Pyar ka Dard hai – A different side of PKDH epi 9

Hi guys! Here is the ninth episode of Pyar ka Dard hai – A different side of PKDH. Thank you so much for your supports. Please do comment.

The episode starts. Adi and Pankhuri are enjoying Pani Puris. Latika walks towards them and calls Aditya
Adi turns back . Adi: Hey Latika. (Adi to Pankhuri): This is Latika. Mom’s friend Nisha aunty’s daughter.
Pankhuri: Hai.
Latika: Hello. (She hugs Adi).
Pankhuri looks at them.
Adi: Latika she is Pankhuri my fiancée and above all a very good friend of mine.
Latika: Hmm. (She thinks: Fiancée as a friend)
Adi: Do you want some Pani Puri?
Latika: No no. And so when is your marriage?
Adi: After two months.
Latika: Before marriage you are coming out like this. Are you both dating?
Adi: Hey no not like that. Pankhuri has got an internship here. So she has come.
Adi gets Pankhuri’s plate and keeps it in the tray near the shop. He then pays the Pani Puri shopkeeper.
Latika: Pankhuri you are very lucky to have a saas like Avantika aunty and a family like Deewans.
Pankhuri: Yeah you are right.
Adi comes and says: Latika Pankhuri’s family is also as big as ours. (Adi looks at his watch and says): Oh its Four thirty. Pankhuri we must leave now.. shall we?
Pankhuri: Yeah Adi.
Adi: Bye Latika.
Adi and Pankhuri get into the car and the car moves.
Latika’s friends come there.
Latika’s friend: Who are they.
Latika: he is Adi.
Latika’s friend : Adi the one you told that you are going to marry. Then who is the girl with him?
Latika: Pankhuri his fiancée.
Latika’s friend: Fiancée? Then what about your marriage.
Latika: That’s not a problem. Jobhi ho I will become Adi’s wife.
Adi and Pankhuri reach home. Rubel welcomes Adi at the entrance and hugs him.
Rubel: Congrats brother.
Adi: Thank you.

Pankhuri goes to her room.
Neha calls Pankhuri.
Pankhuri picks up the call.
Neha: Kaisi hai tu?
Pankhu: Achi hoo. Tum aur baki sabh.
Neha: Hum sabh achi hai. How is giju?
Pankhu: He is fine.
Dadaji comes and gets the phone from Neha and talks to Pankhuri: Pankhuri beta kaisi ho tum aur baki sabh kaise hai?
Pankhu: Dadaji pranam. Hum sabh teek hai./ Aur Aap ko patha ki Adi Avantika aunty ke sath aaj se business ko manage karenge.
Dadaji: Ha Deewan sabh ne muje sab kuch pathadiya. And He also told me that you were the reason for Adi to join the businsee. Very good. Teeka beta ab Neha se bath karo.
Pankhu: Teeke Dadaji.
Neha: hmm so before marriage giju has started to obey you.
Pankhu: Neha, while teasing me remember that you are also engaged. So I too will tease you.
Neha: Then how was your office. How do you go to office?
Pankhu: Adi drops me.
Neha: Wow how romantic.
Pankhu: Neha I wanted to tell you something. For the first time I felt jealous when Adi hugged a girl.
Neha: Kya.
Pankhu: I cities normally friends hug. I don’t know why I felt jealous when Adi hugged his friend Latika.
Neha: This is called Love.
Pankhu: Ha I think I have fallen in love with Adi.
Harish who is walking in the verandah hears this and stops.
Neha: Kya bath hai.
Pankhu: Ha yaar patha nai ye kabh hua aur kaise hua par pyar hogaya.
Neha: What a poetic line ? By the did you tell Giju about it?
Pankhu: No. Adi is callin me a friend.
Neha: Friend?
Pankhu: I don’t know what he is thinking about me.
(Neha Neha vaha kya karrahiho teri sagai keliye kapde kareedhna hai jaldi neecha aao.)
Neha: Pankhu badi maa muje bularahi hai. Mein ab raktha hoo. Badh mein call karenge.
Pankhu: Ok bye.
Harish who was hearing all this thinks: Pankhu has fallen for Adi but my son has not realized his love and is calling Pankhuri as a friend which is hurting her a lot. I must do something.

After sometime.
Pankhuri is singing and is sketching something. Harish knocks the door.
Butterfly may I come in.
Pankhu: Uncle. Come in.
Harish: Uncle? Call me Papa.
Pankhu: Ha come in Papa.
Harish: That’s good. Yesterday when you came I was in the shoot so I just came to see you. How are you and are you comfortable.
Pankhu: Ha Papa.
Harish: Pankhuri Adi is like that thodi na samaj aur thoodibevakoof. Thank you beta for making him understand and join Avantika in business.
Pankhu: papa I did not do anything.
Harish: Hmm.
Adi comes. Adi: Papa they are calling you down.
Harish: Ok bye Butterfly.
Pankhu: Bye papa.
Harish goes out.
Adi sees the sketching and says: What are you drawing.
Pankhu: Kuch nahi it’s a scenery.
Adi: Hmm very nice. By the way will you come out with me after dinner.
Pankhu: After dinner. Kyu kya hua?
Adi: Kuch nahi. Ek important bath kernihai.
Pankhu: Yeah.

Precap: Adi and Pankhuri spend sometime together.

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  1. wow priya it is so wondrful. The way pankhuri spoke neha about her love are wonderful it is amazind plss continue. i ‘m eagerly waiting

    1. Thank You Santhiya. Keep supporting me through your comments.

  2. Hai,Priya..i’m also one of the fan of PKDH…U Brought that once more..i’m VERY GLAD to read this awesome creation…I loved ur creation and the way of writting..bcoz..the way u follow is same the way of original PKDH…the dialogue attitude of all the character is same and gud..especially u changed RUBEL as a positive character its sooo gud…really he is seen more gud in ur ff…
    Keep this style only…???
    Waiting for nxt epi….?☺?☺

    1. Thank you SAGAA for ur support. I am a very big fan of PKDH. I loved Rubel as a positive character than his negative role. So I made him positive from the beginning. And also attitude of the character is their beauty so I just maintained them. By the way keep supporting me through your comments.

  3. Very nice please continue

    1. Thank you

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