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Dev decide on His marriage proposal

Dev is seeing some files while Tina gets in to collect some files
D- S.Tina here is the documents Snd it as E-mail to all our share holders
T- S.Sir
She took some files frm the table
T- Sir.Ms.Gujral is came to meet
Dev gets surprised
D- Wat Ms.Gujral let her come in.
T- Ok sir.
She left
Nandhitha get inside his cabin
D- Oh..Hai Ms.Gujral.
They shook handes and she takes seat
D-S tl me Ms.Gujral anything serious.?
N- Yh an imp matter..
Dev gets serious
D- Hmm.??
Nandhitha forward some papers to
 him and with the hesitation he gets it and gets shocked seeing the paper.
D- Contaract Agreement…!
Nandhitha give a frndly smile
N- S.Along with Mr.Gujral’s sign..
D- Oh…Whn did it happen..?
How i mean i thought ur Papa only agree for the contract whn i accept that marriage proposal.
He blabbered in a shock.
N- Mr.Dixit relax. Eventually Papa has that mind setting bt i convince him..
D- Meaning.?
N- I mean for my sake u demand some time to Papa.So in the return its my duty to make him accept this agreement..So that s wat done..
D-Ms.Gujral Tanq so much u..
She interrupted.
N- Oh come on Mr.Dixit…I should say Tanq to u..U r doing a big favor for  me..
Dev gives a friendly smile.
N- If u don’t mind can we be the friends..?
She forward the hand
Dev geta little surprise.
He too shook hand with her as a begin of frndshp.
N- Ok. I have to leave i have an imp meeting..
D- Ok.Bt i want to give u a treat so if u don’t mind can u do tomarrow lunch with me.?
N- Ok.
D- Perfect i wl Snd the address and time.
N- Ok C u tomarrow..
She left..
Dev is in his cloud nine becoz his one of the big deal is ready and its a big step in his career future.

Ishwari is sitting in the hall
And Sonakshi comes to her.
I- All Done Beta..?
S- S.Anutyji…I have to meet Khushi di..thats y i’m w8ng.
I- Its ok come sit here.
Khushi comes inside the house..
I- Khushi is here…
Khushi come and sit on the sofa.
S- Khushi di I made a rough diet chart for u once u see and cheeck if it is ok.?
She forward a paper.
Khushi reads and gets confused..
K- Sonakshi wats all these..?
Chinese Italian Indian..?
Sona realisea that she give the list of Event Menu not her Diet list
S- Sorry dhi its nothing..Woh i like to have all this food items so i make a list of that.
Khushi forward that list her with a node.
Again Sona pull a paper frm her bag and hands over it to Khushi.
Aftr Reading that Khushi is satisified with the diet plan..
While as always Nikki comes inside by screaming…
N- Ma..! Dhi s..!
K- Y r u screaming Nikki..?
N- Dhi i got an surprise gift fo Sona dhi…
S-Wat for me..?
K- Nice Wat s that…?
Nikki pull a box frm her bags and show a multi colored gown to all.
All the ladiea like that…
N- Hw s it..?
K- Nice..
S- Beautiful..
N- Sona dhi it s just a gift plzz accept it ..
S- Nikki its ok…How can i..?
K- Sonakshi accept t she bought it for u only with alot of love accept t.
Sonakshi looks at Ishwari and She nodded S..
S- Ok fine Tanq Nikki..
She give hug to Sona
K- Gud.
While seeing that
N- Dhi go and get wear it i want to see u in this dress..!
I- Yh Yh Go..
K- Go
With a hesitation Sonakshi goes to Nikki's room and gets changed
Aftr a while Sona comes to hall by wearing that dress all are gets happy..
Nikki comes running to her
N- Wow Wow Sona dhi its just awesome whn i see this on showroom its not this pretty now i got to know its real prettiness..!
I- U r looking Beautiful beta…
K- Perfect fot u Sona..
S- Tanq…
Khushi gets a call and she moves to outside.
" He not as usual he come along with screaming y..? wat happened…? I can feel a happiness in his screaming… Oh My God i’m in my dress a gown till my knees…Wat could be he thinking seeing me..???
Before i could turn around to look at him a two strong two arms roundup in my waist…before i could react that arms pull me up and start to rotate…i can feel his hot breath in my bare back…
He s still screaming in different words i can’t clearly hear anyone if them..I’m getting too dizzyness..”
While Khushi returns aftr hang up the call..and surprised to see Dev rotating Sonakshi…
K – Dev….!
He stopped and looks at the side whr he gets his name called and gets shocked..
Slowly He realeses Sona frm his arms…
“Tanx Khushi Dhi…She came and make him realise…I’m getting some relieve bt due to rotation i can’t stand stady my vision s getting blured…I-m gng to hit the floor soon bt before that two arms hold me…”
Dev caught her by holding her waist…

“Hell This s Sonakshi…Oh Shit wat i did with her..??”
All 4 of them geta panic…
Khushi, Nikki,Ishwari comes running to them.
I- Dev Wat did u do with her beta…!!!
D- Ma… sry i assume she s..
K- Dev Carry her to Nikki’s room.
He carry her in his arms to the Nikki’s room and place her in the bed
Khushi spits some water on her face and while Sona gets conciousness she maker her drink water..
Sona sees the paniked face of all.
S- Auntyji i’m fine don’t taks tension
D- Sry Ms.Bose i don’t knw its u….i mean i assume Khushi dhi there…
With a guilty hesitation
By sitting on the bed.
S- Its ok. I knw…
I- Dev atleast u should see the face..
S- Auntyji its ok let it be i’m fine
K- R u sure.??
S- Ha Dhi…!!!
K- Ok I have to check some imp documents so excuse me…!!!
Sona noded
Khushi left
 Ishwari sees at Dev and Sona
I- I have a little work on kitchen i wl b back…Nikki come with me..
N- Ha Maa…
They also left leaving Sona and Dev alone..
Again the atmosphere surrounded by a akward silence…
They don’t dare to see each others eyes…
She s sitting in the bed by strectching her legs.

