abt himself haven’t any satisfactory rply to his mom stand there with a *don’t knw* face.Ish who can easily read her child’s eyes she undrstood he s n still confused.
I- I mean U r gng without taking brkfst.???
she covered her indirect questn into a usual concern one.
Dev did a breathout
D- I’m not hungry.
He clearly replied.
She still stare at his face…
I- Beta Always Sona do say that Brkfst is vry imp meal in the day
(by Holding and grabbing him to dining table and make him sit)
So for her sake…
(He looks at her with a bulging eyes..)
i mean for her word’s sake do eat something..
D- Hmm
He simply agreed as its for Sona’s No Sona’s word’s sake..
Ish starts to serve him some lit foods on his plateKhushi who is now enough better to walk without help is walking towards the dining table with little difficulty whn Dev sees her immediately went To her and hold her by shoulder and give his right hand for support
D- Dhi.Y did u come here ???
if u need anything just call any one dont take stresss.
he orderd her with a concern
helping her to walk and make her sit in a chair
I- Khushi beta Y did u take stress i am just serving a plate to come to ur room.
she sounded concerned
Khushi who is touched by her mom and Bro’s love.
K- Ma.Dev its not a big fracture at all.I’m better to walk without anyhelp and yh i’m getting really bored of being in my room so thinks to join withu u all…
She replied with a assurence smile on her face.
Dev who is also settled back in his chair and start to tring to put something inside him bt wat to do the food is not easily gets down frm his thraot.
Ish passes a plate to Khushi and she start her brkfst
K- Maa..To b honest aftr start follow the diet chart made by Sona
Till his eyes were only on plate with a questn to food *whn wl u finish..?* aftr hearing her name he look at her with a exceptation Ish and Khushi sees his change of look bt none of them show infrnt of him
K- I feel something fresh and she prepared according to my likes..She is Perfect in…
D- Just perfect…!!!
He blabbered with a pride in his voice..while looking back at the plate
His reply didn’t surprise maa and beti bt they are geeting enough of prove for their own doubt they both look at him with smirky smile…?
I- Khushi W8 i wl bring “Haldi-wala Doodh”For u.
She excused herself frm there
K- Dev how is company doing..??
she asked with a indirect meaning bt Dev who thinks it as her concern nothing more
D- Gud..
he replied blankly
K- Then Y and Whn did u start to get sleepless nights ??
She asked him with a smirky face and direct look at him while He gets shocked .
D-Wat.Sleepless nights No dhi there is nothing like that..I slept at nights..!!!
He stammered in a shock
K- Hmmm….Last night.???
Again she shocks him with her fire questns
D- Woh..Actually i have an imp pending work thats y i didn’t get sSleep.
He bends down hus heads and replied in a gulity bciz he s lieing.
Khushi is not satified by his rply.Bt She can also insists him.So she Accept his rply without asking anymore questns
D- Dhi How could u get to knw..??
He asked in his confusion.
She give a smile as she is excepting this questn frm him.
K- Whn i came to take water jug frm kitchen i saw u were pacing in ur room very tensed…
Dev silently hear her rply
K- I thought u were in tensed may b worried for anyone…
He looks at her with a surprised look
D- Worry for anyone…nothing like that i’m not worried for her i was bc in my presentation.
He confeesed in a hyper…He confessed bt not accepted…
Khushi clearly hear his words*her* she knw who he means there.
K- Fine i knw..let it be..i just asked u in my curiosity nothing much..
She undrstnds his bro is totally confused and now bcom sensitive in little things.
Suddenly they both distracted by the screaming voice of Nikki..
she came there with her phone on her ears
She take her seat
Ish also arrived with Haldi wala dhoodh and passes it to Khushi
N- Ha.I’m itself..Bye Wl Miss u yaar…
She us screaming in her phone..
Trio Dev-Ish-Khushi are clueless abt her words.
She glances at their confused face for once and cut the call
K- Whr r u gng today Nikki.???
