I hope u all enjoyed ur New Year…
As i said this epi wl b Gift for New yr to u all..

SONA,ELENA & RITWICK plan a shopping- Arshi had a misundrstndng

At Dinning table
S-Kitchu bhaiyaa..U undratoood r8..? Don’t u have any more doubt r8..?
K- Yh Yh.,Dr.Didi…
S- Okk..and yh the second one is for Khushi Dhi
KB nodded in S and leaves to kitchen.
Sona pic her stuffs and put in her bag and continously seeing her watch…
“Where are they..???”
She murmurs…

Suddenly she heared her name frm the doorside..
E- Sona..
Sona with a relief and happy smile moves towards them
S- Thankgod u two reached i’m ready..Shall we..???
Ish comes to hall and see trio..
I- Sona beta who r they..??
S- Auntyji She s Elena my cousin and
Eleana fold her hands in a Namaste..
S-He s Ritwick my childhood frnd..
He too does..
Ish Smiles happily..
I- Arrey y r u two standing there come inside have sit…
E&R- Ji

they get inside..And sit in the sofa along with Sona and Ish..
I- Sona already told me that u all are going for shopping..
Ele&Ritwick pass smiles..
I- Wait i wl b come back..
Immediately she rushed inside the kitchen
E- Wahhh Sona Auntyji is so lovely…!!
Sona nodded with a smile…
R- Its quite nice house…!!
S- All r Mr.Dixit’s choice…
She confessed with a proud…while Ele and Ritwick Give mischeivious smiles .
E&R- Ohhhh…!!!!
Sona smiles hiddenly…
Suddenly they hear a screaming sound…(Ms.Screaming Dixit)
N- Sona dhi….whr r u…????
She comes running to Hall with a panic…
While Ele and Ritwick confused..
Due to her tension she didn’t notice there is 2 or persons except Sona..
N- Dhi plzz Help ne to choose between these two ear rings..
Sona is habitual of Nikki’s excuses..Laugh a little..
S- Hmm..This one..Nikki gets relief..
N- As usual u r Best Dhi..
Give a Side hug to Sona..
S- Yh Yh.Bt there is someone who is bestest in choosing these stuffs..
Nikki give a confused look…

Sona make her turn to face Ele and Ritwick..
Nikki undrstnd that abt who Sona is talking..
N- Ohhh..So she s best than u..
Sona nodded while E&R enjoy this childish behaviour of her…Nikki moves forward towards Ele..
N- Let me guess…U r Elena r8..?
I mean Elena dhi..
N- And u r Ritwick r8…?
Ele,Sona&Ritwick get surprised…
E- Yhh…Bt how could u knw abt us..?
N- I think u guys hav no idea abt me..i’m Nikki aka NIKKITHA DIXIT..
with a proud..
Sona pick her ears slightly And she screams in a little pain..
N- Ouch…Aaaa
S- Dramebaazz…how could u knw abt them tl me..?
N- Bhaiya…!!!
S- Wat…
N- Yh..Bhaiya told me abt u..
The trio get shocked..
N- Now leave my ear dhi i want to go out its not looking gud whm i get out with red ears…!!!
She pout…
Trio giggles and Sona leaves her ear…
S- Really Mr.Dixit told abt them..
She asked with a surprised..
N- Yh..Yesterday n8 on my gr8 insistance..otherwise he didn’t open his mouth to share anything…And y r getting surprised…??? its cool na atlast Mr.DEVARATH DIXIT too get Frnds and have a gang…
The trio smiles…
N- And BTW U all are gng ti shopping r8..?? Have fun guys…
I’m also gng with my Gang so i want to get ready Bye…Bye Sona dhi…
She left there..
E- She is soo lovely and joyable Sona…!!!
Sona smiles as agreeing..
While Ish too come along with a tray of some snacks and juice..
She places the tray and forward one by one to Ele and Ritwick.
E- Arrey Auntyj its ok..Its not..
She cut off..
I- Arrey how can u say that..??? U two are came here for frst time how can i snd u without taking something..
E&R surrenderd in her Love and Care..
R- Sona its already past 5 So shall we..
S- Yh yh i’m ready..
She get up
S- Auntyji we r moving..
Ish nodded with a smile
S- C u Tomarrow auntuji..
I- Ok beta..Take care all
turns towards E&R
I- Do come often…
E&R- Ofcourse..!!!
and the trio leave the Dixit Mansion..

