Pyar ka dard hai- A different side of Pkdh epi 2


Hi guys! Here is the third episode of Pyar ka dard hai – A different side of PKDH. Pankhuri gets ready and comes out. Adi is waiting for her under a tree. Pankhuri comes and taps on his back. Adi turns and sees her and says “You look beautiful.” Pankhuri smiles and says Thank you. Pankhuri asks “Where shall we go?” Adi asks “How do I know. I am new to this place. But you have been here from childhood. So you say.” Pankhuri says Ok shall we go to friendship peak. Adi says “Friendship peak sounds good. By the way we will be also good friends lifelong. Pankhuri looks at Adi and she pushes her hair which falls on her face. Adi sees that and says you look beautiful when you push that hair behind. Pankhuri gets shy and smiles. On the way they see a tea shop. Adi asks can we drink tea. Pankhuri says you sit here I will get you tea. Adi says ok and sits down. Pankhuri gets two teas and comes. Adi rubs his hands and turns and sees Pankhuri standing behind him with two teas in her hands. He gets one tea from her and asks her to sit down. She sits down. Adi holds the tea in both hands and sips it. Pankhuri says I think you would not have drunk any tea from a roadside shop like this.

Adi yes Yeah you are right. You know I don’t eat food at home. Pankhuri asks why. Adi says that is because I don’t like Indian food. I eat only fast food. Pankhuri asks Avantika aunty won’t say anything. Adi says my mom has no time for it. She is very busy. You know I don’t even remember when she cooked at last. Pankhuri says Oh I am sorry. Adi says it’s ok. He keeps the tea cup down, gets up and says lets go. Pankhuri gets up but slips down. Adi holds her hand and says be careful and makes her stand. Pankhuri says Thank you. Adi says it’s ok. They proceed to Friendship peak. Rubel and Mausi are talking with each other. Rubel says Adi has a lot of courage. He went to ask permission to that Govardhan uncle. Mausi says yes and surprisingly they agreed. Rubel says yeah I also wonder how. Mausi says I hope Adi does not do anything silly. Harish enters and says yes I hope my duffer son does not do silly things. Mausi says Giju just pray. Now Adi and Pankhuri are near a small stream. Pankhuri crosses it but Adi is standing on the other side. She gives her hand and Adi holds it. They cross. Adi asks why your Govardhan mama gets angry with me always. Pankhuri says it’s not that he gets angry with you He is just protective about me. Chachaji also loves me but he is not protective like Mamaji. Adi says thank god I thought he does not like me. On the way they see and lady selling flowers. Adi goes to her and gets a bunch of flowers and gives it Pankhuri. Pankhuri asks for what do you give me flowers. Adi says I thought to give it to you. No specific reason.

Pankhuri says Thank you. Adi and Pankhuri reach the rope car station. Pankhuri says we have to go to the other side in it. Adi and Pankhuri get into the rope car. Adi says he has thousand friends. Pankhuri asks thousand where in Mumbai. Adi says no in He asks her whether she is on any social website. She says no because I think I cannot manage these many friends. She says I have friends from childhood in Kullu. Adi talks about his childhood and his childhood friends. He says about his friend Bunny, Duggu, Mayank and his friendship with Nanu. Pankhuri asks why you don’t call him Nanaji. Adi says Ji oh no I always call him Nanu. Pankhuri says about her parents love to each other. say Adi talks about his closeness with his Mausi and Rubel. They reach friendship peak. Pankhuri says as Great Himalayas and Pir Pangal mountains meet there it was called friendship peak and many folktales are connected to it. Adi says tell them. Pankhuri says all if I say them then it will become dark when I complete them. And I too don’t know all the stories. But one I know and she tells it. Then they decide to leave. Adi says we have come to friendship peak and so we are friends now. In future whatever our relationship maybe but friendship will always be there.

This is my promise on this Friendship peak. Pankhuri smiles. They come to the market and they see a Pani Puri shop. They bet each other that who eats more Pani Puri. Adi wins in it. They reach home. Pankhuri is about to go int. Adi holds her hand. He says Thank you for making this day very memorable. Adi returns to the hotel where his family is staying. Harish asks Romeo any romantic moments. Adi says dad she has become my good friend. Harish chuckles and says Hey duffer she is your fiancée and you call her friend. Did you tell this to that girl? Adi says yeah dad. Harish hits his head. Mausi says see what we feared has happened. Rubel come let’s go to Pankhuri and clear this. Adi asks what is wrong. Harish says no sir nothing is wrong. Let them go and you come with me. Mausi and Rubel go to Gupta house and meet Pankhuri. Mausi says Adi is childish and he told you as his friend. Adi does not understand the importance of marriage so he said like that. Pankhuri says Mausi I understand. I will adjust you don’t worry. Mausi hugs Pankhuri and says Adi is lucky to have you as his to be wife. And we are going back tomorrow. But you are also coming there in two days and you will stay in my room so let’s talk a lot. Nanaji and Harish are sitting in the balcony.

Harish says Papa Adi is calling Pankhuri a friend what to do. Nanaji says you don’t worry Pankhuri is going to stay with us. And there are two months before marriage. You don’t worry Adi will realize the significance of marriage and about his relationship with Pankhuri. Preeti Mausi comes from Pankhuri’s house. Harish asks “What happened”Mausi says Pankhuri has understood Adi in just one day. She is perfect for him. All smile. Pankhuri is lying on her bed. Neha asks what happened. Pankhuri says Adi is very nice guy. Neha says Hmmmmmmmmmm Madam so you…. Pankhuri interferes and says just shut up. Neha smiles and says tomorrow they are leaving. Pankhuri says I know. Neha says then what is about you internship get ready. Pankhuri yeah I will pack them and you go. The next morning Nanaji and family come to take leave from the Gupta family. Pankhuri come out gets the blessings on Nanaji and Harish. When she goes to touch Avantika’s feet she stops it and hugs her. She says Come soon darling we will be waiting for you.

Pankhuri says yes aunty. Avantika says Ok bye. Adi touches the feet of Dadaji, Diwakar, and Mamaji. Rubel and Mausi laugh. Rubel says what a surprise Adi touching others feet. Mausi comes to Pankhuri hugs her and says see you soon. Rubel goes to Pankhuri and says bhabhi come soon and bye. Adi comes near Pankhuri but does not speak anything and goes. They get inside the car. The car moves. The Guptas go inside. Pankhuri stands near the door and watches the car move. Adi turns and sees Pankhuri standing. Tears roll down Pankhuri’s eyes. Neha comes wipes her eyes and sees. You spent just one day with them but now you cry. I think after marriage you will forget us. Mamaji comes and says before that your marriage will take place and so don’t tease her because soon for you also a guy will come and then Pankhuri will tease you. Neha runs inside. Mamaji says Pankhuri I am so happy for you. Such a lovely family. Pankhuri smiles and says Mamaji I have to pack my things and goes inside. Mamaji and Dadaji go for a walk outside in the lawn. Mamaji says Adityaji seems to be nice bauji. Dadaji says Yes Govardhan babu Deewan sabh is also very good person. Avantika seems to be strict but she is very good. Pankhuri is very lucky. Mamaji gets a phone a call.

Precap: A proposal is there for Neha. And in Mumbai Mausi prepares her room for Pankhuri. Avantika tells about Pankhuri to her friends. Nisha also hears that.

Credit to: Priya

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