She asked in a curiosity
N- To mama-mami’s house
She informed them which made them to get shocked..
They all are well know that Nikki can’t Spent her one day without them bt now she is talking abt Leaving them..
K- Wat.??? R u serious.???
She asked her in a shocked and want to get clear ans frm her.
N- S Dhi.i’m…I want to move there..
Till last night Nikki was like a Small kid her kiddish activities now she us taking decision.Asudden change.???
I- Yeh kya mazak kar rahe ho Nikki…??
(Its not a joke Nikki.!!!)
She scolded her more than that She want to make her realise the real meaning of her words.
N- Maa…I’m not I really mean wat i want.
She firmly replied her voice is so mature
3 Of them are totally hell shocked by her replies and her mturity in her replies..
D- Nikki…Tl me clealy y did u take this decision.??Is anyone is troblng u???
He asked in a elder bro’s concern…
Aftr hearing his words she make a laugh..???
All 3 are again confused by her sudden change in behaviour.
K- Y r u laughing.???
She asked in a anger..Her confusion now bcom anger
Nikki tries to contrl Her laugh..
N- Bhaiya aap bhi na…Kiski ho himmath hai kya Woh The Dev Dixit ki Chotti Behen Nikki Dixit ko Chede..??!!
(Bhaiya…Do u think anyone have that much guts to trouble The Dev Dixit’s Younger sis Nikki Dixit..??)
She says in a pride of being sis of Dev Dixit and with her usual dramabaaz Mode….
K- Then y u want to move there??
Again her anger asked her
N- Ha..Dhi Whn u all will went for The Evnt how can i be here alone.???
she directly replied and comes to her reasons.
I- We all will went means don’t u come for the Event ??
She asked in a confusion
N- Maa..Dress is needed for coming..
She replied in a pout face which make them realise that she is not serious abt her words she was only playing her another drama
D- Nikki…Wat u want.???
He asked her directly
N- Dress..!! Bhaiyaa..Do u knw how long i’m gng behind dhi for design a beautiful dress for my bt no dhi is somuch bc in her work that she forget me..
She make complaint like a kid with a pout face while Ish- Dev- Khushi enjoys her kiddish behaviour
I- Haa Khuahi beta this is not done u should make it frst..
She take Nikki’s side with a smile
Dev enjoys his family’s this moment
K- Maa aap bhi…(U too)
She asked with a smilw her anger are gone aftr seeing her sis’s kiddishness
K- Nikki do u think i can forget ur words.??
She asked her with a smirky tone.
N- Means .??
She asked to get clear
K- Means ur dress’s design Is reay in fact i did it frst.She revealed her Surprise for herNikki in a excitnent rushes to Khushi and give a hug in her happines…Seeing them Dev and Ish too Smiles in happiness
N-Tanq tanq tanq somuch Dhi.!!Whr s my dress.?
She asked in her high tone and in suprior excitmnt.
K- Woh.Have patience Nikki i snt t for a small work so u ql get that on event day only.
She make her little dissponimnt bt in some days she wl surprise her.
N- Ok..I wl wait.
without other option Nikki accepted
K- Thts like a gud girl.
She patted Nikki’s shoulder.
Dev who get happy frm seeing this family Moment he somehow finish his food.
D- R u happy now ??
He cross checked Nikki..
N- Too much.I want to inform this Sona dhi.
She took her phone and runs to her room..Ish- Khushi is happy to her happiness while Dev is again start to feel weird aftr hearing Sona’s name
D-Ok..Maa Dhi i’m leaving c u in evng and Dhi plz take rest at home cancel all ur meetings.
He sounded concerned
K- Dev Don’t wry.i’m fine.I’ll do my meeting by being here ok.??
She reaasured him. Dev nodded and took Ish’s blessing he leaves frm there.

E- Wat U planned a meeting with Dev.??
