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Sona’s identity revealed infront of Dixit Family..


Elena and Ritwick is sitting on the hall .
E- Ritwick make u free urself tomarrow eveng ok.??
R- Ok…bt Ele Sona..???
E- Ohohoo don’t wry she wl definetly accomapny wih us..Ritwick nodded…
While Sona enters thiking alot…
His words”She s not just my employee…!””(in anger tone)
“Don’t u trust me..?””Mujhe ache nahi lagega jab mera hote huyi aapko tension lene ki kyoi zaroorat nahi”And his sudden hug to console her…Their awkward moment in his Room…
All are flashing in her eyes and mind…She lost in that thought…
She walking straight to her room without noticing Elena and Ritwick.. Bt they noticed het anf both comes in her way..
E- Sona..!!!
She didn’t rply still walking..
Ele and ritwick got confused
R- Sona..!!
No rply..
Ele shakes her With a jerk Sona comes out of her thoughts…
S- Huh..!!Wat happened..??
She screamed…
E- Someone s missing..?
S- Wat..
Ritwick giggless
E- Yh Someone imp to me is lost frm Somedays…
S- Watever…!!!
Sona undrstnd wat Ele means She moves to sofa and sit there in a tiredness
R- Sona r u ok?
By offering her water
S- Yh yh I’m fine Its just becoz of my tiedness Elena too comes and sit beside her E- Ohhh come on Sona now don’t make that excuse evrytime
S- Shut up Leave that U both tl me wat were u talking abt ?
E-Thank god u atleast guesses we were talking abt something
S- Done !!Now tl me
E- Yhh Woh We talking abt tomarrow’s plan As we are gng to shopping
S- Ohh Thats gud Enjoy
E-Oh hello Madam not we both of us U too accompany us
R- Ohhh Dr.Sonakshi Bose plz now don’t make any excuses
E- Yh U knw wat Nowdays u r not spending time with us she pout
S-Nautanki Whn this Ritwick start to stay here u both make me reach early
E- Ha So this time u can’t accomapny us Don’t u remember on only 4-5 days are left to leaving for Event
S- Ofcourse i do & Whn did i say like that i’m not coming.?
R- Meaning ??
S- i mean I wl accompany u both
Elena hugs Sona in happiness
S- Whn we should leave?
R- Around 5
S- Ok do onething around 4:45 pm come to Dixit mansion and pick me..Ele and Ritwick get surprised…
R- Wat r u saying..?
S-Is ur ear is working propoerly..???I asked u both to pick me frm Dixit mansion.
R-Thats y we are surprised…
S- Y..??
E- Till now u didn’t allow us to come there even to that street…u were scared r8..?? Then now..???
Sona smiles..
S- Now i have no fear…I’m not at all scared of anything…
Elena check whether Sona gets fever..
E- R u in ur sense..???
S-Yh yh I’m n my own sense and i want it too..
R-Wat happened Sona suddenly this change..!!!
S- Waqt badal jata hai…Insan bhi…
(Time changes humans also..)
Ele and ritwick are shocked to see such positive energy in her…They tried alot to make her think +ve bt in vain…Always that end up giving her more fear…Bt now she s fearless.. they can sense She s confident and strong enough to face any prvlm in her life….
S- Wat happened Why both of u staring me like this..??
Ele and Ritwick looks at each other…
R- Is everything Ok in Dixit mansion.. i mean..
he cut off
S- Yh yh Everything gets perfect at last there..
She happily smiles…
E- Sona…!!! If we comes there and Dev’s mom sees us she wl ask.
She too cut off.
.S- Its not at all a prblm Ele…
E- Wat..??
S- Yh…
She sees Ele and Ritwick are in still shocked..
S- OK..Fine now i wl tl u wat happened there today…!!
Ele and Ritwick sense something very imp is happened..
S- Mr.Dixit’s family comes to knw abt my real identity..
E&R- Wat…???!!!!
Sona share wat happened in Dixit Mansion and How stand along with her…
How Khushi and Ish support her…
And both E&R are happy for Sona that now she has to face only with her not only they both infact all are there for her support…More than that Somewhere
E&R realises its high time to Dev and sona realise their feelings for each other..
E- Wow thats gud..
Sona smiles in releif..
R- Hmm..If there s no prblm then we wl come to pick u frm there..
E- U r tension is now reduced..
S- Yh Almost.. In fact By this somewhr i got strength to face Bhai..Don’t why i’m scared at all..
R- We can see that..
Sona smiles..
E- Well the bst part is Dev support u and stand with u..that’s gr8..Sona smiles again lost in his words..
S- Yh he Surprised me…!!!
Ele and ritwick sees the changes in Sona’s begbehaviour towards him..
E- Guys i have an idea why don’t u call Dev for tomarrow shopping..??
Sona gets excitment bt didn’t show t
S- Bt i he can’t..
She Said with a sudden dissapointment…
R- Why..???
S- I mean may b He wl b bc in his lined up mettings…
E-Ohh..May be..
R- Don’t Wry i wl handle him atleast for an hour i ask him to accompany us..And i think he would love to..
He assure Sona..Sona gets more excitment…
S- Ok..Ele i’m gng to frsh up before bhai returns..
E& R nodded..
Sona left…
E- Ritwick Did u notice how Dev stand for and with her…
R- Yh..I think its high time they need to realise their feeling for each other..
E- I Also thinking abt that..So can we restart wat we leave incomplete…
Ritwick thinks a while..
R- Ele i have an idea..
E- Ohh Wats that..
R- Not now…i wl tl u later…
Ritwick smiles inwardly. while Ele gets confusion…
Khushi walking towards Arnav’s cabin thnking abt His reason’s for refusing Sona

