Pyar ka naagin (Intro)


Hey guys I am new here. I am a fan of Raglak & Mehbeer. Now I will tell my story by using these pairs. And also this is a fantasy story includes naagin in this story. Lets start.


Ammaji: Old lady in family. Mom to Ram prasad & mother in law to Durga prasad.
Ram prasad: Good & died. There are some misunderstandings between Ram & dp. His children beleives that their father was died because of dp & avoids him.
Laksh: Elder son of Ram & loves his brother & grandma a lot. Hates Dp.
Abeer: Younger son of ram & brother of laksh. Respects his brother.
Ramesh: Family friend of abeer & stays with them only.

Durga Prasad: Good person, loves his only daughter & prays to goddess naagin.
Ragini: Sweet & beautiful girl. She also loves her dad a lot. She only beleives in naagin.
Om prasad: Brother of Dp , he is after his brother’s property.
Sujatha: Wife of Om , cunning character.

Meher: Goddess naagin.
Sisar: Villain & hates meher.

Thats it friends. I will start story tomorrow.

Ammaji role played by Kokila in Sns.
Om prasad role by Kailash in naagin.
Sujatha role by Yamini in naagin.

Credit to: Diya

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  1. Awsmeeeeeeee really nice concept plzzzzzz continue

  2. Interesting
    Nice Awesome intro
    Waiting for the first part……..

  3. pavani darling

    Hey it is similar to a telugu movie about snakes am I right

  4. Awesome and very different concept. Waiting eagerly for next episode ☺

  5. Awesome plz continue

  6. like Devi movie concept, nice

  7. interesting dear and plzzzzzzzzz continue

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