after a long time, I’m writing guys… sorry for so late…because my school started and I’m busy in studies… plz understand, I’ll update whenever I get time… and guys one more, I thought to give true love never dies os as ff.. I don’t want to finish it in one time… what do you guys thinking about it?…

scene 1,
it was next morning, Ragini is standing infront of the mirror.. she’s wearing a saree in marwari style… Ragini took out the kumkum in her hands and put it on her forehead… she smiled at herself..
Laksh came there, he is pulling out a suit case. .
Laksh : are you done with your makeup …?
Ragini turned and looked at him.. while she’s pinning her hair..
Ragini : one minute!
Ragini pinned her hair and checked her hair..
Ragini :done!
Ragini shows her thumb… laksh nodded..
laksh : then one help, take that bag down..
Ragini sees the bag.. it looks not so much weighty..
Ragini : okay..
Ragini blinks her eyes and nodded.. laksh smiled at her and goes away with the suitcase… Ragini came to the bag and took it in her hand..then she walks down..

scene 2,
the servants helped then to put the bags into the car.. Ragini stand beside the car.. janki came to her and puts her hand on ragini’s shoulder.. Ragini looks at her..
janki :(smiling) don’t forget us, Ragini..come and see us whenever you get time…
ragini : maa, okay.. but also don’t forget me to see.. come there and meet me..
janki nod and taked the kaajjal on her eye and puts that on ragini’s back of neck… Shekar cane there and blessed Ragini… Ragini took their and dp and Ap blessings…
Laksh : come, we’re ready to go..
laksh came to ragini… he hugged his and her parents… they bless him…
Ragini : I’ll leave, mom!
Ragini got teary eyed.. janki noticed it…
janki : hey, Ragini don’t worry… it’s just a long distance… we’ll meet whenever we want .
Ragini nodded and wiped her tears…
Ragini : okay, mom.
they hugged each other.. while, Laksh and others looked at them smiling warmly…

scene 3,
they are traveling in car.. Ragini kept silent over the travel… laksh looked out seeing the nature of beauty…
Ragini looked around and decides to broke the silence…
Ragini : didn’t you said the matter of us to your lover?
laksh : no, I don’t know how to starts…
Ragini : you’ve to tell it noise otherwise it’ll be late..
Ragini looked concerned at her… laksh looked confused…
suddenly he got the call of swara… he looked on.. Ragini noticed it…
ragini : take it!
Ragini says positive thought to laksh… he sighed deeply…
laksh : okay!
he touched the receiver and stay silent for a while..
Laksh : hello!
swara : hello, laksh…
she said it with a anger tone… laksh take phone away and looked at Ragini…
laksh :(whispering) I think she’s in anger!
Ragini : it’s okay, speak!
Ragini insisted… laksh nodded and puts that phone on his ear…
laksh : why your voice sounds in anger?
swara : because of you!
swara yelled… laksh looked on…
laksh : sorry, dear… I’d not done it purposely!
swara looked calm…
swara : are you saying the truth?
laksh : yes, dear..
laksh looked at Ragini… while Ragini smiled.. he then again turned the other side while Ragini turns and looked hurtful…
after a while, Laksh broke The shock…
Laksh : swara, I want to say something to you..
swara : yes, say!
Laksh : swara, I’m married..
laksh broke it in a second.. swara looked shocked and Ragini looked on..
swara : what?
Laksh : yes, swara.. I’m sorry… its done by a mistake…
swara : what are you saying?!
Laksh sighed… swara’s shock turned to tears…
swara : don’t play!
Laksh : I’m not playing, swara… I’ll say the full story when I reach..
swara : it’s okay.. there’s no use in saying it!
swara cuts the phone down and looked cried and angry… Laksh looked at Ragini..
Ragini : I’ll talk to her..
Ragini smiled while Laksh happily noddes…

scene 4,
they reached laksh’s apartment…Ragini gets in and looked on..
ragini : is this your house?
she looked irked…
Laksh : yes..
ragini looked at him in disbelief… Laksh puts the bags down and looked at her..
ragini : it’s looks like a garbage!
ragini said… Laksh looked proudly as she’s saying positive about him..
Laksh : a bachelor’s house will like this!
Laksh bends down in greetings her in..
Laksh : come into my palace..
ragini looked on…
ragini : don’t say it as palace but say as garbage ground!
Laksh looked on at her…while ragini moved the messes aside..
ragini : first, I should clean it with acid…
laksh : oh yes, huh?
ragini looked at him.
ragini yes!
she said… Laksh smiled at her… while, Ragini checked the house…

To Be Continued….

Precap : swara is in a coffee shop while Laksh reached…

episode 6s link…

so guys,, I Hope you’ll like it… bye !

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