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Dev looks here and there for avoid to look at her eyes while She keep staring him..
Suddenly His face changrd he gets panic nervousness..
D- Dhi…
He sees Khushi at his doorstep..
Sona too turn to see her and gets nervousness…
she hope Khushi didn’t hear their convo..
Bt Khushi Walks in with a normal smlile and behave very casually..
D-Dev R u..??
D- Yh I mean No..Y..?? Wst happened..?
(He stammred)
Khushi looks at Sona in her corner of eye..)
K- Woh actually i want to talk abt Mr.Raizada…
Sona gets more and more Nervoisness listening her discussing topic “HER BHAI”…
she lowered her eyes…Stood there in a hell shock
D- Mr.Raizada…???!!

He gets confused..
He can undrstnd wat would be Sona’s situation hearing her bhai’s name…
K- Yh..Actually i want to knw his family background..!!!
As Khushi is a direct person she point at the r8 direction…
Where Sona hoping to escape frm this moment…She want to run away inorder to get some relief…
But She knw Running is not at all solution for this puzzle that she made…She had to face now…Bt onething is giving her little relief that s “HIS SUPPORT”.Frm a corner of her heart she knw He wl make her free frm all these…Whereas DEV feel trapped wat could he wl ans for her straight forward Dhi’s Questn..He can See a firm in hia Dhi’s eyes…With a hesitation he replied..

D- His Family…I don’t knw abt that..He think he safely answered to a extent bt…Khushi give a scrasctical smile to him and walk more inside to his room and took a photo frame frm his TV table..i.e,Dev’s small aged photo (may be of 12-15)
She cares it with a little smile..
Both Dev and Sona are confused by her move and still stare at her..
Khushi take a deep breath
K- Kahthe hai ki Waqt badal jatha hai…Waqt ke sath Insaan bhi…
(Saying…Time changes Along with Humans…)
She says deeply looking at Dev..
Dev realises something is wrong in her words..Something is wrong…

Sona couldn’t undrstnd wat she want to tl…Dev with a hesitation…
D- Dhi aap kya bol rahe ho..??? Mujhe kuch…
( Dhi wat r u saying..??? I can’t…)
He cutt off
K- Dev…Mujhe nahi patha tha mera chota bhai Dev ithna Bada hojayenga Ki Apne parivaar se hi jootu bolega…
(Dev…I don’t think My little brother Dev wl growp up that he wl lie to his family…)
She direct points at his mistake without circleing the matter…Dev s n now more tensed…He undrstnds The wrong is “HE”Becoz wat could be it.???
D- Jootu..Kya kiske baare mein aap bath kar rahe ho dhi aap..??
(Lie…Wat Wat r u talking abt..?)
Sona undrstnd may b leaving Bro-Sis is right Option..She took her bag.
S- Mujhe kitchen mein kuch kaam hai…
(I have work on kitchen..)

She tries ti move outside..suddenly she hear…
Khushi called her…Sona turned immediately with a hell shock…Dev too get hell shock…
D- Dhi…!!!
Sona and Dev looks at each other…
Khushi see both of them and place the photo frame in the table..
K- Patha hai Jab mujhe Dr Sonakshi Singh Raizada ke baare mein patha chala I’m confused…bt jab tum donom ke bath suna i’m shocked.!!!

(Do u knw whn i come to knw abt DR.SONAKSHI SINGH RAIZADA I’m confused…Bt aftr listeing ur convo i’m shocked…)
Dev didn’t heed to rply..As like Sona they both stand still and listen in a gr8 guilitiness
K- I think mera sare sawalom ka jawab Sina hi de sakthi hai…lekin ab mujhe lagtha hai ki Sona se syadha Ab tumhe mera sawalom ka jawab dey sakthi ho..!!
(I think i get ans for my questn frm her bt now i think more than her u hav my ans…)
She asked him indirectly…
Dev take a deep breath and a little hope raised in him..
D- Dhi Woh…I knw ab aap mujhse gussa ho Aur aapki gussa bhi teek hai lekin trust me Dhi mein is joot koyi galat intension keliye nahi kaha tha…
(Dhi woh i knw u r angered on me and u r angry is also right thing…bt trust me dhi i didn’t lie with any wrong intension)
K- I knw u Dev thats why u’m shocked…
Sona is in still shocked tht somewhr She s the reason behind his sitution now.
S- Khushi Dhi
She stopped a while Khushi stare at her.
S- I mean Ms.Dixit
She comes two steps forward
S- Ye sab mere waja se ho rahe hai…Mr.Dixit ne toh..
(All these are bcoz of me Mr.Dixit only…)
Khushi cutt off her..
K- Pehle Dev
(Frst Dev)

