Hai all…
Epi -3
Sona reached Raizada Mansion and sees HP take a cup of black coffee to Arnav’s room.She stops him.
S-HP bhai is this for bhai…???

HP – Yes.
S – I told you somany times that give him black coffee once in a day but you ..
HP – I ‘m sorry didi…he will scold me that’d why…
S – Ok fine now leave this and do what i say.
She tell him something and then he go to kitchen she waits for him there..after 10-15 minutes he come back and she ask him to go head to Arnav’s room…with afraid he go and enter the room by knocking where Arnav is busy in his work..HP places the Tray in front of him…While working he take the cup and have a sip…then shouted

A – What the hell is this HP..???
HP – woh….
Before he completes she announced.
S – Petroot Juice…
She turns to HP and ask him to go and prepare dinner…Hp Left.
A – What kind of joke is this Sona…???
S – Joke not at all Bhaiiii….Its my responsibility…I Suggest you several times to drink Black coffee once in a day but you doesn’t care about my words or your health..that’s why i forced to adopt this way…
A – Ok fine…I will follow..But this one noooo…
S – No bhai…its not in my control..u have to….

A – Sona…please….
S – Ok fine don’t have it…but afterwards don’t make me eat food or cate about my health…when i can’t care about your health why should u care about me…????
A – Ok fine….i’will have it but don’t tell me to don’t care about you…
Sona smiles as she successed…
Arnav have that with much irritation and give weird look after have it.
S – Bhaiii mu math banao 2-3 din ki yoh bath hai.

(Bhaii..don’t make faces…only for 2-3 days…)
A – Kya uske bath mujhe black coffee milega.???
( what after that can i have black coffee…???)
S – Ji nahi..adhath jo jayegi..
( not at all .it will become your habbit…)
A – Sona..
By seeing his face she laughs…seeing her open hearted laugh he give up his anger…he also joins with her…
A – Ok now come on i will tell you about part arrangements
S- Sure
he explained her all the details of patry arrangements and she agrees to do that..

Dev Nikki Ishwari are sitting in dinning table and have their dinner..
N – So bhaii its a big project right..???

D – Yh..that’s why i took a decision.
I – What decision.??
D – This is big project and moreover on the fashion field of business…i ‘m not much interested or have idea in it so instead of me someone else will be work on it.
I – Who..???
N – Maa..Aap bi naa… Fashion field hai so obivisouly bhai will decided to make Khushi Di work on i right…???
D – Yes…100%

I – What..Khushi…???Whether she will agree…???
D – I will make her Agree…
N- waise Maa one more thing secert is also hidden in this decision.
I – secret what..???
N- When khushi agrees to do work so she has to stay here for more days complete it…So We can spent somemore times with her….
D – Waahhh What an idea….
Ishwari get glad by this idea and over exicted for this…
I – wait I will bring Kheer…..
She stood up from chair and moves to kitchen but before she enter she feel dizzy and Fainted .Dev and Nikki are shocked to see Maa fainting and falls down..both of them rushed to her…Dev sprinkles water on her face bt she didn’t get up…He carry her in hus arms and order Nilki to call Dr.
Nikki Being in tension and confusion called Dr.Bose.She called her 8 times…but sona doesn’t see that… because She already slept and her phone is on Silent mode..
Dev come back and raised his voice…
D- Nikki are you called Dr.??
N – Yes but she didn’t picks it..!!!

D – What she??I asked you to call Dr.Singha not Dr.Bose.
N- I’m sorry bhaiii being in tension
Dev grabs phone from her hand ask her to go near to maa..she went And he called Dr.Singha..Dr. reached and checked Ishwari..After examine..
D – is my maa..??
What happened to her..???
DrS- Mr.Dixit she is alright due to low BP and sugar she i give her injections she will get conciousness within hoursa don’t worry.
D – Tanq Dr..
Dr.S – and one more thing please provide her only lite food juice for 1-2 days.
D – yeah sure..
Dr.S- So Take care of her i’m leaving.
Dev noded his and went near to Ishwari he dits beside to her by holding her hand..His tears fall over her hand….
Next morning

