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Hi guys! Here is the fifteenth episode of Pyar ka Dard hai – A different side of PKDH. Thank you so much for your supports. Please do comment. Sorry for posting very late and making you all wait. I have decided to post two episodes per week. (Two bigger ones). Keep supporting me.

Precap: Adi is not able to sleep. He plans to propose Pankhuri in a very special and romantic way.

Now the episode starts.
Nana: Adi Rubel Kaira sabh jaldi aao. We are getting late for the flight.
Adi: Nanu I am ready.
Everybody come with their bags.
Shanky keeps the bags in the car. Mama and Mami come out without any bags.
Nana: Are bai Anuj you and Sheela are not coming.
Anuj: Dad I have a meeting. And so I am not able to come.
Nana: Acha. Ghar ka kyal rako.
Everyone leave for the airport.
Now in Kullu.
Pankhuri is in her room. Neha comes in singing Sajanji ghar aaya…………
Pankhuri turns turns back and says: Neha subah subah gaana. Hmm bathao Giju ko lekar tum pagal hogay.
Neha: Pankhuri mere sajan nahi tere sajan aaj arahahai.
Pankhu: Kya
Neha: Yeah Abhi abhi phone aagay. The Deewan family has left for Kullu. They will be here in an hour.
Pankhu: Kya Adi is coming?
Neha: Hmm.
Pankhuri gets happy she runs outside.
Mami: Pankhuri Kya hua why are you running.
Pankhu: Kuch nahi mami bas phool lene jarahahoon.
Pankhuri goes out and gets some flowers and keeps them in the flower vase near the sofa and in her bedroom.
Then she grooms up.
Neha sees all this and says: Pankhuri for the first time I am seeing you getting ready for someone else. You always say that we must get ready for ourselves but ab kya hua?
Pankhu: Neha I am getting ready for myself bas ab Adi aur mein alag nahi hai.
Neha: Hmmm very good. (She keeps her hand on Pankhuri’ shoulder.)
Now Adi and the rest of the family has reached Kullu.
They get inside the car which has been sent by the Guptas.
Adi looks at the rear view mirror and adjusts his hair and asks Harish: Dad how am looking?
Harish: Well handsome.
Rubel: Harish uncle kisine mujse kaha looks does not matter voh kon hai?
Harish: Yeah Rubel aaj kal voh apna looks ko Bahoth importance dhetha hai.
Adi: Guys stop pulling my legs is it wrong to give importance to oneself.
Rubel: Acha by the way will you tell bhabhi atleast now.
Adi: Yeah but in a very special way.
They reach Pankhuri’s house.

Mami comes inside Pankhuir’s room and sees Pankhuri and Neha laughing.
Mami: Are Mumbai se sabh aagay.
Neha: Ha we will come Mami.
Neha to pnakhu: Pankhuri chale.
Pankhu: Ha.They get up and come out.
Pankhuri’s Dadaji Bauji Mamaji Chachaji welcome Adi and The Deewan family.
Adi touches the feet of everyone.
Everyone sit in the sofa.
Pankhuri comes and gets the blessings of Nanaji, Harish and she is about to touch the feet of Avantika. But she stops her.
Avantika: No dear. I have told you that I donot believe n all these. (She stands up and hugs her.)
All smile.
Pankhuri then hugs Preeti Mausi and Kaira.
Pankhuri introduces Kaira to Neha.
Neha gets the blessings of all.
Pankhuri and Neha go inside and bring sweets.
Pankhuri gives the sweets to Adi. Adi raises his eyebrows and smiles. Pankhuri looks at him.
Rubel, Kaira and Mausi : Hmmmmmmmmmm
Pankhuri turns and she goes inside.

After sometime.
Adi: Dadaji mujhe kuch kareedhnahai. Hayan Baaar kaha hai.
Dadaji: Beta I will send Pankhuri with you.
Adi: Nahi nahi Dadaji kal sagai hai aur do dino mein shaadi bhi hai isisliye she must look after the arrangements. Please don’t disturb her. I will go and buy them myself.
Please tell me the way.
Dada: Tike beta.
Adi goes out and buys some flowers, small cups beads etc.
Then he goes to the terrace and makes arrangements there.
Rubel comes and syas: Bhai what is all going on?
Adi: Rubel I said na don’t come here.
Rubel: Voha bhai sabh tume neeche bularahihai.
Adi: I will come. Bas hogay.
Rubel: Bhai tell me.
Adi: Tike. This my arrangements to propose Pankhuri. A special way.
Rubel: Acha. So when are you proposing her and how?
Adi: After dinner. Rubel I need your help.
Rubel: Kya.
Adi whispers something in his ears.
Rubel: Very good.

