Hope u all are doing Gud…..
Its been a longggggg time i knw….
And i’m sooo sry to make u all wait for me….
Actually Some personnel reasons i’m nt abled to update the FF…
I’m really very sryyyy….
Bt Tanq alot for Ur support and patience for me too…I’m soo glad to get Reader like u al guys…Tanq Alot…
So enough of my Melo drama lets start….

Dev&Khushi- Arnav& Sonakshi are sibilings-Sona Working as Nutritionist of Ish in Dixit mansion without Letting knw to Arnav.- Dev and his family get to knw bt Sona’s identity swift-Sona get to knewabt Dev got Allaince frm Gujral- Khushi- Arnav working on a Fashion Event- Dev realise His feelings for Sona…

So nw lets move to nxt part of the epi.

“Thats y we are here for u bhaiii..”
they hear a screaming at doorstep and turned around to see and get suprised..
K- Aku Viku…..
She screamed in a surprisrd tone and Rushes towards them Who standing at doorstep who streched their Arms thus taking her in a warm hug..
Dev and Nikki too comes to them
Viku(Vikrant)-Dii My hair style….
He screamed by moving out that trio hug.

K- Badmash..U nvr Change
She hit is arms with a huge smile in lips and tears in eyes.
A- Kabhi nahi…Thats y I’m ur fav..
He taunt Him while give a side hug to Khushi.
Dev and Nikki just stand and enjy their moment.
V- In ur dreams…I am her Fav Bro always…Means forever…

He declared by pulling her his side
A-No..I’m..She is My Dhi.
he again insisted And pulling her towards him.
V- No..Mine.

they continue their pulling game while Khushi feel a helplessness as she caged b/w them.
Suddenly She pulled by her elbow to backwards and she landed at Dev’s side.
D- Our…
He decleared by give a grinned smile to Them..

A- Dev My bro…
by screaming he give a Hug to Dev and Vikki to joins them…
D-Come inside
they all get inside and Vikki and Akash is bc in admiring The house’s interior as its their frst visit here…
Raizada Mansion
A- Wat.??? R u mad Aman u infrmng me now.??? How could u be careless.???
He shouted on his phone

Aman-I’m extremely sry Sir I thought to handle the situation bt unfortunetly
He tries to explain his excuse bt cut in By Arnav
A- U can’t…Bt Aman u r infrming in a short notice how can i makeup this now.??
He reasked him in a stressed tone
Am- I knw Sir Bt we don’t any other option left than this…
He pleaded him
A- Ok Fine Come soon along with all files
He finally agreed to his plead
Am- Yes.Sir i wl b there in 30 min.
He infrmed him with a hope
A- Did u infrmed Ms.Raizada.???
He asked in a annoyed tone
Am- Sir..Woh..Actully..

he stammered being scared to reply
A-Leave t..U can’t do this too.I wl infrm reach soon.
He orderd him before hang up the call.
Dixit Mansion
A- Dev bhaii i must say very pretty interior..He telling him by admiring the interior designs
V- More than that Girls are pretty here..
He said in a filrty style.
K- Viku….Not here…
She replied him by hitting gis elbow.
V- I’m just joking Dhi…U knw my taste r8..!!!
He excused frm further hits
A- Dev bhaii Whr s Bua.???

He asked being searcing for her here nad there.
I- Akash..Vikrat…They hear Ish’s screaming and turned find her standing at the Stairs
A & V- Bua….
they immediately rushed towards her to give a tight hug.
Khushi silently excused frm there as she get a call.
I- Akash…Vikrat How are u both..???Did u remember this Old bua now.??
She asked them with a pout face
V- Old Bua..??? Bua u look pretty today too…
He replied her by throughing his arma around her shoulders.
while Ish,Dev, Nikki giggles in his filrty words..Akash give him a hit on his arms
A- Shut up..

He ordered him
V- See…bua He s beating me fod telling truth..Sach ka samana hi nahi…!!!
He dramastically replied..
I- Ok.Fine Now come have seat..
She make both them sit in the couch

I- Whr is Khushi.???
She asked as she noticed her absence.
N- Woh..
She went as she get a call.she informed them..
I- hmm…So tl me u bith suddenly arrived any imp matter Bhai and Bhabhi..
she start to get tensed due to their sudden visit.
A- Bua…Calm down Ur bhai and bhabhi is perfectly fine.In fact they too want to accomapny us bt there is some imp work in comapny thats y they won’t.He informed them to get a relax
I-Its ok…And yh if u reached here so i order u both to stay here atleast 1 month…
She orderd them.

