I HOPE U ALL ARE FINE….Well i knw u all r waiting for nxt epi…So here s the nxt epi part -1..Whn i roughly though abt this epi i make it in a single epi bt whnbi start to write up i feel to divide this…I hope u all enjoy this part…
Anyways now lets start epi

Devakshi moment- Dev geta Mr.Gujral’s contract

Sona is still in tension…Suddenly a idea peep into her mind immefiately she complete the diet plan while Ish comes inside
I- Arrey Sona beta..whr r u rushing..???
S- Auntyji i’m gng to meet Dr.Singha he called me i forgot abt the merting its getting late..
I- Ohh..Ok
Sona hurriedly tells her and left..while leaving a Ish confusing…
“I have no other option i have to do it…Oh god plz save me don’t make me more lie to anyone i’m getting enough of these…”
She somewhr start to hate herself to lieing to her dear ones…

A- The members are leave for the place
Khushi nodded
K- And the diet plan and menu.?
A- Oh yh…
He handover a document to her..
She accept t and start to readng it…
While He gets a call
A- Hello
On call its Sonakshi
S-Bhai whr r u..??
A-Office y wat happened..???
S- woh Whn i give u the document some papers are left in my bag now only i noticed
She gets panic in every sec…
A- Its ok Sona…Don’t take tension..
Till now Khushi fidn’t pay attention to his conversation bt whn he use “SONA” She. Start to pay attention..
S- Bhai snd any one of staff to parking area i’m w8ng here..
A- Wat parking area y…Sona ucan come directly to my cabin..
S-Bhai i knw bt i don’t have any time..
A- Y wat happened ??
S- bhai i rushed to here by leaving the classes inbetween i have to retryn immediately…
Once again she lied…
A- Ohh Ok Don’t wry i’m coimg w8 there…
He hungs up the call
A- Ms.Dixit excuse me i wl b bavk in 15 minutes..
Khushi nodded…
He left…
Khushi whn read the event food menu she gets confused…
K- Chinese..Italian…Indian…
All these items are seen i have already read it somewhr and this handwritging is also seen knownful…
She gets confusion…
She then sees sone paperz are missing so she can gets time till Mr.Raizada reach here..
She getsup and moves to Winfiw and looks outside through the window…
While looking she suddenly struck by a scene..
Where she s standng its just top of the parking area i.e, thr parking area is visible to her..
She sees Arnav is chatting with a girl she hnad over some papers to him and he give dide hug to her and she left in a cab..she conldn’t see the girl’s face…
Arnav too left that place she turns arpund casully nt suddenly she gets a shock…
She sees a photo frame in his table facng to him(thats y she didn’t notice that till now)she immediately wrnt near to that and took it…She sees a photo of Arnav and Sonakshi…
Khushi’s POV
“WAT…???? Sonakshi with him..?? Y..?? how..?? ”
Questns are started to rotating in her head…she s n a big confusion..
while her thoughts are distrubed by the knock sound on the door…
K- Get in
Amen (Arnav’s PA)- Ma’am would u like to have something ???
K- No its ok..
A- Ok ma’am..
Amen turns to leave
K- Amen..
A- S Ma’am…
K- actually woh Whr s Mr Raizada suddenly he rushrd outside is everything is fine.?
A- S ma’am evrrything is fine actually he went to mert his Sis..
She didn’t want to knw any personnel stuffs of partners bt hus rply “HIS SIS ” affect her…she looks at him with a sudden jerk…
K- His Sis…!!?
Amen nodded..
Khushi point at the photo frame and ask
K- Is she is his Sis…???
Amen looks at it
A-Yh..She s His sis…Dr.Sonakshi Singh Raizada a famous nutritionist..
He confirmed all her doubtes..
K- Oh..Whr s she working..???
Amen thinks a while
A- I don’t think she s working..
Khushi gets more shocked
K- Wat really…???
A- Yh..Ma’am
K- As a doctor she should be praticing somewhr r8..??
A- As far as i knw she s doing a further research..
K- Ohh..U can go
A- Ok ma’am
Amen left..
Khishi is now cleared now
“She s not Dr.Sonakshi Bosr she s Dr.Sonakshi Singh Raizada..Then y did she lieing to us .??? She s lieing abt her real identity…??? And by Amen’s words it s clear they don’t have any idea that Sona is working i hope Mr.Raizada is aldo unware of it ..Y did she lie to his own brother… i have to talk to Dev…”
She immediately took her bag and left in hurry…while she walking in the corridor of the office Arnav too comes infront of her..
A- Ms.dixit….
Khushi stopped..
A-Whr r u rushing..?? I thnik we didn’t complete our meeting..
Khushi took a deep breath.
K- I knw Mr.Raizada…bt now i have to levae immediately can ee meet tomarrow..whn u get free inform me..
She leaves without listen to his rply…
She didn’t want to disclose anything before get to know abt anything..
A- Ms.Attitude…!!! Becoming unpredicatble…
With scarastic smile he left to his cabin

