Pyar ka dard hai- A different side of Pkdh epi 4


Hi guys! Here is the fifth episode of Pyar ka Dard hai – A different side of PKDH. I stopped for a while as there was no response for my last two episodes. Guys please comment. Ur comments tell me whether u like my ff. Ok lets go to the episode
Neha hits on Mamaji. Mamaji turns. He says what happened? Why are you running like this? Diwakar says they must have told about the boy’s family coming tomorrow. So she is shy and is running like this.
Neha says “Jaayiye Mei aap se bath nahi karungi”and leaves from there.
Diwakar says”Are beta sun.”
The scene shifts to Deewan mansion. Its night.
Adi returns from the party. He goes to his room. Rubel stops him and give a small paper to him.
Adi: What is this?
Rubel: Bhabhi’s number.
Adi: why are you giving me?
Rubel: Are bhai Pankhuri Teri fiancée uska number rakne ka haq hai tume.
Adi: Acha bahane math banao. I am very tired and I need to sleep
Adi snatches the paper and goes into his room and closes the door.
Rubel laughs and comes down.
Mausi aks Kya hua?
Rubel: Kuch nahi bas Pankhuri ka number Adi ki dene gayi thi
Mausi: Did he get it.
Rubel: No he snatched it.

Mausi: By the way did you tell Kaira about Adi liking Pankhuri.
Rubel: Oh I forgot. Abhi call karathahoo.
Rubel to Kaira: Kaira Adi likes Pankhuri a lot and marriage has been fixed after two months.
Kaira: Very good. Where is Adi I need to talk to him?
Rubel: In his room.But don’t call him now. I have given him Pankhuri’s number. He may call her. So don’t disturb. I will ask him to talk to you in the morning.
Kaira: Not bad bhai. You are also romantic. And book my tickets for next week flight.
Rubel: Why?
Kaira: My exams will get over in two days. And the money in my account is over. So you book the tickets.
Rubel: What did you do for that much money?
Kaira: College renovation funds are being collected. They themselves withdrew the money. They said that they have informed Mom and Dad.
Rubel: Ok I will book them and call you. Good night.Bye

Now in Kullu.
Pankhuri lying on her bed with remote in hand.
She changes the channels. Suddenly stops. The channel is showing Harish’s show.
Pankhuri smiles. Now Adi’s room
Adi comes out from the washroom wiping his hair with a towel. He looks at the piece of paper.
Adi takes his phone and dials the number and calls Pankhuri.

In Kullu,
Pankhuri’s phone rings. It shows unknown number. The clock shows Ten O’ clock
Pankhuri “Ithne dher me kon ho saktha hai. She attends the call
Pankhuri: Hello
Adi: Hello Is this Pankhuri Gupta?
Pankhuri: Yes aap kon hai?
Adi: I am Aditya from Mumbai
Pankhuri: (Is surprised)Ji boliye.
Adi: What are you doing?
Pankhuri: I am watching Harish uncle’s show in TV.
Adi: Dad’s show. Very funny right.
Pankhuri: Yeah!
Adi: What’s up there?
Pankhuri: I forgot to tell you. Tomorrow a boy’s family is coming to see Neha. Bas uski thayari chal rahi hai.
Adi: Oh I see. By the way when are you coming to Mumbai?
Pankhuri: My flight is at 4 O’ clock in the evening.
Adi: Very good.
They talk. In the background Mana meine dosti hain kal jot ha aaj bhi hai….. Plays
Clock is shown to turn and it shows Twelve O’clock
Ambika says Bara bach gai abi thak tum jagi hoo.
Adi: Kon hai?

Pankhuri: Kuch nahi. Maa bol rahi hai ki bara bach gai.
(Adi looks at his watch) and says: Oh yes. Patha nai vakth kaise beeth gayi. Pankhuri you are like my best friend. Whenever I talk to you I feel so free and share everything with you.
Pankhuri smiles to herself and says: Aditya ji good night.
Adi: Good night. Kal milenge. Adi cuts the phone and smiles
Adi switches off the lights.
Morning sunrise. Kullu is shown. Neha gets ready. Now in Mumbai
Adi comes down calling Mom Mom
Avantika: What happened Adi?
Adi: Where is my tooth paste mom?
Rubel comes and says Tooth paste?
Avantika: Adi you are not a kid. You are going to get married. By the way it got over so the maid threw it away. And here is your tooth paste.
Nanaji comes and says Guptaji called A family is coming to see Neha. And Pankhuri is coming in the four O’ clock flight. Who is going to pick her up?
Adi says : Nanu can I go.
Rubel: Bhai patience.

Nanaji says: Ok Adi you go. Rubel and Preeti you accompany him.
Adi : Thank you Nanu.
Rubel: Bua be careful. Now itself he is turning towards bhabhi. After marriage he will completely go out of control.
Avantika: Its ok. Pankhuri is his hone vali bivi. After marriage she has more right on Adi than me.
Rubel: What a thought. Pankhuri is so lucky to get a mother-in-law like this.
Everyone smile.
In Kullu Naman’s family arrives.Dadaji makes them to sit.
Pankhuri brings Neha. Neha sits with them. Naman’s parents and Neha talk.Then Pankhuri takes Neha in. Naman’s mother asks him whether he likes Neha.
Naman says Yes I like her.Dadaji asks “Beta thodi dher tum dhono akhele bath tho karsakhe hene?
Naman: Yes.
They talk for some time. Naman tells that he likes Neha. Neha too likes Naman

Precap: Neha’s engagement is fixed. Pankhuri reaches Mumbai.

Credit to: Priya

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    1. Thank you so much for your support. Will continue soon.Please keep supporting

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