Hai all….,
I’m SAGAA..Do u remember me….??? I’m soooo sorry that i didn’t episodes….actually i struck in some energencies….sooo sorryy……
Ok now i wl gve u a small recap…
Kahani ab tak :-
Arnav&Sona are brother and sister.
Sona work as Ishwari mom’s(dev’s mom) nutritionist without knowledge of Arnav.
Dev and Sona are already good friends.
Dev and Arnav Sings an contract and becom partnres.
For this Arnav planning to organise a party…arrangements respnblty is Sona’s for her help Elena is there.
Ishwari gets unwell and being in tension Nikki call Dr.Bose(Sona)by mistake from Dev’s no.
Elena tease her for get call from Dev at late 8 times.
Sona is irritated and much anger on Dev.

Now EPI- 4 :-
Ishwari maa get well and sit in bed by holding her hands Dev is also sitting infront of her.
D – Maa..You make afraid me…
I – sry beta…
D- Ma don’t repeat this please care abt youself.
I – yes.ofcourse.BTW, where is Nikki..???
D – woh…actually today is her exam so i insists and sent her clg.
I – welldone…you don’t want to go office today…???
D – no….today house is my office…i won’t leave you alone.
I – Dev wat are you saying ..Look(Dhekho) Beta….
A call came she stops….call from Dev’s PA.She remind him about a Imp meeting..
He looks helplessly.
I – wat happend..?
D – woh actually an imp meeting is fixed…but how can i leave you alone…????
I – Look Dev…i agree that for you me and my health is first priority bt for me U…I don’t like anyone accuse my son for irresponsibility…try to understand…i’m fine don’t wry..
D – But maa….
I- (Chup)shut up i’m your mom obey me your going means you should go and get ready..i’m also stubborn son’s stubbron mom.
Without any other option he left to jis roon and got ready again he return to Ishwari Maa’s room and sees that she is sleeping..he silently leaves from there..and reach down stairs.
Meanwhile Sona is also reached Ishwari villa and passing in the main hall.
They see each other and comes infront of each other…
D – Hai Ms.Bose..Good Mrng..
S – aap samjathe kya ho aapne aapkoo.????
(What do you think of yourself…)
She shouted and he hell shocked…
D – excuse me.. ???
S – aap mujhe rath mein kyun call liya woh bhi 8 bar..???
(Why did you call ne at late night 8times..???)
D – woh actuallu mein…..
She interprets…
S – patha hai mujhe aapko neenth nahi aa rahi hogi…toh socha mujhe call karke bath karoon…
(I knw…you didn’t get sleep so think to call me and talk with me…)
He tries to say sonething but she dosen’t allow him.she continues….
S – Mr.Dixit mein manthi hoon ki mein hi aapko sleeping pills lene se mana kiya aur permission diya ki aap jab bhi restless feel karthe ho mujhse bath kar sakthe hai but iska mathlab hai nahi ki aap late noght bhi mujhe call karee…i need my privacy mere liye bhi kuch log hai unke sath mujhe bhi time spent karna hai mujhe.
(Mr.Dixit i agree that i only stop you from taking sleeping pills and give permission tp call and talk with me whenever you feel restless but it doesn’t means to call me at late nights…i want my privacy..i have also someones i have to spend time with them.)
D – ok Ms.Bose I Agree but…
She again interprets…
S – Listen Mr.Dixit…let me clear you.
Its Dr.Bose for you.
Don’t call me at late nightz
And one more thing for me you are my BOSS only…
This make him upset.
D – Bt for me You are a good frnds ibfact i think we are good friends…
S – that’s your thinking Mr.Dixit…
I have some work excuse me.
She left there..and he stand still there in shocked her lines hurt him alot….he can’t stanf there for one more minute so he also left there….

Sorry guys for late update amd a small epi…i will try to upload another whnever i get free…Sorry once again
Thank you all for accepting my concept and FF..
Keep support like this…
Feel free to give comments and new ideas.
Thank you

Credit to: SAGAA

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  1. Hey Sagaa I am reading your ff for the first time it was fantastic. I loved it. Keep it up.

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  3. Fantastic i am waiting for ur next episode

    1. Tanq…laxmi nxt epi is on the way…..

  4. Bhoomi

    Superb… Feeling sad for dev??… Post next one soon…

    1. Tanq Bhoomi….

  5. Luvd it….

  6. Awww poor dev sona has hurt him… Waiting for the next episode…

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  8. awesome episode

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