Arnav is deeply thinking abt Khushi’s words..
Aranv’s POV
“She s thinking I’m only consider experience or nothing…And more over She thinks i have prblm with Working womens…Yyy..???Whn i announce Rahul as Team captain and supervise all she is totally agree with me bt today…just bcoz of that girl she have this POV abt me..!!! ”
His thoughts are distrubed by a knock on his room’s cabin.
A- Get in..
Amen get inside
Am- Sir, Here are the documents u have to sign..
Arnav receives that documents and return back to hum aftr signing..
Am- Tanq Sir..
A- Hmm..Amen.
Am- S Sir .
A-Somedays before i asked u to keep some designs privately..
Am- S Sir…
A- Whn i leave for the event i want that all..
Amen gets confused…
Am- Sir suddenly u need..
He cutt off
A- Amen..I said i want that so go Make it as presentation.
He orederd him
The anger in his tone is clearly senasable by Amen…
He didn’t stay there to ask anything..
A- S sir..
He Leaves..
Arnav’s POV
“Yes…Now i wl prove her that my decision is absouletly right one…”
He Smiles in a determination.

Trio comes outside and walking towards Ritwick’s car
S- Guys did u inform Bhaii.??
E- Yh yh i already did..
S- Hnm
R- Come on lets leave…
The trio gets inside the car and left..
Sona and Elena in back seat while Ritwick drive the car…

A group of persons are sitting in the cabin..While aftr complet reading Dev signs on some papers..
Person(1)- Congrats Mr.Dixit…I hope our this contract make huge profitable..
D- Ofcourse Sir..
Person(1)- Ok Mr.Dixit so we are leaving..C u soon
They shook hands and leave his cabin.Except one person.
He comes and sits infront chair of Dev
P-Dev yaar..its been long time since we spent time together…
D- Yh Bunty..Wat to do u bcome a busy businessman..
B- Ohh..In that case wat r u dng…??
Both laughts a little..
P-Bt Seriously Dev i’m surprised by change
in ur behaviour
Dev smiles as accepting
B-U surprised me Dev…Do u remember whn we were in 3rd yr for our team project u had to give presentation before lecturer and being in tensed u slipped water on the floor and how u stammered..Still i’m remember that day how much u tensed…
Dev smiles reminces..
D- Ofcourse..I do And i remember how u and all team members treat me for spoilling that day..
They both laugh…
B- And if i’m not wrong u get tension and nervousness for ur frst cleint meeting also r8..?
D- Yh yh almost…
B- Bt today i’m impressed my bhaii…!!!
Dev smiles in proudness.
B- Whn i reach with those peoples they are not willing to do this contract at any things ate almost out of ur control.Bt see now they left by saying that Contract wl b huge profiatable one..its only bcoz of ur Strong and confidentness Dev…
Dev smiles in confident
B- And one more thing i watched u frm the morning..U r only concentrate on ur work and attending ur meetings only…
Evn for a minute u didn’t get tension..U r not My Dev Tenxit(Dixit+Tension?)
Dev get confused..
D- Wat…???
B- Yh…I can’t see tension in ur eyes..I can only see confident in it…and with that i can sense a LOVE SPARKLE there…
Dev smiles as accepting while He tell Love sparkle he get surprised…☺☺
B- Yaar…Tl me the truth how would u change..??? infact who is behind in ur this change…??
D- Nothing like that yaar..There is nothing like love sparkle…I’m not in love with anyone..
B- Whn did i said u r in love..???
He asked in a smirky way…
Dev feel embarassed for surendering himself
D- Woh..I think…
B- I knw i knw wat u think…and abt who u think..
D- Bunty…!!!
B- I just joke…Bt seriously whose words made u tension free
This questn made Dev think abt a incident…
{S- Mr.Dixit i think u r in a rush and tensed today..?!!!
D- Ys Ms.Bose today i have an imp meeting for a new big contract thats y i’m tensed…
S- Relax Mr.Dixit u can’t do anything being in tensed..
May be being in a tension u can take wrong decision also…And one more thing big business tycoon in a tensed for a contract thats doesn’t suites u…So be normal i’m sure u wl return by cracking the contract only…}
[Their first meeting in my Ff’s First Epi]
Dev is lost on that incident..
B- Dev…
No response..
B- Dev…
By pating at his hand..
Dev come out of his thought with a sudden jerk..
B- Whr were u lost yaar..,??
D- No nothing…
By composing himself…
B- So tl me who dare to change u..???
D- There is no one like that…
B- I don’t think so..Dev listen sometimes simple words of those persons who s imp in our life can made change in ourself…
Dev gets confused…
B- Anyways i’m very glad to see u tensionfree..this change in u suits u well..
Dev smiles
B- Bye yaar c u soon keep in touch
He stood up and both give a hug
B- Congrats Mr.Dev Dixit…
D-Tanq yaar…
While leaving he turns
B- Don’t let this confidence go frm u..Or let that person go frn ur life…
He gives a smile and leaveHis words make Dev thinking
“Wat Her words made changes in me..!!! How..??? She just told me just like that…Then how i become tensionfree..?? She changed me..!!!”
He is thinking deeply abt his words…

