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Dev reaches his mansion smiling thinking abt Sona and his time..
Khushi,Nikki and are sitting in the sofa sees him..
N- Dev bhai…
He didn’t respond..
Still smiling moves towards strais to his room..
Khushi and Nikki are confused by his behaviour…
K- Dev…!!!
No respond…
When he start to claimb the stairs Nikki comes running to him and hold his hands to stop..
He comes to his sense and turns to them
D- wat wat happened..???
N- It should be asked by us..???
D- Woh..Nothing…
He tries to coverup the matter and sit on the sofa infront of ish and khushi..
K- All ok Dev..???
D- Yh yh..all ok..

He stammers..
Nikki being busy in her phone…
K-Dev…to arrange facilities in the place whr the event is gng to happen is our responsibility r8..???
D-Yh dhi..and..
K- Y didn’t u inform me..??
D- Dhi relax…already that work s completed…
K- Wat whn..??
D-In ur absence i mean in the frst 2-3 days u reach before our team membrs alreadu arrange all faciliy only some payment s pending that also done whn the event start itself..

K-do u inform this to Mr.Raizada..?
D- Not yet actually..i forget to..i thought whn place step take i wl inform him.
K- Dev this s not done…!!!He s equal partner in this event he should knw ant this..its our responsibility..
D- Sry dhi i wl do inform him tommarow mrng itself..
K-Its ok i wl do it in fact now its my responsibility do one thing give me all the details of faciliies you arrange their and its payment bill copies.
D-Ok dhi i wl give u tommarrow..
K- Ok…
Ishwari comes frm Kitchen and sit beside Nikki.
Seeing Ishwri
K- Dev do u decd anything regarding Nandhitha..???
Ish feel discomfort
While 3 of them wants to knw hia rply.
D- Dhi i…Actually i met Nandhitha…
N-Ohhhh Date…!!!
I- Shut up Nikki..
D- Nothing like that we just casually met…and aftr meeting her i decide i can’t say S or No now immediately i want some time…i have sone commitments so aftr compltng that only i wl decide on my marriage with anyone…

K- So u want Mr Gujral to wait for rply.
D- Not exactly Dhi..if he can’t w8 he can think of anyone than me…
N-bhai..aftr ur commitments compltd if u give him No then that wl b waste him for w8ng..
I- yh..Nikki is correct it wl b big mistake from us…
D- So u want me to tl S for this marriage ma..???
I- Whn did i say so like that that’s ur wish…
K- Dev think well before take any decision this s not only ur life a girl’s life s also in ur decision

D- I knw..and i wl handle this…Ma Dhi plz don’t take tension regards this matter…trust me i nvr rush with the taking decision..
Ish take a deep breath and place her right hand plam on his head.
I- I knw and i trust u…
K-Ok Dev whn u r this much confident i’m tension free..
D- Hmmm…
N- lets have food i’m hungry..!!!
They move to have dine toghether…

Sona standing at the window side and asmiring the plain sky..
She remincesing the time spent with him
And a lovely smile peep into her face…
she is just enjoyng that cols breeze,Plain sky and more than that her moments with him…
She still remember the way he do first aid to her and the moment whn he reaches very close to her…
Not only the climate she herself feel a coldness…
While Elena comes to her..
E- Sona…!!!
Sona didn’t respond
E- Sona…!!!
She shakes her..
Sona wake up frm her thought..
S- Huh..!!?
E-Bhai is calling u…???
S- Yh yh coming..
She stammers by composing her…
While move towards down stairs..
E- BTW where were u lost whn i came there..??
S-No nothing like that i just thinking abt…!!!
E- Dev..!!???
Sona shocked..
S-Woh..I actually he…
she struggles with words
Elena undrstnd her situation
S- Woh bhai wl be waiting come fast..
Sona coverup the matter..
E-Yh yh..
They both walked to the hall
They both comes down
S- Bhai did u call me..?
A- Yh here is the details of the model handle it…
S- Ok bhai..i wl give u diet chart in 2 days.
A- Ok
He leaves.
Sona while seeing the file moves towards her room…Elena too follow her..
E- Sona…

S- Hmm
E- Sona do tl me onething how did u convince bhai to take ovr the work of nutritionist for that models…?
Sona looks at Elena and give a smile and sits on the bed
S-Becoz he promised me.
E- Promise..???
S- S.Ele
Sona closes the file and continues
S- Whn i got guratution he promised me to ask anything and he wl bought or do that for me…

Elena hears carefully
S- I asked nutritionist job in our office.
E- Bt i disagreed..i tried so many ways to convince him bt In vain..At that time i asked him another thing and that is i want to do in the event..
E- Thn..??
S- He agreed..Bt he told me for him Its my wish so he fulfilled..
E-Hmm…I hope one day he agrees to job matter too
S-I hope too..!!!
E- BTW u didn’t ans me questn..
.! Do u remember..?
Sona undrstnd wat her means
S-Woh…Actaullay i’m tired so gud n8..
before Elena rply Sona lays down..

AT Mr.Gujral’s cabin
G- So Mr.Dixit wat a pleasant surprise..!!
Dev gives a smile and seen bit nervousness too
D- Yh…actually i want to…
He stammers…
G- I think u want to talk abt marriage r8..??
D- S..Actually
Mr.Gujral  interrupted…
G- Wait i wl cl Nanadu too aftr all she has all r8 to knw…!!!
He took the receiver and call Nandhitha.

