Pyar ka Dard hai – A different side of PKDH epi 13

Hi guys! Here is the thirteenth (MAHA) episode of Pyar ka Dard hai – A different side of PKDH. Thank you so much for your supports. Please do comment. Sorry for posting very late and making you all wait.
Ok I have planned to post a bigger episode for all of you.
Recap: Adi, Pankhuri and Rubel along with Shanky plan Nanaji’s birthday.
After dinner Pankhuri is helping Shanky. Adi pulls her close.
Pankhu: Adi kya hua? Why are u pulling me like this?
Adi: Yaar please come with me to the terrace.
Pankhu: Adi aap jaayiye I will keep this in the kitchen and come.
Adi: Ok.
Adi leaves.
Adi is in the terrace.
Pankhuri climbs the stairs and calls him.
Pankhu: Adi
Adi: Ha finally tum aagay.
Pankhu: Adi voh.
Adi: Its ok. Batha aaj mein Bahoth kush hoo. Patha kyu?
Pankhu: Kyu?
Adi: Kyunki I feel complete.
Pankhu: Complete?
Adi: Pankhuri I don’t know but after you came into my life everything is sorted. People say that I have become matured. Pankhuri you are my best friend. Promise me that you will never leave me.
(Pankhuri is shocked hearing the word friend but smiles)
Pankhu: Adi I promise you.
Adi: Thanky you. (He holds her hands.) Ok go and sleep tomorrow is very important day.
Pankhu: Hm.
They go down. Now its morning.
Pankhuri and Rubel are standing out and talking. Avantika comes out in her jogging outfit.
Avantika: Good morning guys.
Pankhu: Good morning mom.
Avanika: Where is Adi?
Pankhu: Mom he is still sleeping.
Avantika: Ok. Bye I will meet you after my jog.
Pankhu: Ok mom bye.
Now Adi comes out stretching.
Adi: Hey guys good morning.
Pankhu: Good morning Adi.
Adi: Today’s evening will be great.
Rubel: Yeah bro.
A car comes inside.
A girl gets out.
Adi: Kaira!!
Kaira: Adi (She comes running towards him.)
Kaira hugs Adi and Rubel.
Adi: Kaira good to see you. (He takes her to Pankhuri.)
Adi: Kaira this is Pankhuri.
Kaira: HI.
Pankhuri: Hello. (They hug.)
Kaira: Bhabhi welcome.
Pankhu: Thank you Kaira. Vaise me tere bare mein Bahoth kuch suna par bath krne ka moka nahi mila.
Kaira: Same here. Whenever Adi calls me he talks only abt you.
Adi :Kaira its good that you came today. Today is Nanu’ b’day.
Kaira: Acha (She looks upset.)
Preeti Mausi comes. Mausi: Kaira
Mausi and Kaira hug. She takes Kaira in.
Adi: Ok Pankhuri today I will go to office and come early.
Rubel: Adi today I have decided to join office.
Adi: Wow so its double celebration..
After sometime all leave for office. But Pankhuri stays at home. Adi: Pankhuri aaj office nahi hai?
Pankhuri: Voh tabeth teek nahi hai.
Adi: Kyu kya hua?
Pankhuri says in his ears:Adi I have stayed back to look after the decoratins.
Adi: Oh I got scared.
All leave.
Now celebrations ka tayariya shuru hogay.
Adi calls Pankhuri : Pankhuri ek important badh ka to boolgay.
Pankhu: Kya.
Adi: Cake.
Pankhu: Adi I will prepare it.
Adi: Kya?
Pankhu: Ha.
Adi: Oh very good. Ok will meet in the evening.
Now its evening.
Adi, Pankhuri Rubel and Kaira are ready.
Avantika, Harish and Preeti return home and are surprised.
Adi: Mom today is Nanu’s b’day. Aap boolgay.
Avantika: Yeah I forgot.
Adi: Mom go and get ready its already late.
Now all are ready. Nanu comes home.
Adi runs to him and blindfolds him.
Nanu: Are.
Adi: Nanu patience patience.
He takes him inside. And opens the blindfolds.
Everyone: Happy birthday.
Shanky brings the cake trolly.
Adi: Nau cut it.
Nanu: Adi I want you all to cut the cake with me.
All join him. But Pankhuri is standing away.
