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scene 1,
Priest: the wedding is finished.. now you both are husband and wife…
the priest said… lakhs has have any smiles on his face.. ragini looked no expression.. they both were so silent..
priest: take blessings from elders and God..
he said.. raglak nodded and stood up… they came to ap, dp, shekar and janki… the four were happy and excited… raglak came and took their blessings…while taking blessing from dp and ap… ap stopped ragini half from blessings and cupped her face in her hand..ap smiles..
ap: (smiling) now you’re our daughter in law… take care of laksh and don’t fight like before..
ap said.. ragini thinks it and smiles a bit..
ragini: (nodding) hmm, aunty
.I’ll take care..
ragini said.. laksh heard it.. he think about swara..
swara: (fb) don’t be late, laksh..
laksh thinks it and cries inside …ragini looked at him and thinks..
raginih: why is he looking not okay? (thinking)

scene 2,
it was night.. laksh was in his room.. he was standing in front of the window looking out and taking in the fresh air to keep his heart strong..
his thought got distracted by a call..laksh takes the phone from his pocket.. the name reveal as swara… Laksh looks sad and thinks deeply… he then cuts the call and threw the phone away… he was angry on himself..
he then lits a cigar and smokes it.. the door opens.. laksh heard and turned… he saw ragini there… ragini closes the door… she’s now looking normal.. she straightly walks to the bed and sat down… laksh looked on..ragini looked at him..
ragini:(smiling) what’s your problem? why you looking so dull and sad..?
ragini doesn’t know that her smiles got into tears and going to shudder in a minute… laksh looked at her..
laksh :(dull) nothing…
ragini: (smiling) say it.. I knew you from very long..
laksh gave up and looked at her.. ragini stared at him..
laksh: (sighed) okay, I’ll tell…I have a gf…
ragini got shocked and stand up..she stared at him…laksh turns and walks away while saying..
laksh: we’ve been in love for 2 years… now also I’m here for informing about her to mom and days but all are in vain.. its all got destroyed..
laksh eyes got teary thinking about swara.. the tears streams down from his cheek.. ragini looked shocked and pale… after a while, her shock turn to tears…
she felt like her all energy started to melt like ice… she falls down beside the bed but she’s in consciousness… laksh heard her and turned.. he came to ragini…
laksh: (shocked) ragini!
he came beside her to help.. but ragini stopped him from helping and refuses..laksh looked on..ragini looked at him with tears streaming down…
ragini: (shivering voice) so, why do you don’t tell it before?
laksh: (looking down) because, when my parents asked… I don’t have any answer.. I don’t want to hurt mom and…
Ragini: so you hurt my feelings.
ragini looked on his eyes…laksh looked at her…
laksh: (trying to understand) not like that ragini..
ragini: (boldly) then what, laksh? huh? what? you’re saying that you value their feelings… why don’t me? it’s not your life matter… that mine also..
laksh: (understanding her feeling) no, ragini… I know but you saw their feelings, right? they’ll feel bad if I refused..
ragini wipes her tears with her hands and got up.. she sighed to control as she know her life is over… there is no change..
ragini: (stare) its okay, laksh… its not in our hands but in God’s hand.. there is nothing can we do..don’t worry, I’ll divorce you after six months..and one wish, don’t hurt that girl like you hurt me..
thus, ragini stands up and walks to the bed… she then layed and closed her eyes…
laksh didn’t utter a word and he stared at her.. then after few minutes, he came to his sense..
laksh: sorry..
laksh felt guilty but ragini slept already….laksh then came to bed and slept on the other side. he switched off the light… ragini opened her eyes and looked away..she was crying as the tears streaming down from her eyes..

scene 3,
swara was in her room… she was in her bed sitting..the door was locked from inside.. swara tries laksh’s mobile and didn’t connect.. she looked confused..
swara: (thinking) what he’s doing? why he is switching off his phone? I wish to knw about the matter and all..but he..erghh.
she grinted her teeth and looked disturbed… she puts her phone down and layed on bed… she starts to move her hands on the bed and smiles..
swara: (thinking) its okay, I’ll know when he is here..
she thinks and smiles.. she then turned and took a photo of laksh from the bedside table… she stared at the photo..
swara: (whispering) hey, fraud I’m missing you..please come soon.. I’m waiting for your return..
she said and sighed deeply and desiring… she then kissed the photo and slept with hugging the pic…

scene 4,
it was next morning, the sunrise hits on laksh’s face and woke up..he sat on bed and yawned… he moved his hands Left and right.
he opened his eyes… when opened, he first saw thing is ragini… who is doing her hair into a ponytail..ragini looked at him…
ragini: (pretending a smiles) good morning..
she said as if nothing happened.. laksh lost in words with her behaviour towards him.. she stands up and came to him..
ragini: are you shocked? I’m moved on..don’t hurt her..
ragini walks away… laksh looked on shocked and surprise… he rubs his eyes with his hand and looked at her going…

scene 5,
ragini came down… ap smiles at her…
ap: good morning, ragini..
ragini: (smiling) good morning, mom..
she said… ragini took her blessing and starts to help her with kitchen household..
ap :(confused) where is laksh..?
ragini stopped working and looked ap..she smiled…
ragini: laksh woke up just now..
ragini said… ap came close to her…
ap :(whisper) are you both were okay with this marriage?
ragini lost in deep thought… she remembered the night and smiles..
ragini :(thinking) m, my life got destroyed yesterday…
ap (quest): huh? are you both okay?
ragini came to her sense and looked at ap…
ragini: (smiling) haan, all are okay between us..
she said..ap gets happy and goes away… ragini turned around and washes the plates….she smiles thinking her fate…

To Be Continued…

Precap: raglak shekes hands with each other….

episode 4’s link..

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