Pyar ka dard hai- A different side of Pkdh epi 7


Hi guys! Here is the seventh episode of Pyar ka Dard hai – A different side of PKDH. Thank you so much for your supports. Keep supporting.
The episode starts. Shanky ka ka leaves. Adi: Pankhuri dinner keliya chale?
Pankhuri: Chalenge. They both go inside. Everybody is sitting in the dining table.
Avantika asks Shanky: Where are Adi and Pankhuri?
Adi: Mom here we are.
Everyone turns and sees Adi and Pankhuri. Avantika: Adi Pankhuri come sit.
Adi: Ha mom.
Adi goes and pulls the chair near Nanaji and sits.

Pankhuri is standing there.
Nanaji: Pankhuri beta aao beto.
Avantika: Pankhuri don’t feel shy. This is alos your house. And we are also your family so come sit.
Preeti gets up from her chair and goes to Pankhuri. She holds her hand and takes her to the dining table. She pulls the chair near hers and asks Pankhuri to sit. They all sit and have dinner.
Sheela: Pankhuri don’t you feel awkward to stay in your in-laws house before marriage.
Pankhuri drops the spoon from her hand. Avantika sees Pankhuri and stares at Sheela.
Nanaji: Sheela, mind your words.
Anuj: What is wrong in Sheela’s words Dad. Whatever she said is right.
A tear drops from Pankhuri’s eyes.
Avantika: Baiya just stop it. And let her eat.

Pankhuri wipes her tears and getsup from the chair. She leaves to her room.
Avantika: Bas ab aap dono kush hai? See she has left without eating. Is this the way you treat the hone vali daughter-in-law of the house.
Sheela: Toh galath kya kaha meine?
Rubel: Mom just stop it.
Adi gets up without completing his food. He goes and takes Pankhuri’s plate and puts some rice, two rotis and some gravy. He takes a glass and pours some water in it. Then he takes his plate and Pankhuri’s plate and goes to Mausi’s room.
In Mausi’s room he sees Pankhuri sketching something. He knocks the door. Pankhuri turns and sees Adi standing near the door with two plates in his hands.
Pankhuri: Adityaji aap?
Adi: Yeah Woh tumne kana nahi kayana isiliye mei yaha lekar aagay.
Pankhuri: Woh….
Adi comes inside. He gives Pankhuri’s plate to her.
Adi: Ok now sit and have your dinner.
Pankhuri: Aur aap?
Adi: I too will eat but first you sit.

Pankhuri and Adi sit on the bed. Pankhuri stares at her food.
Adi: Why are you staring at it. Eat its getting late and the food will become cool.
Pankhuri: Yeah I will eat it Adityaji. Thank you for your concern.
Adi: Don’t say thank you. By the way please don’t call me ji. Am I looking like uncle. Just call me Adi.
Pankhuri: Ok and Adityaji. (Adi looks at her.) Sorry Adi.
Adi: Hmm that’s good. By the way where is your office.
Pankhuri: I don’t know the exact address but I have their visting card.
Adi: Then how are you going to go to your office.
Pankhuri: By auto.
Adi: Auto? Please don’t go by it. You are new to Mumbai. They will cheat you.
Pankhuri: Then how should I go?
Adi: I will drop you. Give me the visiting card for a minute.
Pankhuri: One minute(She opens her hand bag takes the visiting card and gives it to Adi). Ye ligiye.

Adi: Hmm (he looks at the card) its in Andheri. No problem I will drop you. It is on my way.
Pankhuri: Toh aap kaha kaam kar rahihaii?
Adi: Kaam? Oh no I am going to dad’s set. He has not come home from yesterday.
Pankhuri: oh. I thought aap kam kararhihai. You have completed your studies so. Sorry if I had hurted you.
Adi: Its ok. In the morning you get ready I will drop you.
Adi gets her plate and leaves.
Pankhuri to herself: (She hits her head) Oh no I have hurted him.
Mausi enters and asks: By the way what is going on ah?
Pankhuri: Mausi voh kuch nahi.

Mausi: Its ok don’t feel shy. Now go and sleep tomorrow is your first day at office.
Pankhuri lies down and Mausi switches off the light and she pulls the blanket and lise down. Adi goes to his room he remembers Pankhuri’s words. Then he too goes to sleep.
Its morning. Adi wakesup and he comes down rubbing his eyes. Avantika comes out of her room in her jogging dress. Avantika: Adi subah subah go and sleep.
Adi: Mom I am thinking something
Avantika: What tell me.
Adi: Mom I am thinking of joining you in the office.