Ishwari is sitting in the sofa after having lunch..
Dev comes inside and sits in the sofa tiredly..
I- Dev beta u come today early..?
D- Ha maa Nothing imp work left in the office so i thoght to come early
I- Gud Go get fresh i wl serve u lunch.
D-No Ma I already had it with a frnd
I- Ohh Any new Frnd.??
D- Yh Maa
I- Ohh Who is this..?
D- Woh One business partner now ee becomes frnds.
He didn’t confess her his new frnd is Nandhitha he didn’t want to make any more confusions
I- Gud..
D- Hmm..
Dev Sees here and there as searching…and Ish Notices him
I- Wat happened Beta do u search anyone.?
D- Ha Maa Actually..Whr s Ms.Bose she didn’t seen anywhr.??
He ask her with a hesitation
I- She went to meet Dr.Singha did she inform u Didn’t she.??
D- No I mean May b some immediate meeting..
I- Ohh.K
He stood up frm the Sofa
D- Ma.Let me get fresh up..
Ish nodded in S..and He left to his room…

Aftr a While Ish is busy on doing som work on Kitchen…Sona enters
.I- Arrey Sona beta..U reached..
Sona feel little tied due to the travel and place her bag on the kitcheb table slowly
S-Ji auntyji BTW Wat r u doing..I
– Something Imp…And all love to have it…Kachori…!!!
Ish geting much exicted..
S- Hmm…Auntyji u can work Bt if u r feeling tied or any pain in ur body u immediately stop all this or handover all this ti kitchu bhaiya..
I- S Dr.Daravani…!!!
Sona and Ish giggles..
I- BTW Beta u went to meet Dr r8..?? Wat did he tl abt my health..??
S- U r fine and fit Auntyji..No worries..
I-Thank god..!!!
Ish gets relief..
S- BTW Auntyji can u do me a help.??
I- Ha Help ..?? Wat..??
S-Can u plz give these reports Mr.Dixit.?
I- Y..?? I mean y can’t u give urself..??
S- Woh Actually at late he s reaching..
She Made a fake excuse..
Ish smiles..
I- If the reason is that Then u don’t need my help..
S- Sry Auntyji i didn’t get u..
I- Arrey Beta Dev already reached today early..
S- Wat..??
I- Ha He s n his Room Go and give him..
Sona start to feel some restless…
Sona’s POV
“OH god where i’m trapped…Whn i want to avoid him not to create any awkward atmosphere between us…Bt the fate is always betraying me..!! Wat to do now I have to face him…”
I- Sona beta….Wat r u thinking abt..??
S- Mr.Dixit..she blabbered while thinking abt him
I- Wat…Ish hear her rply very clearly bt pretend to unknown..Sona undstnd wat she blabbered.
S- I mean He s his Room r8..??
I- Yh go and give him..
S- S Auntyji…with a hesitation she moves to his room
I- Donom ek tarah hi hai..(They both are same)with a smirky smile…