Ele asked in a shock While
Ritwick is serving pices of bread and a glass of juice for himself and for her too
R- S and u spolied my plan.!
He scarstically replied her.Again she get shocked by his accusation.
E- Wat i spoil ur plan.???
She asked again to get clear.
R- S..U only if u not make call me yesterday last minute i shall meet him and now all wl get clear too.
He expalined her.She is not satisfied his rply her “female ego” got hit by his accusing words
E-Seriously.?? R u accusing me Ritwick.!! I told u clearly that Sona need us.
She explained him with anger in her voice.
R- Comeon Elena.i agree Sona is n bad state yesterday bt it doesn’t mean She need us bt more than tat she need only clarification frm Dev if i met him and do excute my plan All wl get clear b/w them.
Again He tries to make her realise how imp it was to met Dev.Somehow Ele undrstnd that.The accusation on her she can’t tolerate that.
E- Ok i agree.Bt u can’t accuse me like this.
She once again prove her side
E- How could i knw tat u r gng to meet Dev..?
She asked a fair questn
E-I asked u somany times wats ur plan bt u nvr share with me and now u r accusing me for tht whch i didn’t.
She clearly make herself right frm his accusation.while Ritwick undrstnd her point is correct.Bt being human he too has “male ego” if her “female ego” get hit by accusation.He too get by her indirect accusation.
R- So u meant its all my mistake..???
He asked her by rising his eye-brows to get clear of her words.
E- If u think its my mistake then it has ur too..
She cleard him..
He paused hearing a scrastical taunt
” U both got started mrng itself”
Ele turns to see Sona is standing there with a smile on her face.
Both Ele-Ritwick happy to see Sona being smiling.
Sona comes towards and took seat near Ele
S- Y u both are fighting like hubby and wifey.??
She scarstically questioned them while her questn made a awkwardness in Ele-Ritwick
they didn’t glances at each other.They both keep silent *unknown feelings*
Sona starts to serve food for herself…
S- Y u both got silent mode now.???
She asking while glances at Ele-Ritwick.
E- Sona r u ???
She asked in a concern.While Sona get distracted by her questn She is knw wat is she meaning by this questn..She So immmediately make a fake innocent face with smile turns to her nd replied
S- Yh..I’m absoultly Fine!!!
She tries to make assure both of them.Ele-Ritwick being a bff of they can easily identify that she is pretending if they insists her it wl make her more upset so they too accept her reply.
Ele and Ritwick simply passed a normal smile..
A- Gud mrng guys
Arnav too joins them
R- GM Bhaiya…
He replied formally
E- Bhiayaa y did u get late to reach yestrday.???
She asked him her questn made a Flashback on his mind..Suddenly he remembered Khushi’s Leg sprain and he took her to her house how Ish’s words touched him emotionally.
A- Woh i had an imp meeting..
He replied bt not clearly replied the real reason behind his lateness
Ele nodded his head
A- Sona…
She called out her
Sona looked at him
S- Ha..Bhai..
A- Don’t u get late for ur classes.????
He Asked her in a concerned tone.
S- No bhaii I took 2 days leaves
She informed him..
A- Oh..thats gud.So u both can get enough time to finish ur packing r8..???
He asked in a scrastically
Ele and Soan passes a smile to him
A- And Ritwik u too start ur packing and try to finish all ur work soon..
Arnav ordered him.
R- S Bhaii…
He reassured him.
A- Ok then c u later..
He excused himself frn there
E- So wat s today’s plan.???
She asked in a excitmnt…
S- usual one..U to Clg and he wl go to Hosptl.
She replied her Ele got upset with her rply
E- Comeon Sona We can..
She trying to make a plan bt Sona cut in.
S- No Ele..No more Plans todays…
She directly refused …
Elena make a pout face in upsetness..Ritwik who enjoys fully Ele’s kiddishness amd Sona’s direct replies…
S- Awww…!! now dont make that face Ele…
She patted her shoulder
E- U sopiled my plans yaar..!!!
