Pyar ka dard hai (Part-1)

This ss is really different from others
But my story will be starting after the divorce [were mrs.kapoor blackmailed shivaay to sign the paper]

In my ss that time he starts developing feelings for her so he can’t do that but for him brothers are his life he can even die for them…..

All characters are same in serial
Now my story starts

In the morning shivaay slowly opens his eyes he starts moving towards the couch were his ladylove is sleeping peacefully he just hold her hand and start remembering their moments their fights her languages the water were thrown at him or her….he slowly removes his hand from her and kissed her forehead after leaving the room he just looked back at her

After an hour
Shivaay came to the room with divorce papers he didn’t find anika so he just sits in the bed and thinks about their moments

When anika came to the room she saw shivaay is lost somewhere and she can clearly see him in pain so she just sits beside him

Anika; shivaaay
Shi; no response
Ani; shivaay….. shivaaay

Now shivaay saw anika sitting beside him ….he was surprised bcz he didn’t know when she came to their room so he stared at her after few seconds anika breaks the silence

Ani; shivaay thum teek hoi
Shi; haa anika kyu
Ani; kuch nahe mei bas puch rahe hu

Shivaay cupped her cheeks with his hands and she was embarrassed due to the sudden act but she stares at him.
Shi; anika am really sorry I don’t know if am doing the right thing or not but I know I’m going to miss the precious thing in my life I don’t know after that I can live happily but I want you to live happily please after some pause he again speaks anika u need to sign this paper

Anika; shivaay what are you saying
Shi; just sign the paper
Ani; which paper
Shivaay hold her hand and kept the divorce letter in her hand
After reading she got shocked
She thinks [in mind] sometimes before he was soo loving, and caring husband but now he wants divorce

Now she is back to her sense
She saw shivaay is staring at her with all the emotion
Ani; shivaay yeh kya hei
Shi; anika sign karo
Ani; I want the reason
Shi; our wedding day itself I said I will give you the divorce
Ani; then what take you this long
Shi; I don’t get a good situation
Ani; no I won’t believe you I know u must be hiding something big from me
Shi; nothing like that anika
Ani; then what tell me the truth
Shi; gets angry he holds her hand tightly
Anika sign the paper and leave me
Ani; no I won’t leave you
Shi; he twisted her hand and shouts at her with his anger
Anika was in tears she can’t take more so she speaks

Shivaay just minutes before u r really loving and that words all indicates that u also loves me like the way I loves you but why cant u accept fact
Yea I know may be am a lower class girl I don’t have a home, roadside girl etc
Before she can speak anything shivaays anger got into next leavel bcz he also loves her he cant hear any of the bad words about her so he makes her face towards him

Shi; anika don’t ever talk like this I never told u any of these I always care for you then why cant you leave my side plz leave me alone

Ani; no shivaay I cant leave you, I love you more than anything.
Shivaay was happy after hearing this but now he cant accept the fact he is still in his anger mode but inside him he was crying like a small children…. he don’t want to leave her but the circumstance made him to do
Ani; I don’t have the courage to lose you ….u know everything then also why can’t you accept the fact

Shi; anika try to understand I want to marry tia so I don’t want anyone to interfere in our marriage

Anika was hurt by this words same as shivaay also he want to make her safe
Anika can’t take this more she starts beating him he just stood there silently she breaks down and holding his leg and tears are flowing uncontrollably ………………

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