AT Presentation Room
All the event team member(both Arnav’s and Khushi’s) Arnav,and his PA. Khushi are sitting in a round table..
Arnav and Khushi are sitting in the head chair opposit to each other..
Arnav seeing some files and looks at all the persons around him.
A-So guys…happy to see all the members here..Bt Ms.Dixit whr s Mr.Dixit.?
K- He went to an imp meeting..
A-Imp than this..???
He rised his eye brow
A- its ok..Let him do that..i ask u as casual..Anyways convey the matter to him.i has the r8 to knw these..
Khushi nodded her head in S..
A- So guys…As u all knw all the priliminary works are alomost done.
Event Theme,Models,Designs and the Place and its arrangements. So From today u all the members as one team…And We have only 8-10 days for the Event..As already decided any 6  of u all will leave Lake Palace  to Set the Theme their got it..???
All- S sir..
A- Gud and According to seniority and experience to handle Events I would prefer Rahul to take the supervision responsibility.. Do u all agree.???
He questn seeing Khushi.
K- I agree..!
All- S Sir.
A-Gud.,So Rahul u should go with the team and u all discuss any 5 of u wl go along with Rahul…

All- S sir.
K-Rahul before going collect all the necessary documents and payment bill ..and the traveling facility and other facilities are already arrangened in the sane hotel.
R-Ok Ma’am.
A- Rahul i want the settings to be done within 3-4 days and it should b perfect..
R- Sure Sir..
A- Gud..And Ms.Dixit i want to discuss some imp matters so can u join me.?
K- S.I wl join u aftr 10 min.

A- Ok. C u guys All the best. Do this Event a milestone in Our Fashion history
All- S Sir..
Arnav noded his head and leaves.
All Other members also leave to do their work assigned.
Khushi is still sitting in the presentation Room.
While Payal leaves at last
P- Ma’am do u need something to drink.?
K- No its ok..
P- Ok Ma’am.
Payal too leaves.

D- Sir i knw its not easy for u to accept bt…i’m sry Sir really i need Some more time to think abt Marriage..
Mr.Gujral  stood up frm his chair and stand at the window and thinks..
While Dev and Nandhitha are in very worried.
N- Mr Dixit if u don’t mind can u wait at visitors cabin for 15 min i want to talk with my Papa..
D-Yh Yh sure i wl b waiting.
He leaves
N- Papa i think Mr.Dixit is right.
Mr.Gujral turns around
He rises his eyes brow.

N- S.Papa Do think one thing He s the only Male in that house So its his responsibility to complete it r8..? And one more thing Papa For me also i can’t take up the responsibility of marriage. Atleast Papa i met Mr.Dixit one or Two times i heared he s gud at professional life bt i have no idea abt his personnel life and his character and he too don’t knw abt me..! So we need time to migle with each other try to undrstnd each other try to share things each other..r8 Papa..?? Without undrstndng without Love how can we took up this move Papa..???
Mr.Gujral undrstnd the matter
He comes to his chair and call his PA to let Dev come inside.
G-Come in Mr.Dixit have sit.

Dev and Nandhitha take seats
G- Mr.Dixit.Well whn u tl ur decision that u need to some time to think abt Marriage somewat i’m angerd and worried as a father and now my Nandhu make me undrstnd (bt seeing Nandhitha )i’m proud to have u as my daughter Nandhu.
N- Papa
( she gets some teary eyed)
G- So Mr.Dixit my daughter tl me u both want to migle with each other.and i agree if there is no love there can’t be any relation so both of u tries to spent some time with each othr tries to become gud frnd and more..i wl b waiting for ur rply..
Dev is little relieved..
N- Tanq Papa..
G-Its ok.Beta…

D-Tanq Sir.
G- Its ok…
D-So i’m leaving Sir i have an meet an client in 30 min.
G-Yh yh sure…!
D-Bye Sir C u soon.
N- Bye
Dev nodded his head and leaves..

K- So tl me Mr.Raizasa wat do u want to discuss with me.?
A- Well As the Models for the Events are already finalised their Food menu and their nutrition responsibility are I give to My Sis.
K-Is ur Sis is..??

A-S She s nutritionist.
K- Well fine selecting Model and fulfilling their food needs and all other are ur Food Menu in general arranging is ours whn wl i get that menu becoz restaurant is alredy booked.
A- Well i knw abt that i wl handover that list tomarrow.
K-Ok fine..any other matter.?
A- S.Usually we top authorities of the Event would reach the place 2-3 days before the event So in that case this time too Me, U and Mr.Dixit have to reach their atleast 2 day befoe the event day.

K- I have to ask Dev because may bt he has to reshedule his meetings..
A-Yh yh Its ok let me inform me..BTW how many rooms are arranged.??
K-S..  Almost that full hotel s booked for various purposes. Totally 80 rooms are booked.10 Rooms  are arranged for both families.10 Rooms for each team members.All the models have seperate rooms i.e, 10 rooms for them. And 25 rooms for the guests and 15 rooms for the wokers.and 2 Rooms for the keeping materials and other stuffs.5 Rooms for dressing.and extra 3 rooms to booked along with a dinning hall capacity of 500-750 persons. And two large Main hall.and we have the r8 to use other parts of the hotels too..if needed…anything more.?
Arnav is surprised..
A-  Nothing Well Gud Job..

Khushi stood up frm the chair and with a full attitude
K-Its responsibility…not Job..!
She left his cabin.

D- Sry Ms.Bose i don’t its u i assumed its Khushi dhi..
S- Its ok Mr.Dixit..!!
D- R u fine.??
S- Better…!!!

So guys this epi ends here i hope u all like it..
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