“With a hesitation I reached his room..My heart beat is increasing…I knocked on the door thrice bt no respons on other side…So with a unknownful confident I peep into his room…
I can only saw a Empty room..If my gusses are r8 he s not here…Whr did he go..?? Auntyji told me he is on his room only then..??Questns are start to peep into my mind…Suddenly a thought struck me…Before he return to his room I wl place this reports and ran outside…I feel a relief I get wat i want “avoid him..not to look at his catching brown eyes and get lost myself”…I rushed to his laptop table and plce the reports in way that he can easily notice and turns and start to walk towards the door…Suddenly i hear a familiar firm Voice.. “MS.BOSE”
Within that one sec again my heart start to beat randomly…
I widened my Eyes n a sudden shock…I recognise the voice..
its his..Oh no Where did he come frm suddenly..??with a sudden shock i turned back withour seeing here and there…as a result my knees get a strong hit by the cart’s side leg…Again my legs betrayed me..I lost my balance as always again i’m gng to hit the floor…I closed my eyes tightly…Again i feel two strong arms around my waist…i knw who held me…whn i opened my eyes slowly i saw his catching brwon eyes…again i’m getting lost on that two magical thing…I can see a cute smile on his face…Oh god i’m getting lost in his Smile and eyes… As usual i’m loosing my controland these making me crazy…Bt more than these i’m feeling a awkwardness by sensing He is in bare chest…Its visible he now only come frm a bath…there are still some water dropslets in his body and faces…don’t knw y i’m feeling a hottness in that room..
till now these sitiation made a awkwardness between us bt now this situation made me spmething more than that awkwardness i’m feeling some more butterflies in my stoamch…My heart is beating beyond its limit…I’m forgetting everything…I’m lost my self control.Oh god this s wat i don’t want to happen bt its happening wrost than i’m excepting…Y…???
“Whn i was in washroom for bath to get rid of this tiedness i slightly hear knocking sound…whn i open wash room door and sees Ms.Bose is leaving…She came here for wat.?? Immediatly i called her without think of anything… i didn’t realise i’m not in the situation where she can look at me without any hesitation…
as i called she stopped a sec and turns to face me…Bt before she turn fully Her knees get hit by the cart’s leg and she again hit the floor..As usual i held her by her waist again she s n my arma…As always she s closing her eyes..Don’t knw y I want to assure her that i’m also here to hold her whever she fell…As usual she s lookng cute while she s closing her catching wide eyes…
I knw sometimes her antics are not less than any baby’s..She gets angry as like babies gets…She change her face expression for each and every word she spoke… Whnever She rply me i can get ans frm both her Eyes and that lips…Whnevr i sees her eyes i’m losting myself and forgetting surronding…I’m start to notice no SCANNING her each and every thing Y..?? I really don’t k w whn did i start all these and Y i’m doing..? I clearly knw i would like to do…”
As they lock their eyes for a while
{Meri Nazar ka safar
tujhpe hi aake ruke
kehne ko baaqi hai kya
kehna tha jo keh chuke
meri nigahein hain teri niagon ka
tujhe kabar kya be-kabar
mein tujhse hi chhup chhup kar
teri aankeion padthi hoon
kyon tujhe yoon pyar karega
jaise main karti hoon}-(M.S.Dhoni)
plays in background
As usual there locking moment s distrubed by a screaming voice…
they both hear Nikki is screaming not in his doorstep bt in the downstairs..
N- MAA…WHR R U..???
They both comes to their sense…and composes themselves immediately she turns around back facing him..
He undrstnd wat her sudden turn mean immediately he too took up a white t- shirt and wore..aftr that her break their awkward silence.
D- Ms.Bose U here any imp matter..???
Her heart beating is beyond limit..
She stammrs…
S- Woh actually i…ftst u do..
She cut off..
D-U can turn around Ms.Bose..
She undrstnd his meaning and turns around…
He moves to the side table and took a glass of water and forward to her…
First of all the situation is awkward and now he s making it mire uncomfortable for her…Always he make her surprised by his acrivities…now too..She didn’t think anything immediately took the glsss frm gis and drink it…watever bevthe situation he knw how yo handle her how to control her..wat have to do for calming het in each every time in all HE KNW HER…
She place the glass on the table while he noticed a file on his laptop table he took it and start to read it..
Aftr reading..
D- So Maa is perfect…Tanq Ms.Bose..
S-Its oK Mr.Dixit i only did my work…
D- u did a gud job actually i too want to meet Dr.Singha
S- Oh..Really for wat..??
D- Woh .I want to kbw whether Maa can travel…
Sona gets surprised..
S-Oh..Travel…Is auntyji is gng to somewhr.???
D- U r asking as if u don’t knw..
S-Seriously i have no idea..
D- Og..Event she s also coming infact Nikki too..
He tell her with a joy with a hope sge gets happy…
S- Wat…????
she screamed in shocked..
He gets confusion..
D-Yh..Ms.Bose y is there is any prblm.??
S-Prblm is only there Mr.Dixit y cam’t undrstnd that…???
D-Ms.Bose u making me worried tl me Maa is fine at all or not..
S-itd not Abt Auntyji’s health Mr.dixit..
S-Its abt me .
D-Wat do u mean….