Dev and Sona undrstnd that Now Khushi is more hurt becoz of Dev
Dev took a Deep breath and decided to confess all to her..
D- Ok dhi…
He confess all to her while Khushi listens carefully…

Nikki is desperately waiting by sitting in the dinning table.
Ish comes along with a tray full of Kachori and tea.
N- Wow.Maa.! Hot Kachori and tea..U made my eveng.
Ish give a sweet smile..
Nikki tries to take a kachori frm a tray.
Ish slightly hit her hand.

I- Along with all.
Nikki make a pout face and suddenly stood up While Ishwari Placing the plates.
N- BTW Maa hot tea and Kachori I can’t w8 till they arrive and can’t tolerate my hungry So Bye..
By saying this She immediately pick the tray and runs towards Dev’s room as all are there…
Ishwari too Follow her Calling her…

Dev explains everything to Khushi..Sona stand there in a gr8 Guilty…
D-Ms.Bose ne jo bhi kiya woh unka majboori tha…
(Watever Ms.Bose did its all her becoz of she was helpless
Khushi get confused
K- Konsi majboori..???
(How Helpless..??)
D- Mr.Raizada nahi chhthi hi ki unki behan kisi bhi kaam karen.
(Mr.Raizada won’t allow his Sis to snd her to any work.)
K- Wat .?? bt Y..?? (with shock..)
D- Woh still we don’t knw…
Khushi undrstnd Mr.Raizada is very complicated…

K- Ok Dev Watever She did she has a valid reason..Bt U…??? U didn’t think its necessary to share with us…Tu aapne ek employee keliye…
(U did this just for ur emlpoyee..)
she cut off…
Dev announced in a firmly tone .
D- Ms.Bose sirf ek Employee nahi hai..
(Ms.Bose is not just an emplpyee)
Both Sona and Khushi looks at hin with a unbelievable look…
till now he was in a guilty tone bt suddenly he raised his voice…
For a sec Khushi taken back..
She stare him continuously..
She feel something is hurt inside him by her words…
Sona too didn’t except this action of him…
Aftr a sec Dev too undrstnd wat he said…He can see a shockingful 2 pairs of eyes in him.He clears himself.
D- I mean She s my frnd too atleast we knw each other frm 3-4 months
He wants to clarifies his words
Bt as always his eyes telling another reason and that is easily visible to Khushi..
till now 2 membr his family sense the chemistry between them bt aftr witnessing all these now Khushi too undrstood Bt she didn’t show outside…
K- Hmmm..Frndshp Gud….

She moves towards Sona and hold her two hands.
K- Come..
Khushi make her sit on bed and make her drink some water.
S- Ms.Dixit i’m sry really very sry…i didn’t want to cheat u all or didn’t like to lie to all of u bt wat to do i’m helpless..
She breaks down..
K- Listen..I can undrstnd wat would u must going through…
she take a deep brwath and sit beside her.
K- Whn i came to kne all these i’m not angered on u..Not for a sec i thought u cheated on us…
Clearly i knw if u r doing this must thre should be some valid reason..

Sona looks at her with a hope..
K- And Yh don’t wry i didn’t reveal all this to anyone includng ur bhai..
Sona smiles a little.
K-I don’t knw wat could be ur bhai’s reason..and i can’t fully agree to ur Bhai’s pov..Bt i can undrstnd whnevr u lie to him u r killing urself..and if by revealing all this to ur bhai defenitely he wl broke bt more than that u wl brole urself…
Khushi undrstnd her without Sona revealing her real feelings..
Khushi tightens her hold…as assurence
While Dev us enjoying all these by smiling thinking all gets normal
K- And one more thing Don’t thibk u r alone i’m with u…
Sona hugs her with that assurence…
Suddenly they hear a voice frm his doorstep(again)
I- I’m also ..!!!
Trio looks at that direction and gets surprised…

