Pyar ka Dard hai – A different side of PKDH epi 12

Hi guys! Here is the twelfth episode of Pyar ka Dard hai – A different side of PKDH. Thank you for your comments. Very Sorry for late updates. There was a small error. Ok lets go to the episode.
The episode starts.
Adi and Pankhuri return home. Rubel sees them carrying big bags and asks : Bhai ye sabh kya hai.
Adi whispers something in Rubel’s ears.
Rubel: Vah bhai what an idea. I too will help you both after all he is my Dadaji.
Adi: Sure Rubel. We have to get help from one more person
Rubel: Who
Adi: Shanky.
Rubel: Ha. (Rubel calls Shanky.)
They all discuss their plan. And in chorus: Hum ye karenge.
Rubel: Adi I will take care of decorations.
Shanky: Me catering.
Adi: Me and Pankhuri will take care of the guests and gift.
Pankhu: Acha what are we going to gift Nanaji?
Adi: Its all ready.
Rubel: Kya
Adi: I will gift him a photo collage. (He takes a collage from the bag)
Pankhu: Wow Adi!
Adi: Thanks to you. That day you told me abt ur gift to Ma Papa. And I remembered it when I thought about the gift. Sop its ready.
Rubel: Ok Adi very good. Ab both of you go and change and do your work. I will go and talk to the decoraters.
Adi: Ok.

They go to their rooms. Dadaji calls Pankhuri.
Pankhuri: Dadaji, Pranam.
Dada: Jeethiraho beta. Ma wants to talk to you.
Ambika: Pankhuri I am angry with you
Pankhuri: Kyu ma kya hua?
Ambika: Kya hua? After going to Mumbai you did not call me.
Pankhu: Sorry maa. Time nahi mila.
Neha snatches the phone.
Neha: Pankhuri!
Pankhuri: Neha kaise hai tu aur kaisi hai teri romance
Neha: Meri romance?
Pankhu: Ha Naman giju ki sath.
Neha: Tum bhi. Usne toh abhi tak phone nahi kiya. Usse to Adi better hai. Vaise….. she pauses.
Ambika: Bauji their chat will not end now lets go.Ambika and Dadaji leave.
Neha: Vaise tumne Adi ko propose kiya hi nahi.
Pankhu: Kaise karroo mein. Muja abh bhi nahi patha ki Adi kya sochahi hai.
Neha: Mathlab.
Pankhu: Adi considers me as friend.. Mein kaise usko meri dil ki bath kahoo.
Neha: Ab kya kare?
Pankhu: Inthzaar.
Neha: Kab tak? Tab tak jab tak Adi ne apna dil ki bath muje kayenge.
Adi shouts. Pankhuri hears him and says: Neha will call you later bye.
Pankhuri runs to hi room.
Pankhu: Kya hua.
Adi: Who has done all these. [He points his cupboard. Eveything has been puled out.]
Pankhu: Yeah who did.
Shanky comes there.
Adi: Shanky whats all this.
Shanky: Voh Sheela babhi ka kam.
Adi: Kya.

Shanky: Yeah she came to get something and pushed everything over her. I will clean it now.
Pankhu: Kaka don’t worry. I will do them. Adi aap jakar change kijiye. I will arrange them.
Adi: Tike thank you.
Pankhuri sets everything right.
Adi comes out of the bathroom.
He takes his laptop. Adi: Pankhuri.
Pankhu: Adi everything is set ab kush.
Adi: HMm thank you. Tike tum bet hum party ke bareme disuss karenge.
Pankhu: Hmm. [She sits. They discuss about the party.]
Rubel comes and says: Adi sab set. My work is done.
Adi: Hamre work is also done. We have mailed and called Nanu’s friends. Bas kalke party must go well.
Pankhu: What is doubt abt it. Tike I will leave.
Adi: Bye see you in dinner.
Now after sometime they go down for dinner.
Nanu: Aao.
Adi: Nanu good evening.
Nanu: Good evening.
All sit. Rubel gets a phone call.
Rubel: Kya. Ok
He cuts the call.
Rubel: Everyone Kaira is coming tomorrow.
Adi: But you told that you will book tickets next week.
Rubel: Yeah but she has taken money from my account and has booked it for toninght.
Tomorrow morning she will be here.
Nanu: Very good. For long time I have not seen her.
Gravy spills on Adi. Pankhuri takes a tissue and wipes it. Everone look on.

Precap: Nanaji’s birthday takes place. A phone call comes fro Pankhuri which shocks Adi.

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