They go down for dinner. There they see Shivam and his mother. Dada: Jamai sa ye hai Shivam Naman ka bhai.
Adi: Acha hello. Adi to Dada: Dadaji mein aapka jami nahi hoo mein aapka potha hoo. Isiliye mujhe jamai sa nahi balki Adi beta kahiye.
Dada: Tike beta. From now I will call you as beta.
Adi: Hmm.
His sits down in the chair.
Pankhuri brings them the dinner.
She keeps Palak paneer in Adi’s plate.
Adi: Pankhuri you know that I hate paneer.
Pankhu: Adi without eating how will you say that you hate it.
Adi: Tu nahi manegi.
He eats a piece and says: Hmmm acha hai.
All eat. Nana: Guptaji aapki bahu ki hath ka swadh to Bahoth achihai.
Dada: mere bahu ka hath ka swadh nahi hai appki bahu ka.
Rubel: Kya Bhabhi made all this?
Dada: Yeah Rubel beta.
Rubel: Adi you are very lucky.
Adi: Hmm.
Adi gets up and signs Rubel and goes out seeing his phone.

Rubel: Voh Dadaji Adi has to send a mail so only.
Dada: Tike beta. Acha sabh sojayiye you all will be tired of your journey.
Pankhu: Ek minute Dadaji. Sabh haldi vala dood pijiye. Because ab tand Bahoth hai.
Nana: Thank you beta.
Pankhuri to Rubel: Rubel Bhaiya Adi kaha hai.
Rubel: Bhabhi Adi is upstairs and he seemed a bit upset.
Pankhu: Kyu what happened.
Rubel: Patha nahi. But right from the time you came here he is like that.
Pankhu: Ok I will see him and ask and also give him haldi vaala dhoodh.
Rubel: Nahi bhabhi first you convince him then ask him to come down and drink it.
Pankhu: Tike.
She keeps the galss on the table and goes upstairs.
Adi is nervous and says to himself: Adi don’t blabber. First say sorry and then propose.
Pankhuri : Adi Adi kya hua.
Adi turns back and sees her.
Pankhuri slips. Adi runs to her and holds her.
Adi: Pankhuri be careful. If you have fallen down? You never care about yourself.
Pankhu: Adi cool down.
Pankhuri stands up.
Adi: Kya cooldown. If you have fallen down then what will I do?
Pankhu: Adi sabh kuch teek hena. Why are you getting angry?
Adi: Nahi kuch bhi teek nahi hai. From the time you came into my life everything has changed. You have changed me.
Pankhu: Adi aap kya…….
Adi keeps his finger on her mouth.
Adi: Bas now allow me to talk. Pankhuri first I want to say ‘SORRY’ for hurting you
Pankhu: SORRY kisiliye.
Adi: Pankhuri mein mein aisahihoo. Thodi bevakoof na samaj. Till now I was hurting you by calling you a friend.

But now I have realized what you really mean to me. Kaise boloon. Tumhe patha hum jithne bhi koshish Karen atlast We have to say those words.
Adi says: Pankhuri I LOVE YOU.
I LOVE YOU yaar.
Pankhuri is stunned. Adi goes near her and holds her hands and says: Pankhuri I know that I should have told this much before. But now to its not too late. Pankhuri “Khabhi ye math sochna mein tere bina jee nahi saktha hoo. Tere bina jeena nahi chatha hoo.”. Mein tere liye chand taare voh sabh nahi de saktha hoon. But I promise you that I will always keep you happy. Pankhuri I cannot promise you that there won’t be any problems in your life. But I can promise you that I wil be with you to afce all the problems.
Pankhuri cries.
Adi wipes her tears and says: Pankhuri please don’t cry. Because mein tere aankhon mein aasoon nahi dek saktha hoon yaar.
Pankhuri: Adi aapne to apne dil badh kehdiya. Ab kya mein kuch bol saktha hoo? Adi ye aasoon duk ka nahi balki khushi ka hai. Jo kuch meine aaj tak suna chathahoo voh sabh apne kehdiya.
Adi hugs Pankhuri. Pyar ka dard hai……………….. plays.

Precap: Its Neha’s engagement. Adi and Pankhuri cherish their moments of love.

Credit to: Priya

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