Nikki and ish enters carrying that tray and Nikki places that in a side table.
Ish cares Sona..
I- U bear all these pain alone till now without tellibg us not even me…!!!
Sona and Dev are shocked..While Khushi give a small smile.
I- Patha hai aaj tak mein tume is gar ka ek hissa mana tha lekin tu aaj iss gar ka hiss ban gaya..(Till now u seen u as part of this house bt today u became tht…)
I- Tu mereliye aapne bhai se jootu bola kudu ko itna dard dhe rahe the…!!?(U lied to ur own brother for my sake…u hurt urself too…)
S- Auntyji…Ish wipes her tears…
I- Nahi ab bas..Jo hogaya So hogaya..Jobhi huva acha hi huva is bahane se mujhe aapni gar ki bah…mera matlab mujhe ek aaur beti jo milgayi..(No Enough of all this..watevr happens happens for gud…Its happened gud by that i got daughter in…I mean another Daughter for this house)
Khushi undrstnd wat Ish wants to tl…

Ish turns to Dev..
D-Aur tu…tu kab itna bada hogaya ki aapne maa aur parivaar se bathein chhupna shuru ki..??
(And u..whn u start to hide the things frm ur maa and family..??)
Dev hold his ears as sry..
Ish lowered his Hands..
I- Koyi bath nahi jab bath privar ka aatha hai koyi bhi aise hi kartha..
(Its ok whn it comes to family Whoever wl be doing this..)
Khushi cares his face..
I- Ek baar phir muje aapne bete se garv hai…Tu dosti nibane keliye khada huva uski sath woh teek hai beta aur tumne jo bhi kiya bilkul teek kiya…Hamesha aise hi rahna Hamesha uska sath dena Hamesha uska sahara banana…
(Once again i’m proud of my Dev… how u stand for ur frndshp how u support her its correct Watever u did its absolutely r8 thing…Always Do support her Always becomes to her support…)
N- Ek JEEVAN SAATHI ki tarah hai na maa..???
(Just like Life partner r8 maa..??)

By her words Both Dev and Sona gets shocked…
while Ish feel content as wat she want to tl them that told by Nikki..While khushi sees all these silently and undrstnd everything…
Ish or anyone of them didn’t utter a word..
Bt she can undrstnd that uncomforatble feeling between them and tries to make over it..
I- Ok ok Fine enough of this now all of u comr fast i prepared Hot kachori and tea..
N-Yh bhai dhi we came here to call u …
Plz come fast na i can’t tolerating this hungry…
She make a pout face…While all 4 of them smiles…Nikki moves to Sona and grab her hand..
N- Dhi come fast…
She took Sona frm there
I- Come fast..

She also leaves
While Khushi moves towards dev
D- Dhi I’m..
She cut off
K- I knw Dev U r saying Sry..Bt its ok..Watever u did with an r8 intension Not any wrong one so its gud..
Dev hold her hands…
D- One more thing Ms.Bose will also come for the event
K- I knw…Don’t wry nothing wl reveal to Mr.Raizada..
D- Hmm..Dhi
Suddenly they hear Screaming voice of Nikki.
N- Khushi Dhi bhaiya…Come fast…
Khushi with a giggles
K- Jaldi chalo varna tumhara Choti behan is ghar ko sar par uda lega..
(Come fast otherwise ur Little Sis wl take this house on her head..)
They both giggles

K- Don’t wry i’m with both of u…Everythng wl b ok..
Dev nodded his head..
While Khushi leaves…
Dev feel a relief now…
“Atlast everything get fine…Oh no..!Till now i didn’t reveal abt Nandhitha to Ms.Bose…”

E- Wow…!!!Its one of my bst shopping ever i did…
R- Ha ha mera Wollet hi phata thana…!!!
S-Ritwick…No leave wat would u hve..??
E&R-Our favourites…!!!
Sona turns and get Shocked…
S- ….!!!

So my readrz…
This epi ends here…
I hope u all enjoy this twist ans i hope it is no messy one…
+ve or -ve i want ti knw ur opinion so plz do comment all my frnds….
Nxt epi on Friday or saturday…
Till then Bye….


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