Avantika: Adi are you sure.
Adi: Yes mom.
Avantika: I have been waiting for this from the day you have completed your graduation. I am very happy. I will inform dad and tell you about your joining date and time.
Avantika leaves. Adi goes outside.
Sheela who was watching all this goes to Rubel’s room. Rubel is sitting and reading a magazine.
Sheela opens the door with a bang. Rubel: Mom before entering someone’s room you should knock the door. Aap ko ithna manners bhi nayi?
Sheela: Ok sorry beta. OK tujse Kuch bath Karana hai.

Rubel: Kya
Sheela: Who Adi is joining Avantika in her business. Before she hands over all her powers to him you go and join her and impress her.
Rubel: What Adi is joining bua in her business? Mein abhi atha hoo
Rubel runs to Ad’s room and he does not find Adi there. Rubel: Early morning Where is Adi?
Rubel goes outside and sees Adi in the porch.
Rubel: Bhai you are joining bua’s business (In an angry tone)
Adi: Ha.

Rubel hugs Adi and says: Bhai I am very happy.
Mausi comes there. Mausi: What’s going on.
Rubel: Preeti bua Adi is joining Avantika bua in her business.
Mausi: What! Di will be very happy I will go and see di and come.
Mausi goes inside.
Rubel: Bhai wow you have become responsible.
Adi: By the way when are you joining my chote bhai?
Rubel: First you join then I will.
Mausi is going inside.
Pankhuri is coming Mausi hits on her.
Mausi: Sorry Pankhu Who mein jaldi mein hoo aur Bahoth Kush bhi hoon.
Pankhuri: What happened?
Mausi: Pankhu Adi is joining Di in her business.
Pankhuri: really Mausi.
Mausi: Yeah even I cannot believe this. (Mausi leaves.)
Now Nanaji’s room.
Avantika knocks the door and enters his room
Nanaji: Avantika kya hua.

Avantika: Dad a very happy news. Adi is joining my business.
Nanaji: What? Are you sure.
Avantika: Yeah Dad.
Nanaji comes out. He asks Mausi who is standing out: Where is Adi?
Mausi: Bahar porch mein.
Nanaji goes out. He goes to Adi and hugs him.
Nanaji: I am very proud of you.
Mausi, Avantika, Pankhuri and Sheela come out.
Adi: Nanu iskeliye credit mein nahi le saktha hoon.
Nanaji: Kya?
Adi: Pankhuri is the reason for this. She asked me what I was doing and I understood that I am doing nothing. So I decided to join mom
Avantika hugs Pankhuri and says: Thank you beta.
Nanaji, Mausi and Rubel thank Pankhuri. Rubel: Mom Pankhuri is awesome. Please app usko appreciate to kar saktha hena?

Sheela: Tum karo. (She turns and goes inside.)
Everyone except Adi and Pankhuri go inside.
Pankhuri: Thank you
Adi: For what. Actually I must thank you.
Pankhuri: Sorry If I had hurted you.
Adi: No no. Okay you get ready its time.
Pankhuri goes inside.
After sometime. Everyone is sitting the dining table for the breakfast. Pankhuri too joins them. Now Adi comes down and he is formally dressed.
Avantika: Thank you Pankhuri for changing Adi.
Adi comes to the table and sits.
Avantika: Adi you come with me and today itself you join.
Adi: But mom I can’t come with you. You go in the front. I will drop Pankhuri, meet dad in the sets get his blessing and come.
Avantika: Ok beta.

All complete their food. Pankhuri touches Nanaji’s feet and gets his blessings and says: Nanaji today is my first day , bless me.
Nanaji: God bless u and may u have all the prosperities in life.
Seeing Pankhuri Adi too touches Nanaji’s feet and says: Nanu bless me too. By the way you won’t be there when join mom
Nanaji: Barkoduthar how won’t I be there. By the way my grandson is joining my business so I will surely be there. Ok its getting late drop Pankhuri and come to the office soon.
Rubel hugs Adi and says: All the best my brother.
Preeti too wishes Adi.
Adi and Pankhuri go outside. Adi opens the front door for Pankhuri. Pankhuri sits inside. Adi closes the door and he gets inside the driving side. The car goes outside the Deewan mansion. Avantika, Nanaji, Rubel and Mausi watch this and smile.
Now in the car.
Pankhuri: Adi I am so happy for you.

Adi: Its all because of you.
Pankhuri: Meine kuch bhi nai kiya.
Adi: Pankhuri kuch credit ko tum le saktha hai. By the way I know you were very hurt by what Mami told yesterday. On her behalf I apologise to you.
Pankhuri: Aap sorry math kahiye. I forgot it yesterday itself.
Adi: Mami is like that.
They reach Pankhuri’s office. Pankhuri gets down.
Adi: All the best and in the evening don’t go by auto I will drop you.
Pankhuri: Aap ko bhi all the best. Bye
Adi: Bye. (The car moves and Pankhuri goes inside her office.)

Precap: Adi joins Avantika. Latika sees Adi and Pankhuri together.

Credit to: Priya

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