A-Yes Bua..As u wish infact we came here for a new prject so i think it wl take some days..
He informed them the reason behind their sudden visit.
K- New prject whch one Aku???
She enquired him by sitting beside Nikki.
A- Dhi.Woh..That Rajastan based Company’s one…
He replied her in a convincing tone.
K- Ohh…
She too replied blankly.
N- WOw…i’m soo excited..We wl enjy alot…
She jumps in excitimnt
V- Ha..Ha..Nikki we wl blast Everything….
He too replied in a excitmnt.

N- Then Bhai..U two too join with us to Evnt.???
She asked them still in a exictmnt tone.
V- Event.??? Oh Yh..I do remember Khushi dhi’s new Evnt with….Who.???wohhh
He tries remember his name
N- Mr.Arnav Singh Raizada
She replied by imitating Khushi.

V- Yh..Arnav Singh Raizada…Dhi Do tl me one thing Is He is like his Big weight name.???
He asked her in a funny tone.
N- Woh..Bhaiii…U can get ans once u saw him at event…
She replied him.

D- Dhi Whr did u go whose call was that.???
He asked her.
K- Woh..Its frm Mr.Raizada actully there is an issue with hotel magmnt so his and mine pressence is needed we have to leave today.
she infrmed them in a sternly tone bt her rply made them worried.
I- Wat Today.???
She reasked her in a worried tone.
K-Maa Calm down infact i have to leave in Hrs..
Her rply made them more tensed

D- Wat in hrs..???
He too asked in his worried tone.
K- Yh..Dev…
she calmly replied him.
D-Dhi bt ur car is in mechanic shed so how could u go.???
He asked in his tensed tone..
K-Yh..Dev dnt wry i wl manage some how..I can go throgh Bus ya taxi too .
she assured him.
I-Khushi Arnav also coming right..??

she asked her with a idea
K- Haa Maa..So..??
she asked in a confusion.
I- Ok.Do onething U r gng along with him.
she declared her idea.
K- Wat..???

I- Yeah Khushi i knw u r strng independent and u have enough confidence to face anything…Bt i’m ur maa I can’t take any risk abt u..So if u r gng thn u should accompany with Arnav only..
she detaily decleared and all other family members too agree Ish’s decision.
K- Ok.Fine i wl talk to him abt it…and convince him too…
Khushi without anyother option agreed.
I- Gud…
she happily smiles.
V- So its decided Dhi leaving today and Dhi we join you tommarrow…
He excitedly announced..
I- Ha..Ha..Bt now go to room and ger fresh up..don’t hungry…???
V- Sooo Hungry Bua….Whr s our room.

he told her by holding his stomach.
K- Come i wl show u…
she takes both of them to their room while Ish too moves to kitchen.
Nikki *Coughs* to grab Dev’s atttention..
N- So Bhaii Wat was we talking abt.???
she make him realise their convo
D- Can i make you remember.??

He asked her and forward his hand to hold her while she runs inside…!!!
N- Bhai…Whn will you going introduce my bhabhi..????
She asked him screaming frm her room.
D- Nikki….
he shouted and she closed the room’s door.

At Raizada Mansion
S- Bhaiya…Take care dnt wry We wl reach there tommarrow itself.
She assured him whn Arnav packed his bag to leave and all 4 Arnav-Sona-Ele-Ritwick standing at the hall..
A- Yh Sona…I wl take care of myself bt wat abt urself.?? Wat happened to u.?? U haven’t that brightness in ur face which u have.

He replied her by holding her face in his palms…Making Soan tensed and cousioness abt her last night.
E-Woh…Actually she didn’t went parlour till now thats y dnt wry she wl get her brightness once she reach there and saw everyone…
Ele intruppted seeing Sona hesitating to reply.
Ele hit Sona’s shoulder
silghtly whn repling to Arnav as she means Dev in her rply indirectly in return she get a Angry glance frm Sona.
R- Bhaii Dnt wry i wl take xare of ur two sisters and we wl reach there safely.He assured him in a confident tone.

