Pyar ka dard hai- A different side of Pkdh epi 8

Hi guys! Here is the eighth episode of Pyar ka Dard hai – A different side of PKDH. Thank you so much for your comments. Keep supporting. The episode starts
Adi’s car enters Harish’s sets. Harish is sitting in a chair and is talking to someone over the phone. Adi asks a man who was passing by: Where is actor Harish?
Man: Ji aap kon hai?
Adi: Mein uska beta Aditya Kumar. At that time production manager Raka comes there. Raka: Aditya aap.

Adi: Ji ha I came to see Papa.
Raka: Ji He is there (He points his hand towards Harish)
Adi: Thank you (Adi walks towards Harish. Raka goes out)
Harish over the phone: Really that’s a great news. (He sees Adi coming)Ok I will call you later. (Harish cuts the phone.)
Adi: Dad. (Harish gets up. Adi runs towards him. They hug each other.
Harish: Adi looking handsome in formals.
Adi: Thank you.
Harish: Vaise Adi ajanak office join karneka idea?
Adi: Dad, Iskeliye aap Pankhuri ko thanks kehna chayiye.
Harish: Pankhuri?

Adi: Ha dad Pankhuri. She just asked me where I am working and then I realized that I was doing nothing but spending my parents’ money. So I decided to work.
Harish: Well done my son. By the way I must thank my daughter-in-law Pankhuri.
Adi: Yes dad she has become a very good friend of me.
Harish: Friend?

Adi: Ha friend.(Adi looks at his watch) Ok Dad I must leave now. Nanu and Mom will be waiting for me in the office. If I go late they will scold me.
Harish: Ok bye.
Adi leaves. Harish to himself: When will he understand that he and Pankhuri are more than friends?
Now at Deewan office.
Adi goes into the office. Everyone get up and clap. Adi goes inside Avantika’s cabin.
Avantika takes him to the meeting hall. Avantika : Ladies and gentlemen he is my son Aditya. Today he is joining the office. He will be working under me. I hope you will cooperate with him.
Everyone wish Adi. Adi is taken to his cabin. Adi sits in his chair Avantika and Nanaji wish Adi and they go out.
Adi calls Pankhuri.

Pankhuri sees her phone ringing and sees the display as Aditya. She picks up the phone.
Adi: Sorry yaar sorry to disturb you in the office time. I just wanted to talk to you.
Pankhuri: Its ok.
Adi: Hm I have joined Mom’s office. Bigger responsibilities.
Pankhuri: Dar lagra hai?
Adi: ha. By the way how did you find?

Pankhuri: aap ka aavaz.
Adi: Oh. Yeah I am very afraid. So only I wanted to talk with you. Mom has given me very big responsibilities at the very beginning. So I am afraid whether mein Mom ka expectations ko puri karsakthahoo ya nahi.
Pankhuri: Kyu nahi. Aap zadahi soch rahihaii. You can do it.
Adi: You are amazing. Talking to you gives me very good energy. Ok phone rakthihoo. Bahoth kam hai. In the evening when your work gets completed just give me a missed call. Don’t go by auto or bus. Ok

Pankhuri: Ji. Bye.
Now in the evening. Pankhuri’s office.
Pankhuri’s work gets completed. She goes to the manager’s room and sumbits her work. She comes out of the office. She looks at her watch and says Its four O’ clock. Ok I will call Aditya ji.
Pankhuri calls Adi. Adi looks at the display and says Pankhuri. He goes out of his room and gets inside his car. And then he attends Pankhuri’s call
Pankhuri: Adi my work has been completed.

Adi: So what.
Pankhuri: Aap ne kaha ki aap muje pick up karenge.
Adi: Yeah yaar I told but how do I know that your work will get completed by four O’clock. I have a lot of work so please today alone go by auto from tomorrow I will pick you up.
Pankhuri: Par aap ne to kaha ki aap muje pick up karrongi.
Adi: Yaar I told but now I have a lot of work. (Adi’s car reaches Pankhuri’s office. He gets down)
Pankhuri: Ok bye. (She cuts the phone. )

Adi is standing behind the wall of Pankhuri’s office and is watching Pankhuri.
Pankhuri: Adi ko ajanak kya hua. He only told that he will drop me. Ok I will go by auto. (An auto goes by) Bhaiya auto ruko.
The auto stops and Pankhuri is about to get inside the auto. Adi comes and holds Pankhuri’s hand.
Pankhuri: Adi aap?
Adi: ha mein. (Adi to auto driver: Bhaiya I will drop her. Aap please jaiyiye. Thank you.) Kya yaar tum bhi. I was just making fun of you. Muj par ithna vishwas bhi nai?
Pankhuri: Nai nai aisi koi bath nai hai.
Adi: Ok lets go.

Pankhuri: You told that you have a lot of work. Then how did you come.
Adi: First day so Mom gave me some files and asked me to go through them and observe others. So no other work. I am sitting free from 2 O’clock.
Pankhuri: Oh.

They get into the car and go. On the way they see a Pani puri shop.
Adi: Can we have some Pani Puri?
Pankhuri: Ha.
They get down. Adi gets two plates of Pani puri. They are eating Pani puri. Adi and Pankhuri put pani puri in each other’s mouth. In the background Ye Milan ho dobara…… plays
At that time Latika who is walking with her friends sees Adi and Pankhuri.
Latika: Voh Adi hena. By the way who is the girl with him? Maybe Pankhuri jiske bare mein Mom ne muje bathaya. Hmm they have become this much close? I must do something.

Precap: Latika meets Adi and Pankhuri. Harish realizes that Pankhuri has fallen for Adi.

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