E- Ritwick i forget to ask u onething..
R- Wat..???Don’t wry i took my wallet..
Sona smiles
E- Shut up..not that one Dev..
Sona get excitment
E- Did u ask Dev to come or not how wl he come..???Whn did he reach…
Ritwick give a puzzled look.
R- Woh..Actually…I..
He stammers..
E- Don’t say u forget it..
R- Actually Yh…
Sona get sad as may b he can’t accompany them.
E- How could u Yaar…U forget It..TUMI EKTHA BOKA…(U R A IDIOT)
R- Ele u knw na i have some imp patients and in that i forget to ask him..
Elena give a unbelivable look..
R- Ok.Fine I wl cl him now..
He stop the car aside..and took his phn to cl him.
S- No Ritwick Its not needed..
R&E give a confused look.
S- Today morning Ish auntyji told me as he has many lined upmeeting..So he must be bc..So let it be..She told them with a upset..
E- Sona r u sure..??
S- Yh yh..
R- Ok..Then in that case calling him wl b put him in a helpless situation.Sona nodded .
E- Ok…nxt do start its getting late .
R- Yh..He start the car and drives.
Elena hold Sona’s hand
E- Sona r u ok ??
S-Yh yh Ele i’m fine..Sona put a fake smile in her face…
E- Ok.Elena start to get bc in her phone

Sona’s POV
“Y I’m getting upset..Till now i’m excited abt this bt now y i’m getting Upset…???He is not coming thats all..then y i’m upset..No i can’t show this upsetness otherwise they wl pull my legs..i can’t spoil their enjoyment also..”
By seeing outside frm window she thinks and tries to being normal…

Dev tries to concentrate on his work rather than thibking abt Sona and her words..
D- Yh Tina Is Mr Kapoor reached.?? Shall we start that meeting. All arrangements ate done..???
Tina with a hesitation
T- Sir woh actually..Mr.Kapoor’s call me to inform that Mr.Kapoor can’t attend today meeting as he has personnel imp work.So he ask me to postpone to tomarrow.
D- Its ok…inform him that meeting is postpone for tomarrow .
T- Ok.Sir..
D- I think there is no other lined up meeting r8..?
T- No sir…
Dev smiles in a releif T- Sir woh i forget to inform u..?Ms Gujral is came to meet u..
D- Ohh..let her come in..
T- Ok sir..
Tina leaves…

Trio Reaches a big Shoppong mall..
They are walikng in corridor seeing all the stuffs kept in a showroom
Elena search something in her handbag
S- Wat r u doing Ele..???
E- List..
R- Wat list..??
E- list…
S& R laughs..
S- U made a list for shopping..
E- Not mine…its Anita’s..
R- Don’t tell me u wl buy things for her..
E- Ofcourse i wl…
R- Do watever u want bt i can’t afford for her…
Sona laughs a little..
S- Its ok..I wl pay for her
E- Tanq yaar she wl return the amount as she get pocket money..
S- Its Ok..
R- So Shall we…
E- Yh…Sona look that one is gorgeous come lets go there…
Sona smiles and the trio moves towards each and every their fav shop to buy stuffs…
Aftr a gud quality of time they trio has Hand full of bags…They reach parking area and gets in car…
E- Ritwick come on lets go to our fav cafe..I’m getting hungry..
R- Any more order princess…!!!
E- No not now…
Sona laughs admiring their cute fight..They left there…