While at downstaris Khushi too reach and sees Her mother in Kitchen.
K- Maa
She pretend to be normal as sge don’t want to make Ish tension before knowning abything detaily..
I- Arrey Khushi beta come see..
N-Wow Dhi u too arrived its gud now we all have These Yummy kachori together..
Nikki announced in a excitement…
Khushi and Ish give a smile
K- Maa Whr s Dev..??
I- He s in his room.
K- Ok maa i just go to mert him
Khushi too left
While Isj abd Nikki are bc in the Kachori….

At dev’s room
S- Exactly Mr.Dixit till now ur family don’t knw abt my real identity..
D- Oh i forgetbto think this in this angle..
S- Oh no…Now wat to do..??? Really i don’t have any idea that Ur family wl also accompany u..Now i can’t Say No to bhaii..
D-And i can’t Say No to my family…
S-We r trapped Mr.Dixit…..Now wat to do..?? Is bhai gets to knw abt this then wat would be his situation…wat will happen to my dream…??
She start to blabbering in a hyper Tension
He yries to calm her but in immefiately he pull her in a hug…
With a sudden hug she closed her mouth..
D- calm Ms.Bose calm down.
Sona feel some peace in his surronding closed her eyes to have more peace…
Aftr a while she moves away
Dev gets more concerned make her sit on the bed by holding her shoulder…
And he too sit in that..
D-Ms.Bose Don’t worry i wl do something..
Sona getsup with a sudden jerk he too stood up..
S- How Mr.Dixit Either u can’t allow ur family ti cone to event nor i can’t able to say No to my bhai…
Dev take a deep brath..
D- We can do something..
She cut off
S- No Mr.Dixit is not at all easy one….
D- Ms.Bose don’t u trust me..?
He asks her by looking deeply in her eyes…
S- more than myself…
She confessed by losing her self control again in his deep look.
D-Then leave all in me i wl handle.
.Sona somewat gets a relief
D- Aur wise bhi mujhe acha nahi legega jab mere hote huye aap tension lena ki koyi zaroorth nahi…
(BTW  i don’t like whn U r taking tensn while i’m here)
He confessed it..Sona gets surprised by his confession.
D- I mean…U…
He looks here and there to avoid look at her and his look is Suddenly struck in the door side gets shocked
D- Dhi…!!!
Sona to looks at that side gets shocked..She immediately stood up frm the bed.
S- Khushi dhi…
Khushi stamding at the door step and witness all thses happening…


SO guys this part ends here
I hope u are not getting confusion abt scenes. Becoz i got while posting..??
Guys i want to clear something..
As the story is moving towards the track so hopefully this is last (detailed)DEVAKSHI scene…becoz aftr all these there are somany things is gng to happen..
I really hope u all like the way of story moving and yh ARSHI fans (include me)don’t feel as i’m not including their ARSHI SCENE…Becoz there is a surprise for u all abt them…and that surprise chnge the story more intreseting i hope u can w8 till now…
Anyways in short i want to tl all my readers that till the end of this EVENT track..
Ok guys like precious epi plz do comment in this too…i really want to knw abt the feedback abt DEVAKSHI SCENE..
Post Nxt part soon..Till then bye…

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