She innocently admitted.
S- Nothing is spoiled see As a Dr Ritwick has his own imp meetings and u too told me U hav an imp presenatation submittion today so go do ur work…
She encourages them more than tat she want to prove infront of them that “She is Fine”
E- Bt u wl get Bore being sitting in Home…
She again tried
S- Who told u i wl simply seat here.????
She requestned her make them confused..
She asked for clear her confusion
S- I mean i’m gng to college..An reunion of my batch frnds..
She informed them putting a fake excitmnt smile on her face
R- Reunion suddenly..?U told me that is planning in nxt month.
He asked in his confusion Now they both undrstnds y Sona force them to complt their own work
S- Yh..Suddenly today mrng my frnd call and inform me that they preponed today so i thought to join them as i took leave.
She informed them…
R- Ok.Fine enjoy with them.
He replied her giving a normal smile
E- Then do onething..
She screamed..
S&R look at her
E- Aftr submitting i wl come to Ur clg then we wl go to movie on second show ??!!
She explained in a excitmnt
S- Movie..!!?
E- Yh..I heared that movie is best so i’m carving to see that.
She insits like a kid doing
S- Ok.ok We wl go Happy??
Atlast She accept her plan..
S- And Ritwick u??
she asked him abt his plan.
R- Sry yaar i have to meet an imp patient at eveng.So u girls enjoy..
he decently refused them
E- Let t b Sona he s always making excuses..!!
She scarastically replied him.
Sona hit Ele’s elbow for her scarastical reply
S- Its Ok we wl manage dnt wry.
She replied for assure him.
R- Hmm..Come Ele i wl drp u..!!
He asked her while lookng at her irriatated face It is clear that his reply of refusal make her irritated…
E- I can manage myself U go and meet ur “imp patient”
She scarasctically replied letting out her irritation out.While Sona is enjoying their cute argument
R- Ele..!!!
He retorts..
She didn’t rply stood up frm her chair and
give a side hug to Sona whispered “bye”By taking her bag she left there…
R- Impossible Ladki..!!
He whispered to Sona and rush behind her..While Sona give a little laugh on his comment and nodded her head.They both left Sona is lonely sitting there Again she comes to her real mood and took a deep breath and trying to finish the food which is not finishing easily or she is not eating propoerly..Suddenly her phone vibratated. She just give a glances at phone She know whose call can b t.”Mr.Dev Dixit” appeared in the screen it s still vibrating She looks away and ignore it..The call cutted Again screen shows a notification “5 missed calls “She again ignore it and trying again to finish her food.again her phone Vibratated she again glances at screen “Priya” she immediately attend the call.
S- Hello..YH yh i’m coming just 45 min i wl b there…C u there bye She cut the call and left in her car

At Khushi’s Room
Khushi is packing her stuffs in her bag while Ish comes
I- Is ur packing done???
She asked by glances at her and her suitcase
K- Yh..Almost
She still shiftng dress and necessary stuffs frm her closet to suitcase
K- Maa.U here do u need anything???
She enqiured her mom
I- Ha..Woh Nikki wants to buy something frm mrkt and i want too buys some household stuffs so We r thinkng to go.??? I mean r u ok..??
She hesitated with words as it has only the worry for her daughter She asked her not informed.
Khushi undrstnd her maa’s worry make her seat in Cart and sit beside her
K- Maa..I knw u r worried for me..infact u hve to be bt trust me i’m absouletly fine..
She again assure her by passing a smiles to her?.Ish kisses on her forehead.Khushi just closrs her eyes and totally feel her mother’s love.
Ish Hold her hand tightly and directly looking at her asked her
I- Pata hai jab se tu yeham aya hai tab se mein tumhare aankhon mein ek akelapan aur mujhe laga woh kahi kho gaya
(Do u knw i always saw a loneliness in ur eyes whn u returned and i feel ur eyes are lost also)
Khushi bend downed her head in her maa’s figure out statemnt.Her eyes started to get tears bt being a bold women she contrled it.Ish continues.