“Atlast wat could be his reasons that he refusing her…???As she s the Bst nutritionist he also admitted himself then this attitude.??If generally Mr.Raizada have any prblm with girl’s working or their employement…?? No here are sone lady employees too then..??Wait Y i’m getting into it .Its none of my business..its their personel matter..!!”
while she making herself wake frm that thought she collide with a girl who coming out frm Arnav’s cabin..
As the collid the both their some file are fell in floor Immediately Khushi and that girl took that frm the floor While taking
G- Sry Ma’am i didn’t notice u..
K- U have to…
she stopped seeing her tears coming frm her eyes Khushi gets Confused by her tears K- Wat happened y r u crying.?
Till then they both took their files frm thr floor and stands
G- Nothing just
K- Who r u.?
Girl didn’t rply Khushi gets doubt by her behaviour imnediately grab the file frm her hand and see it
K- Ohhh So u came here for interview
Girl nodded
K- Well then wat happened have u dine with ur interview
G- Yhh nothing was happened and nothing could be happen Khushi gets suspcious by her talk
K- Wat do u mean
She take a while to undrstnd that she could be crying bcoz of refusing her
K- Is u rejected ?
Girls bursts out
G- Almost
K- Means.? I saw ur certificates u r enough talented
Girl wipe her tears
G- they don’t need talent only
K- Then.?
G- Experience…
Khushi is surprised to hear the reason behind refusing her
G-Yh Just becoz i have no experiencevthey rejected infact i did bst in all..
Khushi stare her carefully Again the girl start to bbreak down..
G- Ma’am whn i start to study always i have one and only dream..”ASR FASHION HOUSE”..Do something and get something frm here…bt today my dreams are shattered almost my career too…
Khushi can feel the hurt that the girl going through…Khushi patted her shoulder..
Amen comes towards them.
A- Ms Dixit Sir s waiting for u…
Khushi sees Arnav in his cabin through the glass door while Arnav too watches the whole secen of that Girl and khushi..
Khushi nodded and he leaves ..While that girl surprised to see Khushi..With a surprised smile
G- Woo U r Ms.Khushi Dixit one of the famous women desingner I heared alot abt ur designs..
Khushi smiles…
G- OMG..! I’m didn’t recognise u..
K- Its ok..Khushi forward her hand for official introduction…
K- Hai..I’m Khushi Dixit…
Girl get too happy and with a hesitation she shook her hand..
G- Hello Ma’am I’m Vani Gupta..
K- Well Ms.Gupta don’t think this s ur end of ur dreams.. Its just a part of it..And learn frm this part for nxt time..Life is a longrun u have to run till u reach ur destination if this s not ur destination then u have to run fast to find that one soon…Don’t struck in middle way Do run through ur life.
.Vani gets confident and strength by her words..
V- Tanq Ma’am..And i wl reach my destination very soon..
K- Gud..All the best BYE..
V- BYE Ma’am…
Khushi moves inside his Cabin..

Sona reaches and while walking towards Kitchen she constantly seeing here and there…As searching…Suddenly she collid with someone..By closing her eyes..
S- Sry Mr.Dixit…
Shr assume it wl b HE..As this collid becom their habbit…Suddenly she heared “Sona dhi..!”Sona opens her eyes to only find Nikki infront of her…Sona didn’t except her there…
N-Dhi..not Mr.Dixit Its Nikki Dixit…!!
S- Woh..I assume it as Him..
She stamners..
N- Ohhh…
S- Y r u still here..?? I mean don’t u have classes today..??
N-Ohhoo Dhi its my holidays…
S- Ohh..BTW Whr s Mr.Dixit..??
N- Bhiyaa..!! I don’t knw…
By saying this she walks towards Dinning table and sits there…
Sona too follow her…
S- Nikki..Tl me its imp to meet him…
Till yesterday she want to avoid him..She want to run way frm him..She don’t want to create any awkward moment with hum bt today she searching for him…She is not at all scare to face him..
N- Sona dhi…Really i don’t knw abt him..!!!S- Wat..??
N- Yh i didn’t see him frm mrng…
Sona gets disappointment…