“Oh god y r u doing this to me..? Y i’m getting nervousness…? Y nowdays i’m getting awkwardness around him..? Y his lite brown eyes catch my attention..? Y i’m getting lost in his lite brown eyes..? Yyyy..??”
She tries to avoid to look at him…
D- R u fine.?
S- Better..!!!
D- Hmmm
S- I…have to change…
She stammers..
D- Yh yh…
While he stood up to leave she too stood up rushly due to the dizzyness again her head rotate a small rotation while she lost her balance due to that Dev comes to her and hold her hand
They two looks at each other..
Again their eyes gets locked..
(Kuch Rang Pyar ke aise bhi -Plays)
D- U….Actually this…
He stammers.
They still hold their hands and still looking at her catching big eyes…
Sona looks at him with a exceptation
D- U r looking So beautiful in this dress…
She gets surprised by his words…
She downs her look. In a little shy
Their moment is broken by Nikki
N- Becoz its my choice..
She announce him while standing at the door stop with a smirky smile..
They releases their hand frm each other. And composes themselves
Nikki comes to them.
N- See Dhi Mr.Dev dixit give compliment for u so this dress s beautiful for u..
She make the moment more embarrasing..
S- Ha..Woh..Yh..I Have to change Excuse Me…
she moves to change the dress
Dev too left the room
Nikki with a smirky smile..
N- Something is start to  cooking up between them….!!!

All 4 are dine together.
E- Wow…!!!Bhai i’m super excited for the event
S- ha bhai..!!
A- Do u prepared the diet plan.??
S- Almost bhai..I wl give u tomarrow
A- Ok.
E- BTW Bhai how many days we wl b staying there.??
A- One week..
E- Wow….
A- Ritwick i hope u don’t have any imp appointments.
R- Its ok bhai i wl adjust tht..
A- Hmm..Excuse me
He left
E- Sona If we r staying for one week we should gng for shopping..
S- Yh..
E- Ok Do onething tomarrow
S- Not tomarrow i have to meet Dr.Singh
R-We can plan tomarrow
S- Yh..
Aftr their dine they too left to their respective rooms.

K- Wat Mr.Gujral signed in agreement papers..???!!!
D- Yh..Nandhitha make him to do that..
K- Nice..
I-And Is he agree for ur decision.
D- S…Nandhitha make him undrstnd…Actually she s nice girl,gud undrstndng…
N- Ohhh…!!!Compliment ..
D- Nikki..
He give a death glare to her..
K- Drv listen There are some imp matters u want to knw..
D- S dhi
K-For event theme setting 5-6 team members are leaving tomarrow.
D- Hmmm
K- And We should leave for the event before 2 days of the event day.
N- Wat u two only..??,
K- No my dear…We all..
N- really…??? Yayyy…!!!! I’m supwr exicted for that…
K- Hmm..Maa is it fine for u to traveling.??
I- Ohhhoo khushi beta i’m alright..
K- Ok maa..And yh Dev oneore thing..
D- Yh dhi
K- Mr.Raizada handovr food and diet chart responsibility to his sis as she is nutritionist..
D- I knw u don’t wry she s the best dr.
He confessed.
K- How did u knw abt her.??
Dev undrstnd his confession.
D- Woh I think if Mr.Raizada give that to her ofcourse she wl b best ..
K- Hmmm…Dev we want to invite some imp clients for this event frm our side.
D- Yh i wl invite them tomarroww
K- Ok.and Mr.Gujral.???
D- Ofcourse Dhi we should invite him..
K- Ok handle that
D- Hmm..
K-I’m done Gud n8..
She left
Aftr completing All 3 of them were too left to their rooms..

Sona is busy in her lunch diet chart..
N- Sona dhi i want an help..
S- Ha Tl me..!!!
N- I noticed u keep a dark shade of pink Nail color so can u give me that for use .??
S- Ofcourse W8 ..
She Searches in her bag and give that to Nikki
N- Tanq Sona dhi…
She left..
Sona notice some paper in her bag and she opens it.
S- Oh god its one of the model’s detail paper..I think i hand over all the document papera to bhai. bt it left…wat to do now…???
She thinks a while..
S- I wl call him..
She call him bt his phone is in silent aa he s in a imp meeeting..
She tries to contact and ask help frm Elena and Ritwick but for her luck they both are bc in their works..
S- Wat to do now .???
She hold her head in a tension…

K- I have no idea that my little brother Dev wl lie to his family.???
D- Lie..??? Wat r u saying abt dhi..
S- I have work on kitchen excuse me..

So guys this epi ends here i hope u enjoy this..
I wl upload nxt epi soon.
Feel free to give ur comments.


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