Pyar ka dard hai- A different side of Pkdh (intro)


Hi guys. Missing Star plus Pyar ka dard hai a lot so thought of writing my own ff with those characters but a very different plot(Aditya, Pankhuri,Avantika, Harish , Preeti Mausi, Rubel , Payal , Kaira , Nanaji (Purshottam deewan), Anuj (mamaji), Sheela , Dadaji , Govardhan , Ambika , Kamini , Neha , Aisha , Latika etc) Hope you enjoy it PAYA fans.

Early morning sun rises and sunlight glows inside Adi’s room. Shanky enters the room.
Shanky say Adi bhabha get its six in the morning.
Adi say please leave me for some time.
Nanaji enters the room and says Barcodudhar get up we have to play badminton.
Adi says Nanu what ever happens I will win so why are worrying.
Nanaji beats Adi with a pillow and Shanky moves the screen away.
Adi wakes up stretches and gets ready and comes down. Nanaji and Shanky have gone down already.
When Adi comes down he sees Harish and Avantika arguing over something. He goes near them and asks Dad why are you irritating Mom early in the morning. He says she is asking me to quit tea and drink green tea.
Avantika interrupts and says Ah yes he has to do. He is getting older.
Harish says only me and not you?
Adi says you both fight I have to go to play badminton with Nanu. I have a bet with him.
Harish asks what bet?
If he wins I must meet the girl whom you were talking about yesterday.
Avantika says Oh yes Gupta’s daughter Pankhuri from kullu.
Preeti comes there and says Yes I too saw her photo. Very beautiful girl Adi.
Adi says I don’t know whether she is beautiful or not . I don’t want to marry.
Avantika asks So if you don’t want to marry now then when will you get married when you become a grandpa?
Nanaji comes and says Adi first meet the girl and then decide.
Adi says Ok nanu but first try to win me. They both go to play.

Now in Kullu
Pankhuri and Neha go to temple. Neha says pray that the Mumbai vala must like you.
Pankhuri gets shy. She says just shut up and pray.
They come out after praying. Pankhuri says I have to go to photo studio to get Ma Bauji’s wedding anniversary gift. Neha says Iwill come with you. I have to check about the Mumbai vala in friend Pankhuri says no need. Neha says atleast I will see how many friends he has. Pankhuri says no social network says about a person Neha says then how to know. Pankhuri says when we meet a person our heart will say if he is the one for us and I think even today a guy completes a girl’s life and I wish I am like my maa and bauji. Neha laughs. Pankhuri says go and do your job. Pankhuri goes to photo studio and gets the collage and gifts it to her parents. Govardhan uncle says Pankhuri is very lucky to have a proposal from the Deewan family. I heard that Avantika ji is very successful business woman. Kamini says SHeela ki nanan. Sheela is also having a son Rubel. Govardhan says Avantika is at a igher post in Deewan company than Anuj. And also Avantika, Harish are in deewan mansion though Avantika is a daughter of the house. In which house a Son-in law is given place like own son I think our daughter will be very happy there.Pankhuri hears all gets shy and runs inside the room.

Now in Mumbai,
Adi loses the game and agrees to meet Pankhuri. Rubel comes at that time and teases Adi. He says brother get married soon then only my track will get clear. Adi chases him and they run inside and dash on Mausi. Adi says Mausi is elder but she has not got married. Mausi says now what is about my marriage. Rubel asks Bua did you love anyone. Mausi says I loved but it was one side. He did not love me He was already married nut tried to hide it. But somehow I found it just before tried to take our relationship ahead. T took me these many years to overcome that shock. I hope I get a good husband as Di has got. When Dad asked I said I will say to him when I find a right person and I don’t want to get in any relation now. Adi says when you are here why should I marry. Mausi says youdn’t worry abut me. Get ready tomorrow morning we have to go to kullu.
Just then a voice is there sayin STOP it.
Everyone turn back Avatika comes from inside. It was Avantika’s friend Nisha and her daughter Latika.
Nisha says months ago you said you will marry my daughter Latika to your son. Avantika says Nisha stop it I said but now Ithink she is not suitable for my son.Adi is childish in nature. I want a daughter in law who is very matured and I hezrd about Pankhuri. Dad has also seen her and she is very nice girl and he says she will suit our family. Latika is also good but not suitable for my Adi. So please go.

Precap: Latika plans to get into Deewan house as Adi’s wife by some way. Aditya, Nanaji, Avantika, Harish Mausi and Rubel get ready to go to Kullu.

Credit to: Priya

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