A-Ok..Drive carefully try to reach before night.
He adviced in a concerned tone.
S- Ok.bhaii…BTW Khu..I mean Ms.Dixit too Accomapany with u right.???
A- Yeah…Actually Auntyji won’t agreeing to her alone travel thats y…
Sona-Ele-Ritwick is surprised to see Arnav calling Ish as Auntyji abt.
R- Auntyji.????
He reasked him in his surprised tone.
A- Yeah MR.Dixit’s Mom Ishwari auntyji

He calmly replied…
Aman- Sir Ms.Dixit wl reach directly to our office.
He informed gim make him realise ita time to leave..
A- Ok..Take care C u soon @ event..
S- Yes.Bhaii Call me once u reached there.
R- Bye..
E- Bye…
S- Bye bhaiya.
And Arnav leaves to his office to pick Khushi and Leaves directly frm there to the event.

At Dixit Mansion
Dev’s room
D- Fine..Ok Tanq yaar…I hope it works as u…
he hopefully replied to his phone-convo with someone.
D-Yhh..Ok I wl inform Maa Come soon..
he shyly said and disconnects the call In a hopefull smile and deep long breath turn to find Vicky Stand behind him.
he got little tensed suddenly saw him behind..Whose doubtful glance on him only..
With that same Glance he comes forwrd
V- Who is she.??

he directly and straightly asked him make him fell in a sudden shocke.
D-Wat Who Nothing li.Like that as u think…
he stammerd being not able to see at his(Vicky’s ears)..
And turned around to ignore him.Bt Vicky being Vicky make him turn to face him.
V- It s better if u urself admitt me otherwise i’m very well expert to found her…
he directly blackmailed…He threatning Mr.Dev Dixit If he or anyother did it to Dev Dixit theconsequences will be out of control..Bt Vicky being his elder bro and it is the matter of his personnel and some awkward matter he Give up and blabberd it out…At last he too want anyone from his side to support him Guide him in this new phase of his life.
he replied in a voice which is only hearable to them.
V- Who.??? I didn’t hear it clearly.
He knowningly Reasked him.

D-Sonakshi Dr.Sonakshi Bose…
he replied with more confident and little loudly than before.which make a smirk at Vicky’s face…
V- So the most wanted munda of the city Most handsome boy of the town The gr8 Dev Dixit Also fell inlove with someone..
He teased Him only get a punch frm Dev.
V- Arrey Bhaiii…Carefully…BTW how long this is going.???
He asked being composing himself.

D- Frm Last Night..
he declared dreamingly…getting glimpases of last night with her..
V- Wow….Gr8 So Wat she replied.???
he asked him with a curiosity.
D- Ummm..Woh…I I didn’t tl her till now…
He admitted it
with much difficulty.

V- Wat..!!! U didn’t Expressed tl now…
He asked him being getting shocked aftr hearing his rply.
D- Woh .Actually last night only i realised it and Now i’m confused abt it yaar…
He admitted it tiredly sitted at the edge of the bed.
V- Dev Bhaii…I can undrstnd it happenes…Dn’t wry…BTW ever U realise even she too…
He tries to make him clear frm his confusion
D-No Yaar..I mean We are gud frnds till now i didn’t evn knw wat she feel for me….
He replied him..

V- Gud Frnds…then don’t wry I wl make her realise her feel for u…
He confidently replied.
D-No…I don’t want to force her for anything ..
He Firmly declined his confident rply.
V- Arrey Bhaiii..I’m also not forcing her I wl just do some test on Her if she reacted it correctly then trust me She has feeling for u..
He clearly Put forth his idea with much more confidence.

D-Wat test.???
He asked him getting curious to knw.
V-I wl tl u once i met her…So tl me whn wl u make me meet my “to be bhabhii..”
He asked in a excited tone in return he only get a smirky frm Dev..

S- Why did u get me here Ritwik R u put of ur mind.????
R- No Sona…I Knw wat i’m doing and wat i have to do…
S-Ritwik Plzzz U knw everything then Why….

So this part ends here.
I hope u all like this part…
I started to Write up this FF on WATTPAD..
Guysss i’m sry to inform u I’m nt able to Update Further Parts regularly.
Bcoz my Sem Xam are nearing On a gr8 pressure..
With in 3-4 Parts “Event-Track” wl b start…I’m soo exicted for that track so i planned to do update that on my vaccation…
So C u Soon….

Thank You

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