Pyar ka dard hai- A different side of Pkdh epi 3


Hi guys here is the fourth episode of Pyar ka dard hai – A different side of PKDH. Thank you so much for your support. Keep supporting me. If you want any change please say it to me. I will do them

The episode starts with Mamaji attending the phone call. It was a person named Ragav one of the friend of Mamaji. He says Govardhan I have found a boy for Neha. His name is Naman. Very good boy and a nice family. Tomorrow they are coming to Kullu and they wish to see her tomorrow. Are you ready? Mamaji says wait a minute. He says to Dadaji “Bauji my friend Ragav is online. He says that he has seen a boy for Neha. He says that they want to meet Neha tomorrow. Can I ask them to come?”Dadaji says”Why to postpone such things. Ask them to come tomorrow.”Mamaji says to Ragav”Yes ask them to come.” Ragav says Yes Govardhan. They will come at 10am.Mamaji says ok and cuts the phone. He says to Dadaji “They will come at 10 am.” Mamiji and Ambika enter. They ask who is coming tomorrow. Mamaji says “A family is coming to see Neha. “ Mamiji says very good. I will inform Neha and Pankhuri. Dadaji says Yes go and tell them. Mamiji leaves. Ambika says I hope they like Neha. Mamaji says our girls are so good. Nobody will dislike them. You don’t worry everything will happy good. Ambika says I will bring you tea and goes inside. Mamaji and Dadaji walk in the lawn. They see Pushkar and Diwakar coming.

Mamaji tells about Naman’s family coming to see Neha the next day. Diwakar says Bauji…. Dadaji says I know what you trying to say. But you must understand that girls must get married someday. Mamaji says but Neha is Pushkar’s daughter. Why are you so worried? Diwakar says so what she is also like my daughter. Pushkar says Bhaiya we did not think our girls will grow big this soon. Dadaji says every dad feels the same. Everyone smile. Diwakar says Ok I will go and do the arrangements for tomorrow. Pushkar also goes with Diwakar.
Now at Deewan Mansion,
Everyone return home. Shanky asks Avantika “Badi bibi what happened?”
Avantika says “Shanky Adi liked that girl”
Shanky says “very good and when is the marriage.”
Rubel says “After two months Shanky.”
Shanky says “This house must wait for the arrival of bahurani for two more months”
Preeti says “Now Shanky two days. Pankhuri is coming for an internship for two months and she will stay at Deewan Mansion”
Sheela says “Before marriage?”

Preeti says “So what she is going to stay in my room. By the way she will go in the morning and come in the night. Staying here she will get used so that she won’t feel awkward after marriage.”
Sheela says “But what will people say.”
Nanaji says “You don’t worry Sheela we will take care.”
Sheela says Congratulations Avantika.
Avantika says Thank you bhabhi. Excuse me I have to go. I have a small party.
Adi comes in.
Rubel asks Bhai where were you.
Adi says I was talking to Bunny. My friends have come to India. And they have a small get together. I will go and come.”
Nanaji says Ok go and come.
Harish:”Romeo I have shooting and my car is in the garage so please drop me.”
Adi:”Ok dad I will come in two minutes”
Rubel tells to Nanaji and Preeti:” Dadaji many people will come for Adi’s marriage so can we ask them to conduct the marriage in Deewan Mansion.”
Nanaji “Rubel I will speak about it to Guptaji and inform you.
Rubel says Adi’s marriage must be grand.
Adi comes and says “Rubel why should we waste money on shaadi?”
Rubel says “Are bhai marriage comes once in life. And we must make it grand. And you are eldest son. And yours is the first marriage of Deewan family so it must be grand. By the way you are Purshottam Deewan’s eldest grandson and Avantika Kumar’s only son. Last but not the least you are Rubel Deewan’s elder brother.

Adi says whatever you wish and leaves.
Sheela says to Anuj “Did you he what Rubel was talking. Spending all money on that Adi’s marriage. We too have two children. And Daddyji was also silent. Anuj says something.”
Anuj:”What can I do Sheela. All powers are in their hands. We can just watch.”
Sheela thinks “I must do something.
Now Avantika’s party.
Avantika’s friend1: Avantu where were you. You did not attend my call?”
Avantika:”I was in Kullu”
Avantika friend 2:”Kullu for what. Any business trip?”
Avantika “No we went to see a girl for Adi”
Avantika’s friend 2:”A girl there in Kullu. I hope Adi did not like her. Those girls won’t suit our society.”

Avantika:”No not like that. She is very beautiful and matured. She will surely suit our society. And fortunately Adi too liked her very much.”
Avantika’s friend “Do you have her photo and what is her name.”
Avantika take her phone and shows Pankhuri’s photo to them and syas “Her name is Pankhuri”
Avantika’s friend 2:”That’s a sweet name. She also as beautiful as her name. Perfect for Aditya. So when is the marriage.”
Avantika:”Very soon. The date is not yet fixed. Once it is done I will tell you.”
Avantika’s friends :”Congratulations “They all hug her.
Nisha who has been hearing all this Calls Latika and says “Latika Adi’s marriage is fixed with a girl named Pankhuri from Kullu. We must do something”
Latika says “Don’t worry Mom I will do something.”
Now Kullu,
Pankhuri is reading something. Neha changing the channels in TV. Mamiji enters.
Mamiji “Pankhuri tomorrow morning myself and you should take Neha to parlor to groom her.”
Pankhuri asks “Why Mamiji?”
Mamiji says “A family is coming to see Neha.”
Neha says “Tomorrow?”

Mamiji says “Yes at 10 am.”
Pankhuri says “Very good.”
Neha bites her nails and says “NOO I won’t marry”
Pankhuri says “why?”
Neha “No means no”
Mamiji says “If you get married then only Pankhuri’s marriage will take place.
Ambika comes and says “Just meet once and then say.”
Neha says ok.
Pankhuri goes to Neha and says “Yesterday you teased me Now see what I am going to do”
Neha pushes Pankhuri and goes out. Mamiji says “Are”
All laugh.

Precap: Naman’s family likes Neha. Adi calls Pankhuri

Credit to: Priya

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