Pyar ka Dard hai – A different side of PKDH epi 14


Hi guys! Here is the fourteenth episode of Pyar ka Dard hai – A different side of PKDH. Thank you for your comments. Very Sorry for late updates.Thank you for your love and support for my ff. Ok lets go to the episode.
A small recap: Pankhuri leaves for Kullu. Adi realizes that he is in love with Pankhuri. Adi, Harish and Rubel dance in the rain.
Adi hugs Rubel. They shout and enjoy. After sometime they go home. Avantika is shocked to see them drenched.
Avantika: Harish kya ye sabh. You have allergy but you go out in rain.
Nana: Kya hua. Why did you get drenched in rain.
Rubel: Bua, Dadaji relax. It’s a good news.
Kaira and Mausi come out.
Kaira: What good news.
Rubel: Adi is in love.
Mausi: Really?
Rubel: Yes bua. Finally.
Nana: Kab kaise?
Rubel: When Pankhuri left for Kullu.
Nana: Kya?
Harish: Yes Papa. When Pankhuri went to board the flight mera beta mera romeo realized his love.
Mausi and Kaira hug Adi.
Mausi: Adi the flight will reach Kullu in two hours. After that call Pankhuri and tell her about it. Because she is waiting for it.
Adi: Nai Mausi abhi nahi.
Rubel: Bhai kya hua.
Adi: Rubel I don’t want to propose her in the phone. I have hurted her a lot. And so I want to apologise and then propose. That too amne samne. I want to look at her eyes and say what I feel.
Rubel: Brother very romantic ha?
Adi: Acha voh sabh chod. Aap sabko ek kam karna hai.
Rubel: Kya kam.
Adi: Jab tak mein usko propose nahi karthahoo aap sab pehle jaisehi rahiyiye so that she does not get a doubt. Please don’t tell her anything.
Rubel: Ye bhai.
All other: Yes Adi.
They try to tease him but he runs to his room and locks the door.
Mami who was seeing all this calls Latika.
Mami: Latika Adi is in love with that Kullu vaali. Do something so that he marries you.
Latika: Kya pyar hua. Ab to uski man mein jaga banane ka plan flop. I must do something big. Ok by the way thank you.
Now Adi’s room. Adi comes out of the washroom toweling his hair.
He takes his phone and sees Pankhuri’s photo.
Adi: Pankhuri I am so sorry that I am making you wait to hear those words. But Those moments are very precious. Now I am waiting for that special moment. I want to make it very memorable in our life. I just want to see how your face becomes red like a tomato when you hear those words. (He falls on his bed with his phone is just seeing Pankhuri.)
Now Pankhuri reaches Kullu. Mamaji picks her up.
Mamaji: Beta Mumbai kaisa hai.
Pankhuri in a dull mood: Teek hai Mamaji.
They reach home.
All welcome her. Neha hugs Pankhuri. She takes her to their room. Pankhuri freshes up.
Now in Mumbai. Adi looks at his watch: DO gante hogay. She must have reached Kullu. I will call her. Maybe she too will be missing me like I miss her.
Adi call Pankhuri. Pankhuri is sitting oh her bed and looking outside. The phone rings she turns and sees it.
Pankhu: Adi is samay. (She picks up the call)
Adi: Pankhuri have you reached safely. Was your journey comfortable?
Pankhu: Ha Adi I have reached. Vaise apne kyu call kiya?
Adi: Bas ye poochne keliye.
Pankhu: Bas.
Adi: Ha bas. BY the way tere gar mein sabh kaise hai. Neha, Dadaji, Ma ,Bauji, Chachaji, Chachiji, Tere Govardhan Mama, Mami sabh teek hena?
Pankhu: Adi is everything alright.
Adi: Ha mujhe pya nahi mujhe kuch nahi hua.
Pankhu: Acha. Teeke aap sojayiye Bahoth dher hogay kal apko office janahena?
Adi: Teeke. Bye good night.
They cut the phone. Adi looks at her photo and smiles.
Now Neha enters Pankhuri’s room.
Neha: HMmm kon hai
Pankhu: Adi.
Neha: So he is missing you. Kya romance chalrahahai.
Pankhu: He just called to ask whether I have reached safely.
Neha: Hmm. So did yoy tell him about your love.
Pankhu: Nahi. I thought to say before coming. But dadaji ne mujhe ajanak bulaliya aur tab sab vaha the. So can’t say.
Neha: Pankhuri then you will go back only after your marriage.Then when will say.
Pankhu: Hmm I too think of the same. Ok lets see. I am tired yaar I want to sleep.
Both sleep.
Adi is not able to sleep. He turns and turns but no use. He opens his room door and goes to Rubel’s room and knocks the door.
Rubel opens the door and with a sleepy mood: Bhai kya hua ithni dher hogay aur tum abhibhi jagihe.
Adi: Can’t sleep yaar. So cmae to talk. Ok you sleep I will go.
Rubel: Nahi nahi tum aao.
They go in. Rubel sits in the chair. Adi sits in the beanbag.
Rubel: So what happened.
Adi: I just don’t know when to propose her.
Rubel: Mathlab?
Adi: Nanu said that she will come back only after our wedding. But I can’t make her wait till wedding. I cannot make her feel that the marriage is without love.
Rubel: Very good. By he way Adi I have an idea
Aid: Voh kya hai?
Rubel: Bhai we are going to Kullu for Bhabhi’s sister Neha’s engagement cum shaadi. So why don’t you propose at that time.
Adi: Vah bhai tumne to kamal kardhiya. Hmm I will propse her at that time. In a very special way. Ok bas iko lekar needh nahi aaya. Now I’ll sleep. You too sleep. Kal office hena.

Precap: The Deewan family except Mama and mami leaves for Kullu. Adi makes arrangements to propose Pankhuri.

Credit to: Priya

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