I- Lekhin kal raat se tumhara aankhon mein khush hai..ek naya sapna dhekhne ka icha hai…
(Bt frm yestrday n8 i found ur eyes being happy and they want to see a new dream)
She again found out it correctly.
Her frst statment made Khushi emotionla while second one make her shocked. As she is totally unware of the differencw now her maa is talking abt.She didn’t belive herself or her own eyes.
She looks at Ish with a disbelive look while Ish give her assurence abt her words by passing Smile.
I- Kal kuch hua hai kya????
(Is there anything happened yesterday.?)
She asked her with a hope which clearly visible in her eyes.
Khushi for a sec get a reminces of Arnav and his care,his words “There is no such pain that haven’t medicines”,His last glance at her while leaving Oh She once again feel a cold in her inside.While otherside Ish is still continously staring at her for a positive rply.
K- No maa nothing like that..I think u..Khushi tries to refuse directly.Bt her eyes not lookng at Ish’s.
Ish undrstnd her lie.She cuts in.
I- Khushi I knw we were lived seperately for 11-12 long yrs bt it doesn’t mean i can’t undrstnd u.I’m ur mother too..How i can easily read Dev’s eyes and face like I can urs too..
Again she clear her point bt this time her tone has a seriousnessKhushi getting little afaraid to face Ish.How can she accept anything which she didn’t accept by herself.??? Khushi didn’t rply anything.!!She remined silent and bend downed her head.For god’s grace Her saviour comes screaming
N- Maaaaa
Ish and Khushi immediately distracted frm their deep convo.Ish turns to see Nikki entering using this situation Khushi make herself bc in her packing.
N- OhHooo I’m searching for u in whole house and u were sitting here and doing gossipng with dhi..???
She complined in her kiddish tone..Khushi passes smiles in her kiddish behaviourNikki sees Khushi is packing.
N- Oh…So Ms.Khushi Dixit is finally start packing.!!
She comes near to Khushi’s suitcase examining the dress.
N- Not bad U r taking nice dress.
She patted Khushi’s shoulder
K- Tanq Madam.!Can u plz tl me wat u r now gng to buying.?
She asked to her in a scarastic tone Nikki took a piece of a long paper and shows it to her Ish is surprised to see Nikki’s shopping list.
I- Tum kya markt kareedne jha rahi ho??
( R u gng to buy markt ?)
She asked het while give a small hit on her shoulder
N- Come on Maa this is only for Event.
She innocently replied.
K-Ok ok fine bt do remember dnt trbl Maa.if she feel tied u immefiately return back ok.?
She ordred Her.
N- Promise.!!
She hold her neck.Khushi and Ish smiles seeing her kiddish behaviour
I- Arrey i forget to take My list for household.She immediately rushes to kitchen.
N- So Dhi U need anything???
She asked her
K- No frst Complt ur shopping as soon as possible before evng.
She scarastically replied Nikki..
N- Ok Fine.
They both hear Ish is calling out Nikki frm down to leave before get too late..
Nikki give a side hug to Khushi and rushed outside
Both Nikki & Ish are left.
Khushi is left alone doing her packing
And now her phone rings She sees A call frm Raizada Fashion House.
K- hello.
She attened the call
Aman-Hello ma’am.
He wished her
K- Yh Amn is everything ok.??
She enquired him.
A- Ys all ok Bt i think u didn’t return that desing’s file till now.!!!
he asked her politely
K- Yh yh..i remember it was with me…Do u need that now.???
She asked in a confusion.
A- Yh..Actually Sir want to just go through it.
he informed her.
K- Its ok..wl come along wity it in 30 min.
She assured him.
A- No no ma’am Sir give oder to not to distrub u for atleast today.
He informed him which make her feel something new.*touched being in his concern*
K- Then how.???
She questned him.