Sona is sitting in main hall and writting the list of items and menu for food…suddenly her two eyes were closed from behind by soneone…she get irritated and shouted by stood up.
S – who the hell are you…???
She get surprised to see and scremed..
S – Elena Youuu…..?????
E – yes….Surprise….
They hug each other and continue their normal talks…
E – So tell me sona why are you in tension…???
S – wohh bhaii cracked a contract and going to start a new project for its official announcement he organise a party…
E – Wow…sounds cool…
S – Yeah but the point is the arrangement is my responsibily..
E – Wo…Superbbbb…
S- yeah superb…..only i knw the complications….
E – ohh don’t worry darling….when elena is here sona doesn’t want to get tension…
S- meaning what..???
E – i mean i will hepl you…
S- reallyy…???
E – yes…tell me wat to do..???
S – i already made a list and menu…you only want to see the items and call decorator for decoration…
E – Ok fine i will do it..
Meanwhile Arnav cones down stairs and surprised to see Elena..
A – Hai Elena…Hows you..???

E – as usual awesome…BTW congrats bhaii for new project….
A- Oh tanq…sona don’t worry i will invite my business partners and friends myself.
S – ok bhaii…
A – BTW Elena how many days are you going to spent here this time..???
E – Wooo actuallyy…..2 yrs…730 days…
S – Really…????
E – yes ofcouse…oh i ‘m getting bored being there in hostel so decided to stay with you…
A – That’s nice…i will ask HP bhaiya to clean your room..
E – No its ok bhaiii i’m comfortable with Sona…
S – yes bhaii let her stay with me…

A – ok fine…
He gets a call and leaves for office…again sisters talks start…
S – ok ooops…its getting late…i’m leaving..
E – ok fine but give me the decorator number…???!!!
S – yeah wait…
She on her phone and surprised to see 8 miss calls from Mr.Dixit.
S – 8 Missed callss…????
E – what…??From whom???
S – ( in a shocking tone)Mr.Dev Dixit. My boss
E – ohhoooo…lektha hai…kuch something something…
( ohhoooo…seemss something something…)
S – kya..??aisa kuch nahi hai…he is my boss..
(what…??,nothing…he is my boss..)
E – oh really phir tumhe call kyun kiya wph bhi 8 bar…???
( oh really then why did he call you 8 times..??)
S – Elena batheim math banaoo..we are just friends…
(Elena don’t cook up stories..we are just friends only..)
E – Ohh ab friend hogaya…great…

( ohh now become friends…great…)
S – Elena don’t irritate me..
E- ok fine but Sona in my experience i told you one thing.
S – What??
E – USKA shooewath na dosti se hi hota hai..
( only from friendship That begins…)
S – kya..???Uska mathlab kya hai tumahara..???
( what that..???what you mean..??)
E – PYAAR…..???????
S – Kya bhakwas kar rahe ho tum..aise kuch bhi nahi hai hamare beech mein…hum doonom sirf dost hai….aur mujhe parishan math karo pleasee…i’m leaving in the way mein number sent kar doongi..Bye.
(What…nonsense..we are just friends…there is only friendship between us nothing more…don’t irritate me ..i’m leaving on the i will sent the number.bye.)
By saying this she leaves

Elena’s POV
“Woo…ithna irritation…sona i’ m damn sure you are in love and now i can clearly sees your love for him…but now the love is in the form of your irritation..first form of being in love…not now but within somedays i will bring out your love…”
By saying this she went to her room and fresh up.
Sona is driving her car and sent number to elena.but still she is irritated about the call from dev and her irritation changed into anger on him…Elena’s taunt is only hearing in her ears…She is frustuated….what will happen to DEV…????

So…friends…hows it..???tanq all for accepting my concept and supporting me…and sorry khushi’s entry will get some more time…i hope u all will enjoy her character…..
Feel free to give comments and ideas…
Thank you

Credit to: SAGAA

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