Pyar ka Dard hai – A different side of PKDH epi 10

Hi guys! Here is the tenth episode of Pyar ka Dard hai – A different side of PKDH. Tenth episode will not be possible without you guys. Thank you Crazy, Twinkle, Little angel, Dugar, Santhiya, Hitakshee, A’isha, Aayushi and SAGAA for your comments and the support you have given for me and my ff till today. Keep supporting me. A small Recap of yesterday’s episode: Adi: Will you come out with me after dinner?
Pankhu: After dinner. Kyu kya hua?
Adi: Kuch nahi. Ek important bath kernihai.
Pankhu: Yeah.

Now the episode starts.
Adi: Pankhuri I must admit that you are drawing fabulously.
Pankhu: Thank you.
Adi: I want to show you something. (Adi holds Pankhuri’s hand and pulls her out of her room.)
Pankhu: Adi kya hua aap mujhe kaha lekar jarahihai?
Adi: Shh.. patience. (Adi takes Pankhuri to his room.)
Pankhu: ye kika room hai.
Adi: Mera. I mean ab mera aur shaadi badh hamara.
(Adi opens the door and goes in. Pankhuri is standing out.)
Adi: Come in yaar.
Pankhu: Nai Adi abh nai shaadi ke badh.
Adi: Don’t be too formal. Come in (He holds her hand and pulls her in.)
Pankhu: Your room is very nice.
Adi: Thank you so much. (Pankhuri looks at the photos on the wall. She goes near them and says: Lovely photos. She looks at the photo of Harish and Adi hugging each other. She says: You and Papa are looking like friends.)
Adi: Ha Dad is like my friend. You know he has never scolded me.
Pankhu: You are very lucky to have a dad like him.
Adi: You are right. You know we do bike races.
Pankhu: Really?
Adi: Yeah.
Pankhuri turns back and looks at Adi’s drums and says: Adi aap drums bi play karroongi
Adi: Ha yaar. (Adi goes near his drums.) I love my drums.
Rubel is talking on the phone and is walking by Adi’s room. He sees Adi and Pankhuri and stops. He cuts the phone. He goes near the door. Rubel: Bhai.
Adi and Pankhuri turn back.
Adi: Rubel come come in.
Rubel: Yeah I will come. And what are you both doing here.
Adi: Voh mei Pankhuri ko apna room dikarahihoo.
Rubel: Very good. Bhai aat bache hogay. THo dinner keliye chale.
Adi: Ha. Pankhuri chale.
Pankhu: Ha.
They go down to the dining table.
Nanaji , Avantika, Harish and Preeti are sitting.
Adi, Pankhuri and Rubel also go and sit.
Nanaji: Sabh aagay ye Sheela aur Anuj kaha bai?
Rubel: Voh dono aarahi hai Dadaji.
Sheela and Anuj come.
Rubel: Mom today please you don’t talk anything. Please let everyone eat peacefully.
Sheela: Everyone ya Pankhuri?
Rubel: Mom Everyone means everyone. Please app kane mein apne dyand deejiye.
Anuj: Rubel why are you talking to your mother like this?
Rubel: Dad I know what I am doing so you need not question me.
Avantika: Bas Bahoth hogay. Please everyone have your dinner.
Everyone finish eating. Preeti Mausi goes and sits in the chair near her room and is hearing songs.
Rubel is reading a book. Everyone has settled in their rooms. Shanky and Pankhuri and cleaning the dishes. Pankhuri is taking two dishes and is walking toward the kitchen. Adi holds her hand and says: You have forgotten everything.
Pankhu: Kya?
Adi: You told that you will come out with me after dinner.
Pankhu: voh. I was helping Shanky kaka. I will come after keeping these dishes in the kitchen.
Adi gets them and keeps them down.
Adi: Shanky will take care of these things. You come with me.
Both of them go out in the car.
Adi parks the car near a park. Both of them get down and are standing near the bonnet.
Adi: Pankhuri I need your help will you help me?
Pankhu: Sure. What help.
Adi: Day after tomorrow is Nanu’s seventieth birthday.
Pankhu: Really?
Adi: Ha I want to make it very special for him. For that I need your help.
Pankhu: I will help you.
There is a thunder. Few raindrop fall down. Adi goes to the car and brings an umbrella. It starts to rain heavily.
He opens it and holds it over Pankhuri. Pankhuri holds the umbrella stick and their fingers touch each other.
Adi: Ok Pankhuri lets discuss the rest in our house.
Pankhu: You only brought me out. Now you are asking me to come home.
Adi: I told but its raining.
Pankhu: to kya hua. Hume barish ko enjoy karna nai. Par aap to barishse bagrahi hai.
Adi: Barish ko enjoy karna hai?
Pankhu: Ha ( She snatches the umbrella from Adi and runs away. Adi chases her.
But he suddenly stops and says: Pankhuri you are right. Rains are awesome. Adi shouts says: I LOVE RAINS.
Pankhuri throws the umbrella away. She too enjoys the rain. Pyar ka dard hai meetha meetha pyara pyara plays in the background.

Precap: Adi and Pankhuri go out for shopping.

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