With that she moves inside the kitchen to do her work.
Ishwari comes to her…
I- Sona beta I’m gng to temple i wl back in noon…
Sona nodded with a fake smile.
I- Wat happened Beta..?
S- Nothing Just like…
Nikki too enters with a smirky smile.
N- May b she s missing Mr.Dixit…
Sona give a death glare to her..
While Ish too giggles..
I- Woh..Actually he left for office today in early morning…As he has some imp meetings…
S- No auntyji its not like that…its just i search him for taking ur reports frm him…
She reasona her…
Ish nodded..
S- BTW aunty ji I want to tl u something..
I- Ha tl me…
S- Woh In 4-5 Days as we are leaving for event my cousins want to go for shopping…i want to accompany them So..
Ish smiles
I-Ok ok I got it u can leave early today i’m also gng to temple
Sona nodded with a smile
N- Wow Shopping..I’m also planning to go
S- Ohhh Then why don’t u join us
N- Not today dhi i’m already gng with my gang..!
S- Ohhh its ok Next time..!
N- Sure
I- And Yh my reports are in 2 nd drawer.
.Sona nodded
Ish leaves..
Nikki too leaves..
Sona’s POV
“He left in early morning is he has in very bc scheduling..?Then how did he accomppany us..?I want to inform them…Oh No i can’t as Ritwick is in his surgery and Ele wl b in her Xams…So wat to do..? May b Mr.Dixit wl b Free aftr noon and he wl accompant us…Yh last time too He comes there aftr his meetings..If Ritwick is sure abt t then he wl manages to come there…”
with a Hope she start to prepare diet chart with a speed…

Khushi comes inside his cabin
A- Hi Ms.Dixit have a sit..
Khushi took sit infront of him
. A- R u ok
Khushi give a qurstionised look
A- Woh Yesterday u left in a hurry u looks tensed too is that everthing is ok.??
K- Yh yh All ok. an emergency thats y..
A-Anyways Ms.Dixit did u see the diet charts and food menu..?
K- Yh its quite best one..
A- I knw..So pass that to Amen he wl mail it to Rahul…
Khushi nodded..
A- Today morning Rahul snd a video here it s..He turns his laptop infront of her..Its a video of the stage setting And other settings in that place..
K- Hmm..Gud gng..
Arnav nodded…
A- Rahul doing his best…
She cut off
K- Team..Not only Rahul…She take a deep breath.
K- Anything more..?
A- I hope u still remember in 4-5 days we have to leave for the place…
K- Ofcourae i do..
She thinking for a while and Arnav notices her uncomfortableness…
A- Ms.Dixit R u ok..??? Do u want any…
She cut off..
K- I’m ok Bt i want to ask u onething..
A- Yh go ahead…
K- Generally do u have any prblm with working women.???
A- Excuse me…???
K-Do u think womens are not capable for working…???
A- Wat..???
K-I never think…
A- Stop it Ms.Dixit wat r u upto..?? Wat r u talking abt..??
Khushi smiles scaracstically..
K- Strange….Mr.Raizada Whn i entered ur cabin i met a girl whom u rejected just bcoz she has no experience…
A- Ms.Dixit i think u r talking abt my business..Let me remind u..u have..
She cut off
K- Clearly i do remember., Mr.Arnav Singh Raizada that i have no right to talk abt ur business..Bt i have r8 To talk abt Event matters r8..?
Arnav looks at her questioningly…
K- So Mr.Raizada with full rights can u tl me in wat basis u appoint Rahul as the captain of the Event team..??
A- Ms.Dixit Its already decided and i think u don’t have any prblm when i announce that…
K- Exactly U announce that not us…
A- Wat do u mean..??
K- U took that decision by urself not even inform and not even ask my opinion before u announce..
A- Ms.Dixit…

She cut off
K- Let me finish Mr.Raizada..
Arnav nodded..
K- I worked a day with ur team Mr.Raizada In this mean time i get impressrd by each and everyone’s ability bt more over i got impressed by soneone’s desication..
Arnav looks at her with a confusion.
K- Want to knw who is that..PAYAL..She s a girl bt still she s willing to any work..She s very dedicated to her work and responsibilities…And her work is also one of the best one…I must say…
Arnav listens her carefully…
K- I knw its not the time to duscuss ant all thses…and u already fixed Rahul as team captain to supervise them..Bt let me tell u onething Mr.Raizada Experience us not only a factor which a captain should have there are some more too…
Armav continuously stare her
K- And now u rejected a girl who is quite talented and have the fire to fulfill her passion…In both cases ur need is clear EXPERIENCE AND GIRL…In both cases u did a partiality with womens..its not Gud at all Mr.Arnav Singh Raizadaa not gud at all…Excuse me..
She leave his cabin with a dissappointment..
While Arnav thinking deeply abt it…


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