Pyar ka dard hai – A different side of PKDH (epi 6)

Hi guys! Here is the sixth episode of Pyar ka Dard hai – A different side of PKDH. Thank you so much for your comments. Keep supporting.
The episode starts. The flight lands in Mumbai airport. Mausi, Rubel and Adi are standing in the receiving lobby. Rubel says:”Bhai you go and bring the car near the exit so that we can easily keep the bags.
Adi:” Why should I go. You go and bring the car.
Rubel:”Preeti bua see this. Adi will shout at us if just touch his car. Now he is asking me to bring it. Bhabhi has changed him a lot.”
Preeti:”Yeah you are right Adi has changed. Now whenever you want you can take his car Rubel”
Adi:”No no I myself will go and bring the car. Now Happy?”
Adi leaves. Rubel and Mausi laugh and hit their fists.
Rubel: Bua the plan has worked.
Pankhuri comes.
Mausi waves her hand. Rubel goes and gets her bags.
Pankhuri: It’s ok. I will carry them.
Rubel: Pankhuri bhabhi don’t be too formal. I will carry them please don’t hesitate.
Pankhuri gives her bag to him. She carries her handbag alone.
Mausi and Pankhuri hug each other. Mausi: Welcome to Mumbai.
Pankhuri: Thank you Mausi.
Mausi: Come your surprise is waiting for you in the car.
Adi brings the car near the exit. He looks at his watch and says. By this time they must have come. Why is it getting late? He turns and sees them coming. Mausi and Rubel see the car in front of the exit and Mausi whispers something in Rubel’s ears.
Mausi: Our car is standing right in front of the exit. You go front we will come at the back of you.
Pankhuri: But why Mausi?

Rubel: Who bhabhi we have to keep the luggage in the dick and we have to punch the parking pass. So you go we will come.
Pankhuri is a bit confused but she nods her head and goes towards the car.
Mausi and Rubel smile at each other. Rubel: Bua what a planning! Bhabhi will be totally surprised.
Mausi: Yes. We will watch what happens.
Rubel: But bua I would like to embarrass my brother.
Mausi: Ok but not now wait for a few minutes.
Rubel: Yes bua.
Mausi winks and Rubel and Rubel smiles. They walk outside and stank behind a pillar and watch Adi and Pankhuri.
Pankhuri reaches the car. She opens the back door. Adi turns. In the background Aa Aa La La La ………. Plays. Pankhuri is surprised to see Adi.
Pankhuri: Adityaji aap idhar kaise?
Adi: Ha I came to pick you up with Mausi and Rubel. By the way how was your journey?
Pankhuri: Ha it was good.
Adi: Acha sit inside. (He takes the magazines that are on the back seat)
Pankhuri: Thank you.
Adi: Don’t mention it.
(Pankhuri sits. Her phone falls down near the gear. Both of them bend to take the phone at that time their heads hit. They rub their heads. Adi holds his ears and says Sorry. Pankhuri says It’s ok. Adi picks the phone and gives it to Pankhuri. Their hands touch each other. Adi and Pankhuri have an eye lock.)
Mausi and rubel come there. Mausi: Hmmm…..
Pankhuri and Adi look at them .They take their hands away.
Rubel: Bhai what a romance. (Mausi smiles)
Adi: Chal chal bet its getting late.
Rubel: Bhai don’t change the topic.
Adi: Batoongi or tumhe mardaloongi.
Rubel: Ok Bua sit.
All sit and Adi adjusts the rear view mirror. Adi starts the car.

Now Deewan mansion.
Nanaji: Are bhai Shanky jaldise thayari poori karlo. Bahurani jaldi aane vaali hai.
Shanky: Abhi poori karathahoo sabji.
Avantika: Dad abhi Pankhuri hamari daughter-in-law nahi hain. She is still the daughter of Guptas.
Nanaji: But Avantika she is our hone-vali-bahu hai. And today she is going to enter the Deewan mansion for the first time. So everything must be grand.
Avantika: You are right dad. I will go and check whether Preeti has cleaned her room for Pankhuri or not.
Now Adi[‘s car is shown. Adi switches on the FM. The RJ says “Today the temperature will exceed 45 degree celcius. The Mumbai city is goingto get hotter. And this is time for a sweet ice cream.
Adi: Can we have an ice cream.
Mausi: Yeah sure. There an ice parlour nearby its my favourite. Lets go there.
Adi: Ok Mausi.
Adi stops the car with a screech near the parlor.
They all get down. Adi asks what flavor do you want. Mausi says Butterscotch Rubel says Blackcurrent and Pankhuri says chocolate. They all have an icecream. Mausi gets a phone call. She goes away speaking to her friend. Rubel says Bhai I will go and wash my face and come. You both have the icecream. Some icecream is there near Adi’s mouth. Pankhuri says some ice cream is near your mouth.
Adi wipes the other side. Pankhuri says no that side. Adi wipes below it. Pankhuri says no. Adi says you yourself wipe it. Pankhuri wipes it. Mausi and Rubel watch it. They come. All go home.
Adi , Pankhuri , Mausi and Rubel stand near the entrance. Nanaji: Vahi ruko. Aarti karana hai.
Avantika takes aarti and welcomes Pankhuri.

All go in. Pankhuri and Mausi go to the room. Mausi shows Pankhuri her room. She says For this two months you have to stay with me in this room. Then you can shift to Romeo’s room.
Pankhuri: Romeo?
Mausi: Ha Adi. Giju calls him Romeo.
Pankhuri: Oh
Mausi: Ok you unpack your things I will go out and come.
Pankhuri sets the room. Now its night.
Pankhuri is standing in the porch watching the stars. Adi comes there talking on phone. Pankhuri turns hearing his voice. Adi: Bunny I will call you later. Are you counting stars?
Pankhuri: No just standing here.
Adi: Have you unpacked your thing.
Pankhuri: Yes I have.
Adi: Hope you are comfortable
Pankhuri: Yeah.
They talk for sometime. Background music plays.
Shanky comes and says Adi bhabha I came to call you for dinner.
Adi: You go we will come.

Precap: Adi drops Pankhuri in the office.

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