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scene 1,
laksh came out of his room… he came down to hall.. all were looked happy at him.. Laksh smiled awkwardly as they smiling whenever they are seeing him..
shekar :(greeting)good morning, beta..
laksh : good morning, uncle..
laksh greeted him and walks away… he searched something that noticed by ap…AP came to him…

ap :(shooting) what are you searching Laksh,?
Laksh looke at her..
Laksh, :nothing..
he then walks without hearing anything ..ap looked weird by him and walks away… Ragini came out of the kitchen with the delicious dishes of veg…
Ragini :(calling) breakfast ready..
she came to the dining table.. they all say down to eat.. Ragini served to all one by one..

ap :(smelling)hmm,smelling good.
ap said. Ragini got shy by her say… they all taste it and have nice reviews.. Ragini smiles as she proud herself …ragini is standing there while Laksh came beside her…
Laksh (whispering):I want to talk to you, now
Ragini :(managing a smile)now, no… after the breakfast okay?
laksh looked at her.. laksh grabbed her wrist without her dismay.. Ragini shocked by his grab and looked down..
Ragini :(whispers in anger)leave me, laksh..
ragini tries to release herself from his clutch but he didn’t release.. he makes his clutch even more tight… Ragini felt the increasing pain..
Ragini :(in pain)OUCHH! it’s hurting Laksh.. leave me..
laksh loosen it but didn’t leave her..
laksh :(secretly)you’ve to come with me, now..
he says… Ragini didn’t have choice so she makes her way..
Ragini :okay.. I’ll come..
Laksh nodded to her and left from there… Ragini looked at the others and follows him behind..

scene 2,
they came to the terrace.. laksh turned to look at her.. Ragini didn’t notice him that he’s stopped and maked her way and collapse on him.. laksh cupped her both shoulder.. Ragini briefly takes away..
Ragini :(like shouting tune)what?
Laksh :(patient) cool.. we’ve here to speak about the matter..
Ragini :(confused)which matter?
she glares at him.. she she tied her hand together..
Laksh :(explain)about our marriage… about swara… about our divorce..
Ragini :why, now? I’ve told you about it..
Ragini turned to go but laksh clutched her to wall..
laksh :(angrily)don’t be that you’re not interested to talk it.. because, it’s not the matter about my life only but yours also..
Ragini breaths heavily with his action…
Ragini :(nodding)okay..

her lips said it but her said to don’t listen… if you listen then you’ll cry out.. but what Ragini do? she have no choice instead listening his voice.. Laksh realease her..
Laksh :(walking slowly) okay..but how to convince swara about it? and what about parents?
Ragini came beside him..
Ragini :don’t worry.. I’ll manage it all.. I’ll talk to swara about it. but we have to live for 6 months then we’ll divorce… I’ll manage uncle and aunt and my parents, saying because of problems we’ve separate.. okay?
Laksh gets a little happy..
Laksh :(happily)thank you, Ragini for getting to know me… because I never loved you.. I considered you as my best friend…
Ragini hurted in her heart by his saying.. Ragini manages a small smile.they shake hands with each other… . Ragini looked down.. laksh goes. ragini stopped him..
Ragini :Laksh, when we’re going?
Laksh :tomorrow…
Ragini nodded.. laksh goes away.. Ragini turned away to see the sky.. the sun got into cloud.. Ragini smiles while tears streaming down from her eyes.. she blinked it away and silently cried to decrease her pain..
ragini :(thinking)I don’t what’s in store for me?god knows.. I don’t know it’s the punishment by god to me for did this sin..
Ragini looked down and closed her eyes.. her phone rang.. she took it to her face to know who’s it.. it’s revealed as unknown.. Ragini press the green button and puts the phone on her ear..
Ragini :(pain in her voice)hello…
voice :(concerned)hello, Ragini… are you alright? everything is there alright, huh?
Ragini :everything is not the same as just we saw..when we get on it then only we’ll know it fully..
voice :huh? what are you saying?
Ragini :(smile)it’s a long story…
Ragini walks away with taking to the person..

scene 3,
swara was in her room.. her eyes got turned red ..she throws a glass cup on the floor and got scattered into pieces.. swara’s staring at the white wall without blinking for one second.. her eyes dried and water came into her eyes.. her mother, shomi came in with the glass broken sound..
Shomi: (angrily) swara!
she stopped herself and the other words dies… she looked shocked by swara’s state.. swara see her..
swara :(looking nothing happens)maa!
swara got up and puts her feet on the scattered glass piece.. it pierced her feet..
swara :(wincing)OUCHH!
she clutch her leg and winced in pain… shomi rushes to her.. she grabbed swara’s leg.
swara :it’s okay, mom.
swara winced…
shomi :shhh, show it to me..
swars didn’t let her.. but shomi didn’t let it.. she forcibly take her feet to bed and sees it..
shomi :(concerned)oh god,
shomi took the glass scatter one by one from her feet… the blood icing oozing out.. swara winced in pain..
shomi :(loudly) maid!
she calls upon any maid.. a maid wearing black and white dress came in..
maid :yes, ma’am?
maid bowed her head infront off then…
shomi :(shouting)go and get the first aid tool box and clean it..
she points at the glass… the maid looked at it..
maid :okay, ma’am
the maid walks away.. after a while, she came with a aid box and broom and dust bin… the maid give the first aid box to shomi and cleans it..
shomi applied medicine on swara’s wound and plastered it…
shomi :(looking at her) what is the problem?
swara :(sad)as usual.
shomi :(surprise) usual?that’s why you broke the glass?
swara :yes, he first pick up my phone.. I’m worried as something is wrong..
shomi laughed..
shomi :is this the problem? you, silly.. he had been in busy.. don’t worry..
shomi goes away at patted swara on cheek …swara looked worried..
swara :you go now..
she indicated the maid.. maid bowed her head and walks away from there shutting the door behind…

scene 4,
Ragini shuts the door.. laksh was sitting on bed.. Ragini came there and picked her pillow and duvet.. laksh looked confused..
laksh :why? here’s got place to sleep..
Ragini :(awkwardly) I felt awkward to sleep here, so I’m going to sofa..
she points the sofa.. laksh looked at the sofa..
laksh :okay, I’ll go..
he took his duvet and bed.. Ragini stopped him…
Ragini :are you nut?
she stared.. Laksh glares at her..
laksh :(roaring)I’m not..
he puts the pillow and duvet down on the sofa and came to her.. the tiles were smooth and silly.. when he steps, it’s makes him fall.. he falls on ragini.. they fell on bed.. Ragini down and Laksh on top.. they looked at each other eyes awkwardly… the screen freezes..

Precap : they reached laksh’s apartment..

episode 5s link…


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