A- I wl snd someone to ur house if u don’t mind and free!???
he asked permission politely
K-Yh yh u cn.i m free now
She replied him.
A- Ok ma’am he wl reach in 30-40 min.
He again informed her.
K- Ok.
She cuts the call..
And thinks to herself
“Y he is showing this much concern towards me.??I’m only his partner in project anything more or less..!!!”
Again she distracted herself frm her thoughts and start ti search for file which was talking abt.
Aftr 5 min she found out and once again she go throgh the designs. She really loved each designs as each has a personnel touch.
She then keep that on a side of bed and continue her incomplt work..*packing*

Aftr enjoying a gud time with her frnds She comes outside whn she gets a call frm Ele
E- Sona r u done with them.?
She asked her bt soundes little irritated.
sona thinks again they fought out.
S- Yh yh.Whr r u now.???
She asked her
E- i’m on the way wl b there in 20 min.
she informed her while travelling in a auto.
S- ok.Make a call me whn u arrive.
She replied to her.
E- Ok. Ok.
S- Ele Is Ritwick is gng to come…
She asked in a hesitated tone bcoz she knw this questn made her to get more irritataed
Bt before she complt ele cuts in.
E- Sona let him do with “imp patient”.
He can’t take leave whn we are asking bt he can postponed or cancel anything if he want to b…idiot Workholic.
She irriatatelt replied.
S- Ok oK.fine let t b..come fast.
she tries to dismiss the matter.
And she cut the call whn she heared “Hmm” rply frm Ele
Then she turned to get inside again her phone vibratated She sees “Mr.Dev Dixit” is again appearing on her phone..and its 11th time frm mrng.
Sona’s POV
” Not again..!!! Wat he really want frm me.??? He himself doesn’treat me as his frnd whn i accept him as my frnd and whm i want a distance frm him he s calling me continously bt no Mr.Dev Dixit this time i’m nt gng to listens ur justificatiob that much easily bcoz u hurted me.”
“Hurted me” “Hurted me” she reapeated her words and thinks y should get hurt by him .??? Y i’m feeling cheated aftr hearing all those stuffs..???
again her mind and heart did a war abt her thoughts and feelings.
Bt before anyone of them won Her frnd Priy shakes her and grab her inside.She just folowed her being in a confusion.

Khushi is almost done with her packing only some cosmetics stuffs are left bt already her big suitcase is fulled with her dresses
So she thinks to pull out nxt a small bag to pack her cosmetics bt for her badluck it is on top of her closet..
She slowly grab a stool near infront of it and by climbing upon it she tries her level bst to pull out..
Suddenly a screm made her distract her concentration.
“Khushi dhi..”
She slowly get down and see KB is standing at the doorstep
K- Haa kitchu Bhaiya..
she asked him between her long breaths.
K- Dhi someone is came to meet u.!!!
He informed her
Shr knew it could b “anyone ” any staff frm Raizada Fashio. House to get File
K- Ha..Let him come here…
She decided to givr file in her room as she s having paining in her sprined part due ti her this adventure on stool.
KB- Ok dhi..let me take that.???
he asked her poeitly.
K- No its Ok bhaiya ..i can manage u go and let him come
Again she asked to do it frst.
KB nodded in S and left.
Khushi once again took files frm bed and ker that in table..and took a deep breath in tiedness and give a stare at suitcase which almost pulled out
So once again she climbs and pulled it.
Bt her bad luck she misses her balance on her legs and gng to fell down.
Bt as always before she could reach floor two arms hold her in arms…
She opened her eyes sees who is holding her and get shocked…
K- Aap..????
She screamed being in shock.
To b continued in nxt part…
Guys so its Part-1
I wl post nxt part(2) of this epi as soon as possible..
I knw it could b small part bt i’m sry i have to end this part now.
So Hope u enjoys this part.
Soon their wl b some treat, suspenses ,twists are for u..
Keep suppport me through ur valuable comments.


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