Pyar ka dard hai- A different side of Pkdh epi 5


Hi guys here is the sixth episode of Pyar ka dard hai – A different side of PKDH. Thank you so much for your support. Keep supporting me. If you want any change please say it to me. I will do them

The episode starts with the elders of Gupta family and Naman’s parents sitting in the hall and talking. Naman’s mother says I would like to introduce one of my relatives to you. Mamaji asks whom.
Naman’s mother: They will come now. After they come we will fix the engagement date.
A voice says after who comes is heard. All turn back. A young boy and a lady are standing.
Naman’s mother: Hey Here they are come inside.
Dadaji: Who are they?
Naman’s mother: She is my cousin sister and her son Shivam.
Shivam: Namaste.
Dadaji: Namaste beta. Come sit.
Naman’s mother: Shivam has his own business. I thought of marrying Pankhuri to Shivam. Ragav told that there are two daughters in Gupta family. So we thought of marrying Shivam to Pankhuri.
Dadaji to Govardhan: Govardhan beta didn’t tell Ragav about Pankhuri’s engagement to Adityaji
Naman’s mother: What Pankhuri is engaged.
Dadaji: Yeah Naman ki maa. Woh Mumbai ki Deewan kandan ki beti Avantika ki beta Aditya. Once Deewan sabh came to Kullu. He saw Pankhuri and liked her a lot. So he wanted to marry Pankhuri to Aditya. Aditya and Pankhuri also liked each other so we have fixed their engagement after two months.
Naman’s mother: Oh I see. It’s ok. Let’s now talk about Naman and Neha’s engagement. Can we keep after two weeks?
Govardhan: Very good.
Pankhuri comes there with snacks. Dadaji tells her about the engagement date.
Pankhuri goes inside and tells Neha about it. Neha smiles. Ambika and Kamini enter the room. They say that Naman’s family is leaving. Pankhuri comes out with Neha. Neha and Naman look at each other. Pankhuri says to Neha: Hm yesterday you were teasing me and Adityaji. Now you are also in the same state.
Neha: Stop teasing me. Go and pack your things. After lunch you have to go to the airport.
Pankhuri: Yes I forgot I will go pack them.

Now in Mumbai,
Adi is getting ready. He is whistling and combing his hair. He looks at his shirt and says I am looking like uncle. I will go and change the shirt.
He opens his almirah and searches for a shirt. He takes a white shirt and says this is perfect.
Rubel comes in and says: Bhai what happened today you are giving more importance to your looks.
Adi: so what is it wrong to give importance to my looks? I am giving myself a good care.
Rubel: But till today you were not like this. Hm this is all because of Bhabhi.
Adi: Shut up. And do your work.
Rubel: Ok don’t get angry dadaji is calling you down for some work.
Adi: You go I will come.
Rubel leaves. Mausi asks him what he is doing.
Rubel: Bua from morning Adi has gone mad. Morning he got ready. Now again he has taken bath and getting ready.
Mausi: Hm Pankhuri has changed him.
Harish comes and says: What is going on?
Rubel: Harish uncle your son has gone crazy with love.
Harish: Love?
Rubel: Yes uncle he is getting ready for the second time. He is standing for long hours in front of mirror.
Harish: That means love. But he has not yet realized that he is in love.
Rubel: Don’t worry uncle. He will realize soon.
Adi come down and says: Hey guys how am I looking?
Harish: You are looking very handsome my son.
Avantika: Adi looking good in white shirt. By the way who is going to the airport to pick my daughter-in-law?
Rubel: I Adi and Preeti bua are going.
Avantika: That’s good.

Now in Kullu. All are having lunch.
Dadaji: Pankhuri beta Neha’s engagement is after two weeks when will you come.
Pankhuri: Dadaji first I will go and join. Then two days before the engagement I will come.
Mamaji: Then what about Deewan family.
Dadaji: I will inform Deewan family about it.
Dadaji calls Nanaji and says: Deewan sabh Neha’s engagement has been fixe after two weeks.
Nanaji: Bahoth Bahoth badhai ho Guptaji. By the way Pankhuri is coming today no?
Dadaji: Yeah she is coming. The flight is at four O’clock. She will reach by six O’clock.
Nanaji: Then what about the engagement?
Dadaji: She says that she will join and two days before the engagement she will come.
Nanaji: Then we will also come with her. By the way Neha is also like our daughter.
Dadaji: Thank you Deewan sabh.
Mausi gets he phone from Nanaji:
Mausi to dadaji: Guptaji can I talk to Pankhuri.
Dadaji: Oh sure beta. He gives the phone to Pankhuri
Mausi: Pankhuri very eager to see you. I and Rubel will come to pick you up. By the way there is a surprise for you in the airport.
Pankhuri: What is it?
Mausi: It’s a surprise as I said. You will see it yourself when you reach Mumbai.
Mausi cuts the phone.
Nanaji asks What Surprise.
Rubel comes and says: Its Adi.
Nanaji: Adi?
Rubel: Yes Dadaji. I and Bua will stand in the front. Adi will be waiting for us in the car. And when bhabhi comes she will be surprised to see him in the car. That’s it.
Nanaji: Very good.
Mamaji and Pushkar chacha drop Pankhuri in the airport. The flight takes off.
Pankhuri reaches Mumbai.

Precap: Pankhuri is surprised to see Adi in the car. Pankhuri and Adi spend time with each other in the Porch

Credit to: Priya

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