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Here is the EPI-5 :-
After scolding Dev Sona entered the kitchen…she take her bag and put it in the shelf…Moves to fridge and drink a bottle of water in one stretch….(much anger..)She get releif and concentrate on her work.
Kitchu bhiya enter the kitchen.
K – thank god Dr.didi you came…
S- Hmm why wat hppnd..???
K – yesterday Dr.told to give only lite food and juice items to Maaji..(Ishwari maa)I’m confused to give
S- Wat…Dr…???
K – yeah..yesterday night……….
He narrates all incident..after hearing all she become worried.
S – Kitchu one thing make apple juice for auntyji.
K – ok Dr.didi
By saying this she rushed to Ishwari’s room..where she s sleeping so returned…she get struck in a thought…
“So he called me because of Auntyji…….!!!!!!Oh god..!!Wat happened to me…why i scold him without knowing exactaly wat happened..!!!!but he should call general Doctor Singh right why he should called me…???Oh goddd its sooo confusing…. ”

Dev is lost in thoughts…He cannot concentrate on any other thing…Only Ms.Bose’s harsh words is rchoes in his ears…Moreover about his Mother also… Suddenly by distrubing his silence a call came..he wake up frm his thought world and picks it.
D – Hello…
A – Hy Mr.Dixit..I’m Arnav Here.
D- Oh. Hai sir…you called me anything serious..???
A – Mr.Dixit Stop calling me Sir..
D – Oh ok.Sry Mr.Raizada.
A – its ok yh an imp matter that’s why i called you.
D – ok tell me..
A – Actually i organised a party for official announcement of our Contract..
D – Oh that’s nice.
A – I called you to invite in that party..will u..??
D – When and Whr is the party..???
A – Tommarrow..At my home 6:30 pm onwards.
D – oh ok its good…but sorry i think i can’t attend that..
A – Why what happened..???
D – My Mom’s health condition is not food at all…That’s why..
A- Oh its ok Mr.Dixot if u can’t i wl not conpel if u can come atleast for just half hours.
D- ok Mr.Raizada i will try.
A – Ok..bye have a good day.
D – tanx for the invitation..bye.
The call disconnected…..Again Dev Start to Worry about his mom and Think about the harsh words.

After 2-3 Hours….
Ishwari wakes up from the sleep and comes down.Sona sees her and rushed to her..
S- Auntyji…What is this .???why are you come here if u want anything just calle me…
I – ohooo Sona beta i’m fine.After seeing you i’m feeling much much better don’t wry..
By saying this sona make her sit in the sofa.
S- Kitchu bhaiyaa…Bring apple juice please…
Auntyji low BP and Low Sugar…wat happened to you..???You have food according to my diet chart althogh….it happened.
I- hmmm..i dn’t knw..
S – I knw u take more stress and tension..especially after knowing that your elder is returing you get more stress and tension.
I – yh….Wat to do…she is returing after a long time….
S – aunty i can understand but u should take care of ypuself also…
I – ok baba fine i will take care..
Kitchu bhiya bring the juice and Ishwari drinks it.
S- auntyji i think i should change your present diet chart.
I – wat noo Sona beta…don’t make me eat that salty and without oil food please..
S – Not at all aunty..this time you will get your favourites…
I- Really…???
S – yhh…bt according to my instruction.
I- ok fine..
While their convo going Nikki reached hone and hug Ishwari Mom.
N – Maa…how are you now..???
I – i’m fine…you this time..???
N- woh my exams completed so i rushed here.
I- oh ok how was it.???
N- not bad..
I- hmmm…go and get fresh.
She leaves to her room
I- Sona beta please make her eat anything..i knw she is hungry.
S – ofcourse auntyji.
Sona left to kitchen…
After half hour Sona entered Nikki’s Room along with juice and sandwitch.
N- oh Sona didi tanq.
S – its ok.
Sona start to leave the room Nikki remember something and stops her…
N- Sona didi…..
S – yh..
N- Sorry didi i did that bt mistake…
Sona get confused…
S – what..???i didn’t get you..???
N- woh yesterday i only called you..
Sona get shocked
S – wat…??
N- Yh…bhaiyaa asked me to call doctor being in tension i get confused and called you sry….
S – you….
She get thinking and her harsh words echos in her mind…she feel restless and become upset.
N- What happened di..??r u ok..??
S – no…..
N- wat…????
S- oh god Mr.Dixit…..
Nikki get confused..
N- not bhaiyaa i called…wait you scold bhaiyaa right..??,
S – yes…i don’t knw exactly wat happened i think it is Mr Dixit who called me at late night so…i scold him with harsh words….oh god Nikki wat will be he going through now…????
N- Oh Didi…wat will you do now…..?????
Sona feel restless and regret for scold him…..

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Credit to: SAGAA


  1. tani

    Nice episode… Sona apologizing dev… Hope no problems at the party between arnav sons post soon

  2. Laxmi

    Very very nice episode…put some scene 4 kushi and arnav….waiting for next episode…hahaha…

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