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Scene 1,
Laksh came to a corner side and stands resting his body on the wall beside him… he calls swara…
Swara : (smiling)hello, Laksh?
Laksh : hello!
they smile at each other over the phone… while on the other side, there take place ragini’s marriage.. she looks okay with no more smile on her face.. Laksh is seen saying..
Laksh :(smiling) so… how’s your day without me?
swara : hmm, okay.. and how’s the wedding going.. ans you talked about our relationship with your parents..
Laksh : hmm, wedding is going nice… and still, I didn’t inform about us… wait patiently, I’ll say after the wedding finished..
swara smile warmly… Laksh looked for a answer from her..
Swara: okay… but don’t be so late.. okay?
Laksh :(nodding)okay…
they then said bye bye to each other and hangs out the phone… Laksh put the phone in pocket and turned.. he saw Ragini and smile… Ragini looked at him.. Then the priest said..
priest : call the groom.
he then starts his mantra again.. Ragini waited.. they all waited.. but there is no response by the groom, Sanskar.. Laksh got suspicious with his no response.. the other starts murmur something to each other.. Ragini looked worried and looked down at the fire…

Scene 2,
Sanskar’s parents alomg with few relaters came to Sanskar’s room.. father knocked on the door for response.. they looked on suspicion and worried what might happen to him… Laksh looked on.. then the relaters came to a conclusion and break the door..
it’s then opened after so struggle.. they get in and saw there is no one.. there is a window is opened ..they get in.. one of the man goes to bathroom side… he opened the door and saw no one there..
Man : there is no one (whispers)
Father :(panicked and shocked) what? god,..
he said… the man saw a folded paper lying down on the floor.. he knees down and took it.. he gives it to Sanskar’s father.. father stared at the folded floor for a few seconds.. he then starts to unwrap it..
ragini and all the family looked worried.. father started to read..

letter _
Sorry, dad and mom.. I’ve tried to say that I was not interested in marriage.. but you didn’t listen.. and then seeing your happiness, I decided to marry her
but fate has other, plans.. I realized, it’s my life, I have the right to choose my life.. and now I chose not to marry her instead working.. so, I’m gone to work..
listen, I’ll come to you when I’m Ready to meet you all..

sorry, dad..

Sanskar’s dad finished reading and wrap it. janki broken down.. she’s about to fall but shekar grabbed her.. raglak and Ap and Dp came to her.. they got worried..
Janki :(murmur and crying)shekar, our daughter marriage is over?
Shekar : (crying) no, she’ll be alright.. don’t worry..
he consoles her.. ragini starts to cry and hugs her mom.. Ap, Dp and laksh looked at her..
Ragini :(crying) mom, I’ll be alright if you with me.. don’t think about my marriage.. it’ll be alright soon.. don’t get lose..
she cries badly.. Shekar puts his hand on ragini and console her.. laksh puts his hand on ragini’s shoulder and cries..
the guests saw it and feels sorry but at the same time, thy murmur about ragini and the marriage to each other.. Ap heard it clearly as she stands close to them.. she got anger over their words.. she thinks for a while and gets an idea.. She pull Dp aside..
Ap :(seriously) I’ve a conclusion.. why don’t we get Raglak married?
Dp :(shocked over her words) what?
AP : yes…because see Raglak were very close and knew each other very well.. I felt sad for Shekar and janki as they wished for ragini’s marriage.
Dp get into a deep thought of Ap words and thinks.. and them after a few minutes of thinking, he came to a conclusion..
Dp : I think it’s right..
Ap smiled..

Scene 3,
they both came Shekar and janki. Shekar was feeding water to janki.. when they stands infront raglak, janki and Shekar looked at them. Ap sirs beside janki..
Ap : janki, why don’t you get ragini married to Laksh..
the four got shocked.. Laksh got a very big shock of his life.. he felts it like a heart attack.. but he cannot speak as looking at janki and Shekar..
Shekar (shock): whaat?
Ap (seriously): yes, I can’t let you suffer, brother.. please accept.
Ap waits for his answer.. Shekar think and looked at janki.. janki looked at him.. they both then turned and looks at ragini. ragini stares at them.
Ragini :as you all wish.
she said and walks away.. they then looked at AP and Dp. they accept the proposal.. laksh got shocked..
Janki (looking at laksh): but, it’s better to ask Laksh once..
they all eyes turned to Laksh.. laksh looked around at them all.
Laksh :(nodding) as you wish, dad.
laksh said with even not a drop likeness in the marriage.. but he has love on them.. he cannot see janki and Shekar looking crying.. and also ragini.. they then smiles and got happy..
Laksh turns away, his phone beeps and he took it out.. he saw swara whatsapp to him.. he opened and saw a picture of swara in temple… he got teary eyed looks at the picture.. he wipes the tears and message bye to swara.. he then deleted the picture and her contacts… he switched off the phone..
ragini was standing on the other side of wall, opposite to Laksh.. she was crying as her marriage stopped and her mother.. and then think about, laksh’s marriage proposal to her..

Scene 4,
after a while, the priest again repeat the mantra.. Ragini was wearing the dress and is in the same mandap.. Sanskar’s parents were left and asking forgiveness for his son’s deed.. ragini isn’t smiling.. besides her, laksh was sitting, wearing a blue wedding sherwani dress.. he also hasn’t any happy over in his face..
around them, theirs parents stands smiling. priests then said..
Priest (giving the sindoor): apply it on her forehead.
Laksh (taking it away and looking at him) hmm,
he took a pinch of sindoor in his hand.. he think about swara in that time and another time he applied it on ragini’s forehead.. while ragini closed her eyes for a while.. after that, priests gave the wedding chain to Laksh.. laksh looked on.. he slowly takes the wedding chain.. ragini looked at down.. laksh then slowly puts that around her neck…Ap helps him.. ragini looked at him while he makes her wear it… laksh also looked at each other.. the screen freezes on their face…

To Be Continued…

Precap – it was their wedding night.. laksh saw swara’s message… he thinks about swara… ragini came in… he looked at her.

episode 3’s link..

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