hi guys…a very very big sorry for the delay… I’m so sorry… u have already know that i have so many ffs to write so sorry… after swaragini ends I’ve started to miss our pyari Raglak… i hope one day there will be a chance to see them again together in any drama in which they are the main and only couple… or in real life… i hope and wish…

Scene 1,
it’s midnight, there was no one there… whole people were gone to sleep because to wake up early in morning.. laksh came to terrace and breathe in the chill and clean air… he shivers little because it’s so icy.. he stands there and take out a cigar from his pocket.. he put it on his mouth and shoot it with a fire lighter..
he then put that lighter on pocket and smoked the cigar deeply… he felt very restful after smoked it… he smiles and felt very fresh.. suddenly the phone rang out in vibration.. it felt a tickle on his chest.. he took out the phone.. the phone revealed the name swara… he puts the cigar down and stamped on it… he attended the phone…
Laksh : hello, babe. (smiling)
swara :(glaring) I said don’t call me babe, laksh.
Laksh: sorry.. so, what’s the matter?

Swara:(brows up)why? i don’t to call you if there is no problem? huh?
Laksh :(smiling) okay, baba… sorry
swara : hmm. so have you got to see other girls including your cousin (questioningly)
Laksh :(glance down at the stamped cigar) no, not at all.
there was a sudden silent between them.. swara looked thinking and closed her eyes for a while then opened.. laksh waiting for her voice…
Swara:(angry)so, you had see n them? am i right, laksh?
Laksh (confused): no.. I’m not on that mean..
swara : then which?

Laksh got angry with her question… he shout at her…
Laksh : just stop your nonsense, swara… stop thinking about me badly and silly like this..
swara:(shouting) what should i think about you? a calm person or a justice man?
Laksh : you’re doing a waste drama?
swara: what? what? is it a drama for you? how can you?
swara in fit of rage, throws her phone hardly on the floor.. on that speed, the phone got broken into piece by piece… Laksh hears it..
Laksh :hello? hello?
Laksh called… the call got disconnected.. laksh in a frustrated, also threw the phone away.. he turned and looked away…
Laksh :(thinking) shit, shit, shit… bullshit…what the hell is she thinking.. erghh.. always thinking me in a bad.. erghh…
Laksh looked up at the moon… he shakes his own hands in frustration and kept down his head.. again, takes out a cigar and smokes it for relieve..

Scene 2,
ragini was in her room.. she was wearing a silk less blue pajamas and is sitting on the bed.. she was smiling to herself and takes a photo on her hand… she stared at it for a long long long time.. even her eyes turned redder.. after a while, she felt sleepy… she kept that photo in a book and smiles…
Ragini :(smiling) good night..
she said to herself… Ragini put down light off and lies on the bed and rests… and then fall asleep..
on down, the workers and maids were doing the mandap work. its almost finished… but there is still not a long time, so they doing it all a little bit faster.. they puts flowers around the house and it smells good… the mandap looked so perfect…

Scene 3,
it was morning, Ragini was sleeping out of tired… poonam starts to knock on ragini’s door..
Poonam:(worried and shouting) ragini, get up.. it’s time for your marriage..
ragini hears the shouting of poonam as a lullaby..
Ragini:(blurting) few minutes.
she smiles and sleep… poonam gor restless after contuisly knocked on the door.. she put her hand on her forehead and thinked…janki came there with a plate of flowers.. she noticed poonam look and goes near her..
Janki:(confused ) what’s the matter?
poonam :(worried) ma, ragini didn’t wake up till now..
janki :(wide eyes) whaat? wait.. hold it..
janki gave the plate to poonam… poonam holds it.. while, janki knocked on door and shout..

ragini hears it as a warning and got up, jerked.. she looked straight for awhile… she hears janki shouting and turned to left.. its already 6:30 am at morning.. she put hand on her head..
ragini(thinking): shit!
she removed the blanket and got up to feet.. she walks to the door while saying..
ragini : I’m coming
she opened the door and saw janki and poonam.. janki glares at her and taked the plate from poonam’s hand..she just walked away silently.. poonam saw janki gone and turned to look at ragini…
poonam : how many time will I knocked? (glaring)
ragini remember poonam’s shouting felt like a lullaby..
ragini:(stretching her hair) sorry..
poonam shakes her head and gave the wedding dress to her..
poonam : put it on and call me.. I’ll make up yoi..
poonam said… Ragini nods.. poonam walks a away and ragini closed the door..

Scene 4,
the mandap was full of people standing and laughing.. janki came and stand beside shekar..
Janki:(teary eyed and a in shaking voice) I’m so happy today our daughter is getting married and going to start a new life..
shekar :(consoling) don’t worry..i know your feelings… even she gone to her sasural family, she’s our daughter forever.. we’ll call her or meet her daily..
Shekar said.. janki looked at shekar and smiles.. she rested her head on shekar’s’s all noticed by laksh… laksh came to them..
Laksh :(smiling) don’t get crying.. today is a precious day for ragini..
laksh hugged them..shekar and janki smiles..
janki&shekar(smiling): yes, laksh…you’re our mind power…
laksh smiled happily.. Ragini came there with wearing the bridal dress.. she looked like a precious angel that came down from heaven.. janki walks to her beside and makes her sit.. Ragini looked at janki… she was already in a teary eyed.. janki wiped it and pecked a kiss on ragini’s forehead, lovingly..
Laksh watched it and gave a warm smile.. his phone beeped.. it was from swara..a message.. laksh opened it and saw it…

message :


Laksh smiled at it and leaves a smiling emoji message for her.. ragini does the puja… the screen freezes on their both face…

To Be Continued..

Precap : ragini was sitting on mandap worried.. on the other side, some people broked the groom’s room and saw no one but a letter..

So guys… i hope you’ll like it and tq for the comment… plz comment and show your love… bye. happy day..

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