Nanu: Pankhuri you too come.
Avantika: Ha Pankhuri you are now a part of our family.
Now all cut the cake. Adi gifts Nanu the collage.
All sing and dance..
Pankhuri gets a phone call.
Pankhu: Hello!
Dadaji: Pankhuri we have booked the ticket for you for the flight which is after an hour. So get ready and come. And you will return only after ur marriage with Adi.
Pankhu: Par Dadaji:
Dadaji: Bas tum aao.
He cuts the phone.
Nanu: Kya hua beta.
Pankhu: Nanaji my flight is after an hour I must go.
Adi is shocked
Nau: ajanak?
Pankhu: Patha nahi. He is very angry.
She goes inside.
Nanu: Adi you go and drop her. But I will call Guptaji
Nanu calls Dadaji. He puts the phone in the speaker
Nanu: Guptaji kya hua.
Dadu: Kuch nahi she is our daughter.
Nanu: Nahi kuch hai
Dadu: Deewan sabh char dinomaein Neha ki sagai hai. Aap log bhi aayiye.
Nanu: Guptaji tell me the truth.
Dadu: Deewan sabh Neha’;s in laws are insulting bcz Pankhu is staying with her in laws befor marriage. So I have called her back. She will come there only after her marriage as ur bahu.
Nanu: Its ok Guptaji I got scared.
Dadu: Ok Deewan sabh, By the way Happy birthday.
Nanu: Thank you.
Adi: Nanu ye sabh.
Nanu: Its ok Adi.
Pankhuri comes.
She touches the feet of Nanu.
Nanu: Jeethi raho beta. Don’t worry koyi problem nahi. Its bcz ur staying here before marriage and it will not be good if we all go together So you go now we will join the engagement after two days. So now go and return as our daughter inlaw.
Pankhu: Thank you Nanu.
Pankhuri goes to touch Avantika’s feet but Avantika hugs her.
Avantika: Your family is also right. Before marriage…… Its ok After all if you go now then only ur marriage will happen.
Pannkhuri hugs Preeti Mausi and Kaira. She touches the feet of Harish
Nanu: Adi aur Harish drop her.
Rubel: Dadaji I too will go.
All get into the car. Pankhuri turns back and waves her hand.
They reach the airport. All go in. Pankhur goes inside the check in area. Rubel and harish wave. Adi is standing likea statue.
Pankhuri looks at him and cries. She wipes her tears and goes.
Adi turns back and walks out.
Rubel: Adi stop.
Harish: Adi Adi ruk.
Adi comes out and walks. He does not notice a car.
Rubel runs towards him and pulls him.
Rubel: Adi kya hua.
Harish Bathao kya hua.
Adi: Dad patha nahi mujhe kya hua. Jab Pankhuri ne kaha ki voh jarahihai muje aise lagra hai meri andhar kuch toot gayi. I cannot digets her going. Kyu mujhe aise horahahai?
Harish looks at Rubel and smiles and says: Adi iska jawab mere pas nahi hai. Rer dilse pooch. Anke bandh kar aur socho.
Adi closes his eye.He sees Pankhuri. He remembers them eating Pani puri. Dancing in the rain. He remembers him pulling her towards himself. He sees her smile.
Adi opens his eyes and tears roll down.
Harish: Adi jab tum apne ake bandh karrahiho aur kisika yadha tere samne aarahahai the accept that you love them.
Adi: Dad muje pyar hogaya. I love Pankhuri. But what about her?
Harish: She too loves you.
Adi: Kya Pankhuri loves me but why didn’t she tell me.
Harish: How will she say when you were calling her a friend?
Adi: Dad how much have I hurted her by calling her a friend.
Harish: Adi ab burane bathe ko chd. You are in love.
Rubel: Ha Adi just enjoy your love.
It starts to rain. Adi dances in rain and shout: Pankhuri I love you. Adi Rubel and Harish dance in the rain.

Precap: Pankhuri reaches Kullu. In Mumbai Adi is planning to propose her.

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