So Nandhitha i get surprise by ur sudden arrival to office..
Nandhitha smiles
N- Yh i knw u wl get surprise…Actually ur sings on this papers are needed…
Dev smiles..
N- And yh..Its gud i reach there at correct time..
D- Yh…Waiter place a tray having two cup of coffee and some sandwiches
They both take each one…While at the same cafe The trio also gets in abs sits in a position of they can easily notice Dev and Nandhitha..The trio Sits infront row of the counter in 4th table while Dev and Nandhitha are sitting right side of counter in 3rd Row of table
E- Oh my god its my one of my best shopping ever..
R- Ofcourse…Meri wallet ka band baja dhiya…
E- Shut up u duffer…!!! Wats ur prblm oh hello i did shopping with my Pocket money not ur..
R- Yh r8..That hand karchief u bought in ur pocket money..
Sona laughs…
E- U…
R- Yh me…
S- Ok ok listen i’m gng to get some thing do u two anything ,?
E&R-Ofcrse yaar plzz do that favour by to shut this donkey’s mouth..
Sona laughs..
E- Wat did u say..?? How dare u..???They continue their fight Sona moves towards counter and order Cappacino and some sandwiches for the trio..
And get back her sit with the tray of her oder stuffs..
She didn’t notice Dev or Nandhitha..
E& R are still fighting in a funny way…
by placing the tray
S- Oh hoo..U two are still fighting..
E- Sona not me he is not stopping..
By taking her cup of cappcino and sandwich
R- Ok now eat this not my mood.
E- U..
S- Ok ok now shut u r mouth and eat.
R- How can we eat by shuting it..
R&E did a hi-fi..
S- Oh.. Very funny..Now it bcome my turn..
R&E laughs…
Sona too laughs by seeing their laughter
S- Seriously yaar
U too have a gud chemistry Sometimes i feel seeing u fights are look like Fight between Hus and wife…
E& R take aback and feel a weirdness…
Sona still enjoying her food without sensing their uncomfortableness…
Her single sentence made both of them feel unconfortbleness..
They both didn’t dare to see each other
While pretending to be normal..
E- Wat me and he…Impossible…
R- Yh yh r u mad..?? She..I can’t even think like that..
Sona get confused..
S- Arrey yaar i told just like that..Y both are u getting tension and give clarification.
They both stare each other…
And looks aways…
While that time Dev and Nandhitha finish their food and also pay the amount
D- So shall we..??
Nandhitha took her stuffs
N- Yh yh..
Suddenly Nandhitha get a call..
Nandhitha get excitment seeing the no flashing in her phone
N- 1 Minute Dev its imp..
D- Yh..U can…
she attend the call..
While Dev is bc in his phone..
Sona is also seeing her phone while eating as she get any call or msg frm him bcoz till now her phone is silent mode by order of Ele…
She gets upset as she didn’t get any one of them..
Dev see a teary eyes of Nandhitha..And a happy smile in her face..
Dev get confused..
N- Tanq somuch u can’t even think how i’m feeling .??? Yh yh i wl be there soon…Tanq and plzz keep trying to locate correct address…Yh…Bye see u soon..She hang up the call..
D- all ok Nandhitha..???
N- Yh Soon all get ok..
wiping her tears and sniles happily..
Dev stood up.
D- Gud so shall we..??
Nandhitha too stand up and suddenly hug Dev…
Dev get shocked by her suddrn change…
Dev hesitated place his hands on her back head..And she move back..
N- Tanq Dev..Its only bcoz of ur favour on me…
Dev wipe her tears..
D- I already told u there is no tanq and Sry between us…
Nandhitha smiles…
D- So shall we move…???
Nandhitha nodded her head…
All these are seen by Sona..
Sona is numb seeing A girl is hugging Dev…She didn’t utter a word..She didn’t respond…Only she get a shock…Her eyes are get tears…She is totally shocked…
Aftr he left with her she still in that shock mode…
Sona is still looking in that direction…
R- Sona did u pay the bill.??
Sona didn’t respond
Elena sees Sona us lost..
E- Sona wat happened..???
Sona didn’t respond too..
Elena shook her..
E- Sona not again…u get lost in something..???
S- No nothing like that…!!! I just I have a small head ache..
She stammers…
R- Hmm..Did u pay the bill.??
Sona nodded No in a hesitation..
R- Ok i’m gng to pay do anyonwke want anything more..??
S&E- Nodded no..
R- Ok..He goes to pay the bill While Elena see the upset in Sona’s face and that tears also..
E- Sona y r teary eyed wat happened..???
Sona undrstnd her eyes are got tears…
Sona wiping the tears..
S- No No i told u na i have a head ache..
E- Whn did u start to have tears for any stupid head ache…???
S- Elena plzz come on lets go…
I’m getting tiedness…
Ele feel the upset in Sona’s voice…
Elena’s POV
” I damn sure she is upset…bt wat could be her reason..till now she is suddenly..???”
While they move towards door Sona staring at the table where Dev and Nandhitha sit..She His Pen is left in that table..Without noticing by anyone she took that and cones outside…and the trio left…

N- If bhaii has decide to agree for marry her then i wl nvr talk to him..
Sona get shocked..
S- Wat Mr.Dixit and Marriage…????

So guys this Epi ends here…
Hope u all enjoy this epi…
Tanq for supporting me…
I wl post nxt epi on Thursday or Friday…


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